IM-21 Mike Tyson Supplements Review: Does It Work? What to Know!

Would you have ever guessed that one of the greatest boxers would go about packing on tons of weight? Mike Tyson described his former self as “some fat kid starving himself like a twinkle-toed ballerina.” Before becoming the greatest, he grew up “a pudgy, borderline obese kid who got bullied for his meatballs in the cafeteria.” He had several ups and downs before losing and maintaining his weight post-boxing life. How did he manage to defeat all odds and upkeep his health, and figure in his 50s? All credit has since been given to a two-fold supplement called IM-21, helping him lose close to 140lbs. Keen to hear more about his journey? Here’s everything there is to know about IM-21.

What is IM-21?

Short for Iron Matrix-21, IM-21 has been developed to target the real cause of stubborn fat in men. Split between two drinks, one called BURN is consumed in the morning, and the other called BUILD, is consumed in the evening; IM-21 can go as far as wiping decades of aging off the body. Besides the possibility of eradicating stubborn fat and aging symptoms, this two-fold supplement might jumpstart metabolic rates, increase youthfulness and drive, pack on muscle, promote sleep, and induce recovery, among others. To better understand where these purported benefits are coming from, a thorough investigation must be conducted on the foundation of IM-21.

What is the foundation of IM-21?

The need for formulating IM-21 stems from a concept called anabolic resistance. Anabolic resistance is a phenomenon where stimulation of muscle protein synthesis has experienced a drop, resulting in declining skeletal muscle mass [1]. Why? The muscles are more likely to absorb protein and fat at a younger age, facilitating a lean muscular build. After 40 years of age, men struggle to put on muscle because they become less “sponge-like” or “as if they’re hard, cracked sponges that can’t absorb water anymore.”

What does this mean for those who consume more protein and train daily? No matter the amount of protein consumed or the drench of sweat at the gym, muscles end up wasting away while the gut inflates like a balloon. Worse of all, protein and fat that should be delivered to the muscles end up stored as belly fat, man boobs, and love handles. Basically, IM-21 reverses symptoms linked to anabolic resistance by fixing digestion. IM-21 has been fueled with three main and 18 supporting ingredients to reach the latter.

What are the main ingredients inside IM-21?

The three main ingredients inside IM-21 are:

Protease (2,000USP/mg)

Protease is a digestive enzyme tasked with breaking down proteins into smaller polypeptides or single amino acids for energy production. One source justified the reason why it stands apart from other enzymes. Protease is particularly fundamental for processes including blood clotting, cell division, recycling of proteins, and immune support. Furthermore, protease might also resolve indigestion symptoms such as loss of appetite, bloating, and abdominal discomfort, all while reducing muscle soreness and boosting wound healing [2]. The makers insist that “protease flips the protein switch to force your muscles into an anabolic state.”

Calcium HMB (500mg)

Short for beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate, HMB is a dietary supplement intended to help with muscle growth and exercise performance. Produced naturally in the body, it results from breaking down a BCAA called leucine, which has been linked with protein synthesis and muscle repair. The reason for dietary supplements rests in the mere fact that HMB is only naturally available in small quantities. In terms of scientific evidence, existing studies have confirmed its ability to increase muscle growth, especially among older, untrained adults [3].

Creatine (1,500mg)

The last of the main ingredients found inside the IM-21 supplement is an amino acid called creatine. Research has primarily been located on the muscles and the brain. Research has demonstrated its ability to help athletes get in more reps or sprints, prevent dehydration, muscle cramping, and injuries, and enhance brain and bone health [4]. Most importantly, it is generally safe to consume, but care should be taken when factoring in doses and duration of consumption.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Is IM-21 safe to take?

A. The makers insist that IM-21 is safe because it was formulated in a GMP-certified facility under completely sterile conditions. Every ingredient in IM-21 BURN and BUILD has been individually tested for impurities before being accepted into their labs.

Q. What if consumers are sensitive to caffeine?

A. BURN contains 75mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to less than a cup of coffee. Having said that, this supplement is not recommended to anyone with caffeine sensitivities. The team has equally prioritized sleep; hence, BURN must be taken less than 12 hours before bedtime.

Q. What if I’m sensitive to melatonin?

A. Each BUILD serving only contains 3mg of melatonin, essential for promoting feelings of relaxation in the body and signaling when it is time to fall asleep. Compared to pure melatonin supplements, BUILD offers a minute concentration. At the end of the day, individuals are asked to refrain from taking anything that could possibly hinder their health.

