Handy Heater Reviews – Does It Work?

Cold weather can be problematic if you have not invested in a heating solution. Traditional heating devices are cumbersome, expensive, and uneconomical in small spaces. In addition, old-school heaters use a lot of power and require professional expertise to install and maintain.

What is a Handy Heater?

The rising cost of electricity calls for energy-efficient heating methods. Handy Heater is a small and portable heating device ideal for small spaces. The compact and sleek design allows users to plug it into any wall outlet. According to the manufacturer, the Handy Heater uses minimal power that can save you several hundred during the cold winter.

Unlike traditional heaters, a Handy Heater can provide warmth quickly. Customers have the option of choosing several speeds. Similarly, it has a timer function and LED light display to ensure the device runs through the required times. The Handy Heater is easy to operate and maintain and needs no installation, complicated features, or settings. The maker states that Handy Heater is pet and children-friendly and is unlikely to cause accidents.

How Does the Handy Heater Work?

The Handy Heater is designed to give users instant and soothing heat on command. It does not require complicated installation. Customers must plug the gadget into any standard electrical outlet to experience instant warmth. The thermostat is customizable, allowing the users to choose the correct temperature that fits their needs. In addition, the Handy Heater features a thermo-ceramic design that will enable it to heat a 250 sq. ft. space within a short time.

The Handy Heater is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms, garages, workshops, offices, and anywhere that requires warmth. It can supposedly clear draft and cold within a short time. Handy Heater makers advertise that the handy gadget is a safe and affordable alternative to traditional heating solutions.

How to Use the Handy Heater

The Handy Heater is user-friendly and does not have complicated controls. Every part of the heater is inbuilt, thus requiring no professional expertise to assemble and install it.

Before using Handy Heater, the creator recommends closing every door, window, or opening. The device is compatible with any standard wall outlet. Customers can plug in the portable heater and choose the right temperature that fits their needs, between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, users can opt for high or low fan speed.

The digital timer allows the device to run for up to 12 hours. However, if you need the Handy Heater to provide constant warmth, you can skip setting the timer. For small rooms, the heat waves from the heater quickly warm the space; thus, you can start with maximum temperature and lower the heat gradually. Handy Heater maker recommends using multiple gadgets in larger rooms to get maximum warmth.

Handy Heater Features


As the name suggests, the Handy Heater is “handy,” meaning you can carry it from room to room. It is small and lightweight, thus a perfect travel partner that ensures you stay warm on command. The portability feature allows single occupants to heat only the room that is in use, thus minimizing the utility bills.


Most people fear investing in a heater because of the considerable power consumption. The Handy Heater uses about 350 watts, thus saving on the electric bills. Similarly, the digital timer makes the portable turn off after some time, meaning it does not have to run 24 hours daily.

Easy to Maintain

The Handy Heater is easy to maintain. It has a compact design and has zero detachable parts. Thus, users can easily wipe the heater using a clean damp cloth. For long-term storage, the creator recommends putting it in its original package and storing it in a safe place.


The Handy Heater is purportedly safe for households with children and pets. The heating plate is inbuilt, which prevents common pet and children accidents.

Quick Heating

The Handy Heater can give users warmth within a few seconds of taking it from the box. The two-speed fan quickly circulates the heat, and the adjustable thermostat allows users to customize their desired temperature.

Handy Heater Pros and Cons


  • It has a compact design and is thus great for traveling
  • It provides quick and easy heat
  • It is energy-efficient
  • It can heat small spaces of 250 square feet
  • It has digital-controlled temperatures
  • It is easy to install, use, and maintain
  • It is 100% portable and does not use a lot of space


  • The Handy Heater may not heat large rooms effectively
  • It is not reliable in areas without electric power
  • Handy Heater is available only via the official website

Handy Heater Pricing

The Handy Heater is only available via the official website. The developers warn against purchasing counterfeit portable heaters from unauthorized sellers. Handy Heater is purportedly in high demand; the marketer gives discounts and other offers on all bulk purchases. Customers have an opportunity to receive a second Handy Heater™ for the additional cost of $8.99 by checking the box on the checkout page. Prices are as follows:

  • One Handy Heater™ for just $29.99 plus $8.99 Shipping

A 60-day money-back guarantee is available on all purchases. All non-continental U.S. orders will need to add an additional $29.99 shipping surcharge to the total cost.

To reach customer service, call or email at:

  • Phone: 844-463-1125
  • Email: handyheater@rephelpdesk.com.


The Handy Heater is advertised as a new-generation user-friendly portable heater. The device purportedly offers warmth quickly and is energy-efficient. It has unique features such as a digital timer and different temperature control, making the heating experience exciting. Consumers can purchase Handy Heater via the official website.