Keilini Lightbulb Security Camera Reviews – Does It Work?

Are you frustrated and nervous about the current crime rate? Do you need a security system that records each second of your life, whether at home or not? If it isn’t clear, the cost of living has increased significantly, making it challenging to satisfy even the most basic demands. So, consider what a security system may cost in this environment! Knowing that most systems require high upkeep and cannot operate without additional fees also does not help. One company, however, has made it its purpose to offer goods that improve the quality of life.

They strongly disagree with the notion that high quality must be more expensive. What did they do, then? Keilini-Guilin Huahong Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. searched for well-known manufacturing companies prioritizing usability and reliability. By doing this, they created what may be the most affordable, high-quality security camera on the market. Here is everything there is to know about Keilini.

What is Keilini?

Keilini is a lightbulb security camera regarded as the smartest, most practical, and reliable of its class. This security device resembles a lightbulb but is smaller and requires less maintenance than other security systems. Keilini’s size may initially fool people, but it has various features that ensure quality output and enhance feelings of protection and ease of mind. The latter two cannot be emphasized enough, as rising living expenses and inflation have inevitably led to increased crime rates worldwide. We must investigate its features to understand why Keilini has received so much attention recently.

What Features Does Keilini have?

People unfamiliar with security camera technology will likely be content with virtually any camera that produces high-quality images. Does this suffice? Most likely not, as more and more thieves are outwitting basic features. The most compelling features are:

Simple Setup & Remote-Control Access

Keilini can be installed in the same way as a regular lightbulb. People must merely insert it directly into any lamp holder or lightbulb-supporting socket. The latter placement might give rise to one concern: the security camera’s range of motion. In light of this, the creators pledge that Keilini can still move in all directions. Considering everything, the best thing about this design is that there are no installation or upkeep charges.

No Batteries or Wires

Keilini was built with no wires or batteries. It only draws power directly from the light socket. To put it another way, the creators preferred this source because it implies that Keilini will have infinite energy. Ultimately, individuals won’t have to be concerned about changing batteries, charging the device, or disclosing the cameras’ presence.

1080P Image & Color Night Vision

Keilini has four infrared LED lights and four white LED lights that work together to record 1080P HD photos with clarity and sharpness up to 33 feet away. It enables standard night vision, color night vision, motion detection, and anti-flicker mode, in addition to turning on the lights automatically.

360-Degree viewing & 24/7 Video Capture

A must-have feature for capturing entire and unobstructed images of one’s property is 360-degree viewing. Through the app, the camera’s angle can be easily adjusted. According to information available at the time of writing, Keilini can be tilted up to 90 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally. It seems absurd to have a camera if it isn’t always operational. If invaders learned of such a weakness, they could quickly adjust their plans to work in their favor.

Panoramic Camera

The panoramic camera effect offered by Keilini is a significant benefit. It gives a 3D viewpoint in addition to 360-degree viewing and spans a 100 sq meter area. The most a general camera could offer is between 60- and 75-degree angles, a flat display, and up to 30 square meters of range.

Two-Way Audio & Cloud Storage

Did we forget that Keilini has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way real-time communication? Furthermore, the creators made sure that this security camera had WiFi connectivity. Who could ignore the widespread use of cloud platforms, which reduces the risk of hacking? In addition, cloud services are coveted for their large storage capacity!

Alarm System

Finally, Keilini offers the ability to sound a loud alarm if an intruder or even animals are spotted close. At the time of writing, it is unclear at what distance the alarm would sound, but all users need to do is press a button to set it up. You should read the user guide included with every purchase for more information about this feature.


Keilini Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Keilini require professional installation?

A: No, Keilini works right out of the box. The setup procedure has been compared to changing a lightbulb, which should only take 60 seconds.

Q: Does Keilini require batteries?

A: Keilini does not operate on batteries but directly from any lightbulb socket and does not require wires or batteries.

Q: What does each Keilini purchase include?

A: Each Keilini purchase includes a 100% cordless lightbulb security camera, a screw package, and an instruction manual.

Q: What are the Keilini lightbulb security camera specifications?

A: Keilini is 6.1 inches long and 2.8 inches wide.

Q: What components have been integrated into Keilini?

A: Keilini includes a light sensor, four white and IR LED lights, a microphone, an enhanced WiFi module, an E27 light socket, a rest button, an SD card slot, and on the back, a speaker.

Q: Does Keilini work with all devices?

A: Yes, Keilini is compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Q: What color does Keilini come in?

A: Keilini only comes in white.

Q: How long will it take for my Keilini shipment to arrive?

A: It all depends. Usually, it takes one to four business days for the Keilini team to process incoming orders. The shipment address then influences the arrival time to some extent. Most countries can expect it to take between 10 and 15 business days. However, the estimated arrival time for Lebanon, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Russia, and South Africa is between 15 and 20 business days. This should be discussed with customer service before placing an order.

Q: Does Keilini come with a money-back guarantee?

A: Keilini is covered by a money-back guarantee for 30 days from the received date. Individuals who are discontented with the overall performance of the lightbulb security camera, whether it is due to quality, poor capturing, or failure to blare the alarm, to name a few reasons, must contact customer support to begin the refund process. However, this policy only applies to unused items returned in their original condition. So, technically, this is more advantageous for people who place bulk orders. For more information, please contact customer service via email at support@keilini.com.

How Much Does Keilini Cost?

Keilini is available on the official website and is currently offered at a steep discount, with better prices available if you purchase in bulk.

  • Buy one Keilini camera for $49.99
  • Buy two Keilini cameras for $99.98
  • Buy three Keilini cameras for $119.99
  • Buy four Keilini units for $139.99

Keilini Final Thoughts

From the back, Keilini may appear to be a typical lightbulb, but it is a thorough security camera that considers every conceivable aspect of maintaining a watch. This gadget has everything people may need, including panoramic video recording, appropriate lighting, simple installation or accessibility, and an alert system. Our editorial team is convinced that the creators were successful in designing a unit that is so reasonably priced and has so many features. Individuals will still need to contact customer support regarding certain ambiguities, but these should be quickly clarified. To learn more about Keilini, visit the official website today!



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