ForeverPen Reviews – Does Forever Pen Work? Inkless Key Ring Worth It?

Have you ever been asked to provide someone with a pen, but you didn’t have any with you? No cutter available to open packages? A typical pen has a short lifespan, especially for those who write more often than they type. Moreover, the likelihood of a normal pen cracking in two when used to open a package is substantially higher than the likelihood of it remaining in one piece. That’s what our editorial team generally believed about pens until we discovered the tiniest pen known to humankind. In addition to being discrete and portable, it also doesn’t require refilling and it doubles down as a little tool. This review’s goal is to shed light on ForeverPen™.

What is ForeverPen™?

The ForeverPen™ is the world’s smallest pen, measuring only one inch in length. The main selling point of ForeverPen™, which was designed to be attached to a set of keys, is that it supposedly never needs to be refilled. According to the creators, this pen substitute arose from a simple idea: “Having something with you all the time, small enough to never forget and functional enough to need often.” Matter-of-factly, the team responsible for this innovation made it clear that their mission is to go small while increasing functionality. Here are a couple of words as found on the official KickStarter page:

“We combine versatile items with the most durable materials to disrupt old trends and change the way you carry.”

It goes without saying that the product’s name is attention-grabbing on its own, but there are also many other factors to consider. Before we get into the features of the ForeverPen™, let’s take a look at how the creators came up with such a unique and creative pen.


How does ForeverPen™ work?

The ForeverPen™ is based on silverpoint principles. Leonardo DaVinci is said to have used silverpoint as a drawing technique. Using this knowledge, a long-lasting silver tip was created by combining material science and modern engineering. Consequently, the pen can be used to write on almost anything and anywhere. Furthermore, the tips are said to be made of non-toxic silver composite, while the body is made of grade 5 titanium. Speaking of the overall structure of the ForeverPen™, it is worthy to mention that it supports solid ink, which outperforms liquid ink in every way. With this framework in place, we can now investigate the precise mechanisms by which ForeverPen™ surpasses all others.

What features does ForeverPen™ have?

At first glance, people may dismiss ForeverPen™, but one thing is certain: the pen’s size does not completely expose its utility. Our editorial team was astonished by the following features after analyzing the various layers of this pen:

Machine-Milled & Long-Lasting Tip

ForeverPen™ was machine milled, specifically its silver composite, which allegedly takes both weight and balance into account for maximum precision. In terms of precision, the design is said to have a bold and contemporary look that is also smart and practical. Pertaining to the tip, the creators guarantee that ForeverPen™ has been scientifically and structurally stress examined to ensure sturdiness.


Despite being marketed as a pen, the ForeverPen™’s use of strong silver lets people tear boxes, gently prod open lids, and even open packets. As a pen, the nib helps protect the user’s fingers from marks and smudging. In fact, this pen is best suited for quick note taking. It will definitely leave visible strokes on paper, cards, plastic, wood, and other surfaces.

Weather-Proof, Fire-Resistant & Extremely Durable

ForeverPen™, as the name implies, was purposefully designed to last as long as it could. The creators claim to have used tough and inert materials to make this possible. This means that the ForeverPen™ can be used in the most extreme conditions (including underwater), hence, the reason why it is considered as a weather-proof, fire-resistant, and extremely durable pen.

Easy Attachment

The ForeverPen™ has a keychain loophole built in so it can be carried around, whether it be by attaching to a keyring, zipper, or anything that supports prompt attachment. This is an important feature because most people who are suddenly asked to sign a document or to lend a pen usually end up scrambling for one.

Reduces Waste

Traditional pens contribute significantly to plastic waste and toxic material accumulation. Individuals will not need to replace ForeverPen™ as frequently because it is long-lasting. It’s also important to remember that ForeverPen™ was never made with plastic or any other abrasive material.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will ForeverPen™ really last forever?

No, as put by the team, the name “ForeverPen™” was coined to imply that the pen is highly likely to last much longer than any other pen. That said, each ForeverPen™ is deemed equivalent to 500 traditional pens.

What is ForeverPen™ made from?

The tips are made of non-toxic silver composite whereas the body is made of grade 5 titanium.

Does ForeverPen™ contain heavy metals?

No, since ForeverPen™ is free of lead and other heavy metals.

Why is there a hole in ForeverPen™?

The hole has been included to help attach the pen to keys, carabiner, and zippers among others. By attaching it to something else, individuals will reduce the risk of losing ForeverPen™.

Is ForeverPen™ TSA safe?

Yes, ForeverPen™ is TSA safe, which means individuals can travel with it. This pen neither constitutes blades nor toxic pieces of metals.

How small is ForeverPen™?

The length is about an inch, and the diameter is about 0.3 inch.

ForeverPen™ is so small, is it actually possible to write with?

Apparently, it is easy to write with. Individuals will simply have to hold onto their respective keys to achieve this.

Is ForeverPen™ protected by a warranty?

All ForeverPen™ units have been protected by a one-year warranty, which is meant to cover all manufacturing defects.

Is ForeverPen™ protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, ForeverPen™ has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Individuals should get in touch with customer service to start the refund procedures if they change their minds. Naturally, this implies that each pen must be new and in its original package. To learn more about the warranty and refund policies, send an email directly to foreverpen@giddyup-support.com.

How much does ForeverPen™ cost?

At present, ForeverPen™ can be purchased at the following rates:

  • 1 ForeverPen™ pen: CAD$35.73 each
  • 3 ForeverPen™ pens: CAD$28.53 each
  • 5 ForeverPen™ pens: CAD$22.86 each

Concluding Remarks

As far as we can tell, ForeverPen™ is a versatile pen that was developed using the silverpoint drawing technique. The creators were able to design a pen that might survive far longer than 500 pens put together and this is all thanks to the fusion of modern materials with traditional techniques. In addition to being long-lasting, ForeverPen™ has received praise for its performance even in the most difficult situations and for minimizing waste.

Before placing an order, users may wish to get in touch with the customer support staff. This is due to the fact that ForeverPen™ is now being promoted on KickStarter, where a large number of backers are eagerly anticipating their shipments. 90% of the supplies, according to the team, have reportedly been dispatched as of now, but nobody appears to have received their tracking information. This is likely due to shipment delays created by COVID, but at the end of the day, we advise continuing with caution. For now, more information on ForeverPen™ can be gathered by visiting here! >>>>