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Frontline Diabetes Plan Reviews – Dr. Evan Lewis Blood Sugar Guide

Frontline Diabetes Plan is an alternative diabetes treatment program marketed to diabetics and pre-diabetics.

By following the recommended therapies in the treatment plan, you can purportedly reverse type 2 diabetes by making simple changes to your life.

Does Frontline Diabetes Plan really reverse type 2 diabetes? How does this alternative treatment plan work? Find out everything you need to know today in our review.

What is Frontline Diabetes Plan?

Frontline Diabetes Plan is a series of eBooks sold online. By following the recommended treatment plan in these eBooks, people with diabetes can purportedly reverse their condition within just a few weeks.

Frontline Diabetes Plan consists of seven eBooks that target symptoms of diabetes, recommend natural therapies for reversing diabetes and explain everything you need to know about reversing the condition.

There’s no known cure for diabetes. However, studies show that some can “reverse” the condition using doctor-recommended therapies. Many people with diabetes control their condition with a strict diet or exercise routine, for example. Some people with diabetes even reduce their dependence on insulin – or stop taking their medication entirely.

In Frontline Diabetes Plan, you’ll learn about special minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts diabetics can take to reverse their condition.

The Frontline Diabetes Plan makers claim traditional diabetes treatment plans involve “synthetic drugs that can chemically alter your brain.” That’s why they recommend their treatment plan as an alternative: instead of taking your doctor-prescribed medication, you can follow the lessons in Frontline Diabetes Plan to enjoy similar benefits.

Obviously, you should be skeptical when someone claims to cure your diabetes in just a few weeks effectively. Let’s take a closer look at how Frontline Diabetes Plan works.

How Does Frontline Diabetes Plan Work?

Frontline Diabetes Plan consists of a series of eBooks discussing various health and wellness strategies for managing your diabetes.

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One eBook discusses alternatives to drugs, including shakes, foods, oils, and teas you can take daily to manage diabetes symptoms.

Another eBook explains how to target neuropathy without drugs. Using natural therapies and the right type of exercise, you can purportedly avoid the pins and needles of neuropathy ever again.

Who Created Frontline Diabetes Plan?

The eBooks were created by Dr. Evan Lewis, a Canadian health researcher who claims to have won awards for his work.

Dr. Lewis created Frontline Diabetes Plan to help his friend, Chris, reverse diabetes. Chris had a severe case of diabetes that almost led to a coma and amputation. Dr. Lewis’s treatment plan worked within days, eventually allowing Chris to stop taking his doctor-prescribed diabetes medicine and resume living a normal life.

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Dr. Evan Lewis has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. He specializes in researching cures for diabetes. In fact, he claims he’s “the first doctor in history to prove nerve regeneration is possible for people with diabetes.

Dr. Lewis has received awards from Diabetes Canada for his work. The Canadian Institute for Health Research also gave him awards for reversing type 2 diabetes.

The Story Behind Frontline Diabetes Plan

Dr. Lewis was personally motivated to create a cure for diabetes after watching his friend, Chris, struggle with the disease.

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Chris gained a lot of weight. His doctor diagnosed him with diabetes, then told him to monitor his blood sugar and take diabetes medication to help his condition.

Chris experienced horrific side effects from the diabetes medication. He was nauseous, and his blood sugar monitor was giving him extreme measurements. He had extremely high blood sugar and was at risk of going into a diabetic coma, losing his leg (and possibly his life) to diabetic ketoacidosis.

Dr. Lewis wanted to help. He created a written plan of action that Chris could start using immediately. The plan included groceries and other supplies along with lifestyle tips.

Chris experienced significant health benefits within just weeks of following Dr. Lewis’s plan. Dr. Lewis’s plan nourished his body, giving him real foods that helped fix the damage done over the years.

By the middle of the second week of following Chris’s alternative treatment plan, Chris had more energy than he had seen in years.

Soon after, Chris’s blood sugar had returned to a normal range. His blood sugar dropped below 150, and he was no longer experiencing any tingling.

Because his blood sugar was under 150, Chris stopped taking the diabetes medication prescribed by his doctor. He no longer needed it, as Dr. Lewis’s plan had effectively cured Chris of diabetes.