Q. Why choose IM-21?

A. According to the team, IM-21 embodies “explosive muscle-building power,” namely high-impact compounds and amino acids that help the body increase muscle-building in less time while also torching away fat in the process.

Q. What is the complete ingredient list for BURN?

A. Each BURN packet (7.1g) contains Caffeine (75mg), Creatine (1,500mg), Fulvic Acid (2mg), Glycine (100mg), HMB (500mg), L-Glutamine (100mg), L-Phenylalanine (40mg), Protease (200K USP), Taurine (100mg), Calcium (100mg), Vitamin B2 (1.3mg), Vitamin B6 (65mg), Vitamin B12 (40mcg), Vitamin C (45mg), and Vitamin D3 (50mg).

Q. What is the complete ingredient list for BUILD?

A. Each BUILD packet (6.2g) contains Cordyceps (10mg), Creatine (1,500mg), Fulvic Acid (2mg), GABA (100mg), Glycine (100mg), HMB (500mg), L-Glutamine (100mg), L-Tryptophan (40mg), Melatonin (3mg), Protease (200K USP), and Valerian Root Extract (50mg).

Q. How should IM-21 be ingested?

A. BURN is a morning formula, and BUILD is an evening formula. First thing in the morning, the former should be consumed with water. As for the latter, it will likely induce results when ingested 30 minutes before bed.

Q. Is IM-21 flavored or unflavored?

A. The IM-21 BURN has a natural citrus flavor, whereas the IM-21 BUILD comes in chocolate fudge flavor. The hue is not dark brown in the BUILD contents because the team refrained from using synthetic colors and dyes.

Q. Is IM-21 only efficient with exercise and a diet plan?

A. No, the main ingredients have been proven to increase muscle mass and strength irrespective of whether an exercise regimen or a diet plan has been included. But obviously, with light exercise and diet, results may unveil themselves sooner. Ultimately, the goal of IM-21 is to assist the body in efficiently digesting food and fuel muscles with amino acids. This will naturally promote some form of weight loss.

Q. What if IM-21 doesn’t work as advertised?

A. A lifetime money-back guarantee has protected IM-21. To commence the refund process, customer service must be contacted. They will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization number which should be visible on the package. For the particulars, here’s the available contact information:

  • Email: support@im-21.com.
  • Phone: (866) 438 4621
  • Mailing Address: IM-21, ATTN: Returns, 274 S 700 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Purchase Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Burn, and Build

IM-21 is offered at three distinct price points to promote bulk purchases. These include:

  • Starter Pack (1-month supply of IM-21): $69.00 each + $6.95 Shipping Costs
  • Popular Pack (3-month supply of IM-21): $59.00 each + Free Shipping
  • Best Pack (6-month supply of IM-21): $49.00 each + Free Shipping

Whose Formulation is IM-21?

IM-21 is heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson’s formulation. Mike couldn’t even fit into his shorts for a fight at some point in his life. This snowballing effect continued well into his 40s, leading him to weigh in at 380lbs. At 55 years old, he is the fittest he’s ever been.

Not only has he regained energy and the drive of “an apex predator” like the good old days, but he also did so without depriving himself of his favorite foods. All it took him was a 7-second anabolic shortcut that eventually became IM-21 (and some form of physical activity, of course). To think that Mike Tyson put this solution to the test says a lot about his commitment to launching only the best of the best. Here’s an overview of his experiences:

“The Iron Matrix changed my life. I had the key for men to go from ‘past their prime’ to an apex predators at any age. [This is] the same formula I used to rip the head off Anabolic Resistance and shred 140lbs of retirement weight.”

Final Verdict

From the analysis above, it should be clear that IM-21 has been formulated to help muscles absorb protein and fat around them. Matter-of-factly, the issue begins with a hindrance known as anabolic resistance, but it can be reversed by fixing digestion. To achieve this efficiency and safety, Mike Tyson’s team split IM-21 into the BURN and BUILD formulations, which are to be taken once in the morning and evening, respectively.

Our editorial team was convinced by their muscle-building and metabolism-boosting properties in reviewing the main ingredients inside these two supplements. In so doing, indirect benefits like youthful energy increased focus, recovery, and restful sleep are highly probable. When the cause is addressed at its root, the benefits are widespread, which is something to appreciate about IM-21! As for people who weren’t convinced of Mike Tyson’s involvement, we verified his Instagram account, suggesting it is true.

Given existing evidence on the main ingredients and Mike Tyson’s personal experience with IM-21, we see value in this investment. It is imperative that everyone reviews the contents of both BURN and BUILD in full before adding anything new to their regimen. The best option would be to discuss both formulations with a healthcare practitioner prior to proceeding.

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