Huusk Knife Reviews – Do Huusk Japanese Kitchen Knives Work?

Huusk is a kitchen knife sold exclusively through Get-Huusk.com.

The kitchen knife features a laser-carved index finger hole, Japanese steel, and an oak wood handle, among other features. The makers of Huusk describe it as the best kitchen knife ever invented.

Does Huusk live up to the hype? How does Huusk work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Huusk.

What is Huusk?

Huusk is a Japanese-style kitchen knife. Made from traditional Japanese steel, the knife claims to offer better cutting power, longer durability, and higher quality than other kitchen knives.

In fact, the makers of Huusk describe their knife as “the most exceptional kitchen knife the world has ever seen.” The company also claims their knife is handcrafted, which means each knife is made by a person – not a machine.

You can exclusively order Huusk through Get-Huusk.com, where each knife is priced at around $35.

Is Huusk the beautiful and unique kitchen knife you’ve been waiting for? Should you use Huusk in your kitchen? Let’s take a closer look at how Huusk works and what makes it unique.

How Does Huusk Work?

Huusk has several features you won’t see on an ordinary kitchen knife, including a laser-carved index finger hole for superior control, a blade made of Japanese steel, and a premium oak handle. The company describes the handle as “the most comfortable and secure handle ever created,” giving you better control over your cutting power.


Because Huusk is made from Japanese steel, the knife also claims to give you blacksmith heritage at your fingertips. Japanese blacksmiths perfected knife design over centuries. Huusk is based on those centuries of tradition, offering a superior cut and longer-lasting steel than competing kitchen knives.

Unlike many knives sold online today, Huusk is also handmade. The makers of Huusk claim each knife is made by hand, with each detail checked and analyzed by a human. The goal is to give you the best quality Japanese knife at a reasonable price.

While other knives are made by factories, the makers of Huusk claim each knife is handcrafted over a two month process involving 138 steps. Highly-skilled artisans make each knife to the highest standards. Despite the two month handcrafted production process, each Huusk knife is priced at around $35.


Huusk Features & Benefits

The makers of Huusk advertise all of the following features and benefits:

Perfect Grip: Huusk has a handle consisting of high-quality oak wood. It’s a type of hard wood with a characteristic dark texture, giving you the perfect grip. Grip is important when cutting anything. You might have the world’s sharpest knife, but it doesn’t matter if you cannot grip the blade properly. The oak on Huusk aims to give you a long-lasting handle for enhanced control.

Handmade: Each Huusk is purportedly made by hand, something we don’t often see with knives sold at this price range. A craftsperson designs each knife by hand, then checks each and every detail to ensure it’s of the highest level of quality.

Extremely Sharp: Like all good knives, Huusk is extremely sharp. It can cut through vegetables, meats, and anything else in your kitchen.

Perfectly Balanced: Huusk is perfectly balanced, which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to cut. While some knives are unwieldy and uncomfortable to use, Huusk aims to give you maximum cutting power with its effective handle and perfect balance.

Made Via Traditional Japanese Hand-Forging: Huusk claims to combine traditional Japanese hand-forging techniques with modern production to create each knife. The company claims it takes two months and 138 steps to craft each knife.

Rigorously Tested: After being crafted by hand over a two month period, each Huusk knife is rigorously tested to ensure it meets high standards. This testing verifies that the knife can last a long time, cut anything it needs to cut, and stay perfectly balanced in your hand at all times during use.

Because of all of these features and benefits, the makers of Huusk describe their knife as the “World’s first ever premium control kitchen knife.” The knife aims to give you better control while cutting anything.


Huusk Reviews: What Do Users Have to Say?

The official Huusk website is filled with reviews from head chefs and executive chefs who use Huusk daily to cut things in their kitchen. Many chefs claim they switched to the Huusk knife and aren’t looking back: it has changed the way they cook.


Here are some of the positive things customers and chefs have to say about Huusk, according to the five star reviews on the official website:

Ellie Clark, an executive chef, gave Huusk a five star review, describing it as “the most widely recognized style of chef’s knife in the west”; Ellie liked Huusk because of its curved blade that tapers to a sharp tip while having a curved belly to slice through food without leaving the cutting board

Emiliano Endrizzi, a head chef, also praised the Japanese appearance of Huusk; Emiliano particularly appreciates how the blade curves up at the end, making certain tasks a little easier – like mincing herbs

Bernard Descoteaux, another head chef, found Huusk aesthetically pleasing and durable; Bernard appreciated how the blade has a good curve, allowing you to comfortably rest your middle finger on it while easily cutting all types of vegetables and meats; Bernard recommends Huusk to anyone “looking for a reasonably priced chef’s knife”

Ordinary customers have also praised Huusk for being high-quality, durable, and effective; the sales page is filled with five star reviews from people who use Huusk in their home, given the knife as gifts, and enjoyed the high-quality craftsmanship of the knife

Overall, most reviewers on the official website agree that Huusk works as advertised to provide effective at a reasonable price. Since Huusk is a new product, there are few reviews outside of the official website. However, the official website is filled with five-star reviews for Huusk.

Why Huusk is Perfect for Dates

In one sales page for Huusk, we learn about a man who uses Huusk to impress dates. That man has dates coming to his 450 square foot New York City studio “every other weekend.” He bought Huusk to impress those dates.

That man claims every woman notices you using a good-quality knife. It’s the difference between a guy who looks up recipes online before a date comes over – and a guy who knows how to cook.

That man describes Huusk as “a true man’s chef knife,” claiming its samurai-derived technology was perfect for impressing dates. He likes Huusk because it speeds up the time it takes to prepare meals. The sharpness of the blade reduces preparation time considerably, helping make the perfect meal in less time.