Based on his first patient’s results, Dr. Lewis believed he had a diabetes breakthrough on his hands. He decided to package the advice he gave Chris into the Frontline Diabetes Plan, sharing it with the world and helping others reverse diabetes quickly.

What Will You Learn in Frontline Diabetes Plan?

Frontline Diabetes Plan includes a package of eBooks targeting different aspects of diabetes. Some eBooks focus on alternative movements and exercises you can do to eliminate neuropathy. Other eBooks focus on diet tips for managing blood sugar.

Some of the topics covered in Frontline Diabetes Plan include:

How cinnamon lowers fasting blood glucose and improves your A1C. It’s no secret that cinnamon extract is a popular supplement for people with diabetes to take. However, Dr. Lewis claims not all cinnamon extract is made equal and that the cinnamon found in your house is fake.

The most deficient vitamin in the United States is connected to insulin resistance in teens and adults. Most diabetics are deficient in chromium, so many people with diabetes take a chromium supplement to help.

A special type of B vitamin in its most available form can stop inflammation caused by high blood sugar. This B vitamin can also decrease neuropathy symptom scores in weeks.

How to increase your all-day energy even if you have diabetes. Frontline Diabetes Plan features amino acids and other things you can take to boost your mental and physical energy – and even lose weight.

The #1 nutrient for improving insulin sensitivity. This nutrient can turn carbs and sugary treats into usable energy for your body. , you can eat bread, creamy soups, cheeses, cookies, and other treats “without the consequences” because of this nutrient.

Why people with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of dementia and brain fog, and what you can do to stop it.

The 5 worst “healthy foods” in your kitchen today, including foods that “most doctors recommend.” Frontline Diabetes Plan believes doctors have a nefarious goal of worsening diabetes symptoms, and they recommend foods that “speed up type 2 complications.” Dr. Lewis recommends throwing these foods in the garbage (along with most recommendations from your doctor).

A 7-day meal plan you can use to enjoy relief from diabetes symptoms, including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to eat without spiking your blood sugar.

Why you should eat eggs for diabetes, including how eggs are linked with insulin resistance.

Overall, Frontline Diabetes Plan contains many of the same foods, therapies, and supplements recommended by other alternative diabetes treatment plans. You’ll learn about cinnamon, alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, and other foods linked to relief from diabetes symptoms.

What’s Included with Frontline Diabetes Plan?

Frontline Diabetes Plan markets itself as an “all-in-one type 2 diabetes solution kit.”

That kit includes seven books targeting different aspects of type 2 diabetes, including:

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Frontline Diabetes Plan Main Manual: This manual walks you through Dr. Lewis’s Frontline Diabetes Plan’s core tenets. You get a complete nutritional therapy plant that can naturally control your blood sugar while preventing and fighting type 2 diabetes. , all you need to do is take things like cinnamon and chromium – and you’ll quickly reverse diabetes and avoid taking your doctor-prescribed diabetes medication.

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Frontline Diabetes Rapid Start Guide: This 11-page guide explains similar tenets to the main manual, but in the form of a quick start guide. The guide explains the simple strategies you can implement today “to begin reversing your type 2 diabetes.”

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Frontline Diabetes Plan Nutritional Supplements Guide: Dr. Lewis recommends taking supplements. He’s not a fan of diabetes drugs prescribed by doctors. However, he claims not all supplements are created equal and that most are a huge waste of money. Dr. Lewis claims he has tested hundreds of supplements to find the ones that work best for people with diabetes. The guide is just a few pages long but is packed with recommended diabetes supplements.

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Frontline Pre-Diabetes Plan: Frontline Diabetes Plan is marketed to pre-diabetics and diabetics who want to control their condition without drugs. In this guide, Dr. Lewis explains the safe and effective ways to reverse pre-diabetes before it becomes type 2 diabetes. As a pre-diabetic, your recommended treatment plan varies from someone who already has type 2 diabetes. It contains strategies like the plate method, a pre-diabetes nutrition plan, and 10 foods for lowering blood sugar.