That man appreciated five specific features on the Huusk knife, including:

Ergonomic Design: Like all good knives, Huusk has an ergonomic design. The finger hole is ideal for giving you better control over your chopping and slicing. The oak wood handle also provides the perfect grip, giving you effortless cutting.

Extra Sharp: The man on the Huusk sales page claims Huusk knives are “designed like samurai swords” because they’re made using the same techniques ancient Japanese blacksmiths used to make katanas for samurai warriors. Today, those same standards have created an extra-sharp kitchen knife.

Safer: Some people think sharp knifes are less safe than other knives. In fact, well-designed knives are safer to use than other knives, even if they’re sharper. A dull-edged knife is more prone to slip, and you need to apply more force to make each cut.

Tool of a Master: A regular kitchen knife can be wielded by anyone. Huusk and other Japanese kitchen knives are tools of masters. They tell people you’re a chef – not just someone who likes to cook from time to time.

Symbol of Self-Reliance: The man on the Huusk sales page even goes as far as to claim that Huusk and other knives are symbols of rugged individuality and self-reliance. Huusk knives prove that by cooking regularly, you can provide for yourself and your family. The man even claims that Huusk knives prove “you are not a domesticated man, but a hunter, the ruler of the modern world.”

Because of all of these benefits, that man described Huusk as “a manly man’s tool” that helps to “stop domesticating males in the kitchen.” By buying the Huusk knife today, you can make more than just a statement about your cooking skills: you can make a statement about your masculinity.


What Makes Japanese Steel Unique?

The makers of Huusk claim each knife is handcrafted over a two month period involving 138 steps. The company doesn’t fully explain how this handcrafting process works or what’s involved. However, they claim it blends modern production with ancient Japanese steelmaking techniques.


Japanese steel is a big deal. Since medieval times, Japanese steel has been popularized for its use in samurai katanas – the swords used by samurai all over Japan. Today, you can find that same steel in kitchen knives. Instead of cutting apart the armies of a rebel shogun, Japanese steel now makes it easy to cut onions and meats.

There are multiples types of Japanese steel, and different knives use different types of steel. All Japanese steel types are separated into two main types, including carbon steel and stainless steel.

Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is hard, sharp, and easy to sharpen. The main downside of carbon steel is that it easily rusts (because of its higher carbon content).

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel blades are not as sharp as carbon steel blades, but they resist rust. As technology improves, some stainless steel blades have become as sharp as carbon steel. However, it’s also difficult to sharpen stainless steel blades over time.

Some types of Japanese steel are known as tamahagane. It’s a unique type of steel made from iron sand sourced from a specific region of Japan. You can also find Japanese steel advertised under names like shirogami, aogami, and various subclasses under each type. All good Japanese steel knives will disclose the type of steel used, allowing you to easily look up the hardness, quality, and cutting power of each type of steel.

The makers of Huusk do not disclose the specific type of Japanese steel used in the blade, nor do they disclose complete details of the manufacturing process. However, the company insists that they use the same Japanese blacksmithing traditions that were perfected over centuries to create the perfect knife.

Huusk Pricing

Huusk is exclusively available to order online through Get-Huusk.com. Each knife is priced at €29,95, although discounts are available when ordering multiple knives.


Here’s how pricing breaks down on the official website:

  • 1 Knife: €29,95 + €8,95 Shipping
  • 2 Knives: €49,94 + €8,95 Shipping
  • 3 Knives: €65,94 + €8,95 Shipping
  • 4 Knives: €79,92 + €8,95 Shipping

All purchases are backed by a two year warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defects within two years of owning the knife, then you can request a replacement. The warranty does not cover physical damage, inappropriate use, or defects that occurred outside of the factory.

Huusk Refund Policy

Huusk does not offer refunds on opened or used knives. If you opened or used your Huusk and did not like it, then you cannot obtain a refund on your purchase – even if the knife is completely clean.

If you have not opened or used your Huusk knife, then you can request a partial refund within 30 days. The company deducts a 15% restocking fee from each refund, and customers must cover their own return shipping.

Overall, Huusk has a very strict refund policy compared to other knives sold online today.

Who Created Huusk?

The makers of Huusk claim that each knife is handcrafted by skilled artisans over a two month period. The manufacturing process involves 138 steps, combining traditional Japanese blacksmithing tradition with modern manufacturing techniques.

Get-Huusk.com is operated by a Lithuania-based ecommerce company. That company sells a range of consumer products online. Many products seem to be purchased from manufacturers in China, then sold to western markets via the internet.

You can contact the makers of Huusk via the following:

  • Email: help@huusk.com
  • Phone: +1 (914) 559-9997
  • Mailing Address: Gedimino g. 45-7, Kaunas, Lithuania

Final Word

Huusk is a Japanese-style kitchen knife available through Get-Huusk.com. The knife is sharp, made from Japanese-style steel, and features an oak handle for maximum grip and comfort.

According to reviews online, Huusk can provide effective cutting power without the high cost of other knives. However, the lack of a real refund policy is unusual (but we are seeing this becoming more of a reoccuring theme given the Covid health and safety protocols about shipping and packages), so do note that the manufacturer does not accept refunds on any used or opened knives. However, all things considered, we do not see any Huusk knives customer complaints or worrisome scam risks to speak of at the time of reporting and think this is a great deal given all of the addressable attributes and high quality elements this Japanese-inspired kitchen knife has to offer from Huusk.

To learn more about Huusk and how it works, visit Get-Huusk.com, where each knife is priced at around $30.

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