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Bonus #1: Neuropathy No More: Many people with diabetes suffer from neuropathy, a painful condition involving tingling in the extremities. Over time, neuropathy can lead to amputation and other issues. Dr. Lewis claims drugs like metformin make neuropathy worse, which is why he recommends alternatives. Dr. Lewis claims specific nutrients and foods can help with neuropathy, making tingling a thing of the past.

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Bonus #2: Pharma Freedom: Dr. Lewis is not a fan of prescription diabetes medication. He claims diabetes drugs are linked to deaths, which is why he recommends his alternative treatment plan. In this eBook, Dr. Lewis recommends replacing your doctor-prescribed drugs with supplements. He talks about turmeric, oils, teas, and other foods and supplements you can use to get all of the benefits of prescription diabetes drugs – with no side effects.

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Bonus #3: Type 2 Diabetes During COVID-19: COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone, including people with diabetes. In this guide, Dr. Lewis explains which foods to stock up on during the pandemic. He also recommends drinking an immunity-boosting tea daily. You’ll also discover a complete quarantine plan for diabetics, among other tips for defending yourself against the virus.

Frontline Diabetes Plan Pricing

Frontline Diabetes Plan is priced at $27.

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You receive immediate access to the eBooks listed above after your purchase is confirmed. There are no physical products – it’s just a package of eBooks delivered as PDFs.

Frontline Diabetes Plan Refund Policy

A 365-day refund policy backs your purchase.

If you don’t reverse your diabetes within one year of following Dr. Lewis’s recommended treatment plan, then you are entitled to a complete refund with no questions asked.

Is Frontline Diabetes Plan a Scam?

Frontline Diabetes Plan has several issues that tell us it’s more of a scam than a legitimate health guide:

Unrealistic Health Claims: Frontline Diabetes Plan claims to reverse diabetes in just a few weeks, among other unrealistic health benefits. In fact, the company claims you can eat “a big slice of moist chocolate cake” without repercussion “within days” of following the alternative treatment plan, among other unrealistic health claims.

Advising Against Taking Diabetes Medication: Frontline Diabetes Plan claims you can stop taking your diabetes medication within just a few weeks of following the protocol. The program describes diabetes drugs as dangerous, claiming they lead to more deaths than they save or that they “can chemically alter your brain.”

Fake Credentials: Dr. Evan Lewis claims to be an award-winning health researcher from Canada. Unfortunately, Dr. Lewis does not exist. He has never received an award from Diabetes Canada or the Canadian Institute for Health Research. Both of these are real organizations. We contacted both organizations, and they had no record of giving an award to Dr. Evan Lewis – or anyone – for curing diabetes in recent years.

Fake Testimonials: The Frontline Diabetes Plan sales page has testimonials from people like Chris who have purportedly cured their diabetes within weeks following Dr. Lewis’s treatment protocol. In reality, we can find no evidence that anyone has followed Frontline Diabetes Plan to cure or reverse their diabetes.

“Backed by Real Doctors and Clinical Results”: Frontline Diabetes Plan claims their diabetes advice is “backed by real doctors and clinical results.” However, we can find no evidence that any medical doctor endorses Frontline Diabetes Plan or recommends using the plan to manage your condition. There are also no clinical results proving Frontline Diabetes Plan cures diabetes.

It is possible to manage your condition by following certain health and wellness tips. However, you should always follow the medical advice of your doctor when dealing with type 2 diabetes.

If Dr. Evan Lewis genuinely cured diabetes in his friend within a few days, it would be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in diabetes history. He would have won awards from Health Canada and other major bodies.

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that any of the Frontline Diabetes Plan sales page claims are true.

Final Word

Frontline Diabetes Plan is an alternative diabetes treatment plan that recommends taking supplements and whole foods to control the condition – not drugs prescribed by your doctor.

An award-winning Canadian doctor created the plan. That doctor claims he effectively cured his friend of diabetes using his treatment plan. Now, he wants to share his plan with the world.

Unfortunately, the Frontline Diabetes Plan sales page is filled with dubious claims. The author, Dr. Evan Lewis, does not actually exist, and the information in the plan is neither proven nor endorsed by doctors.

However, Frontline Diabetes Plan is backed by a 365-day refund policy, giving you one full year to try this alternative treatment plan to see if it works for you.