Flat Belly Tea Reviews – Pure Organic Weight Loss Metabolism Formula

Flat Belly Tea is a daily solution to help speed up metabolic rate and optimize to burn the fat stored along the stomach, which can create a bloated look. According to the official website, The tea may help reverse the damage imposed on the body to force weight loss without any other changes.

What is Flat Belly Tea?

Anyone that has taken the time and energy to work on their figure understands the frustration of seeing that extra weight around their midsection. No matter how much weight is lost, or muscle is gained, the stomach tends to be the most stubborn spot for this kind of effort. Most doctors will say that the key to losing weight along the stomach has nothing to do with a targeted routine or a specific diet, but the Flat Belly Tea aims to take on the challenge.

Flat Belly Tea comes from the same creators of the Flat Belly Fix program, and the process is simple so that users don’t need to take even a minute to make it in their own kitchen. According to the official website, By taking advantage of the regimen, users will only need to go through about three weeks of drinking the tea to trigger a major change of up to 23 pounds lost. That’s not water weight or bloating – that loss is allegedly just stored fat.

The version of Flat Belly Tea gives users a ready-to-make formula. It doesn’t even take brewing time, because the formula has been condensed into a powder that can just be mixed with water to make the tea. According to the description of the supplement, over time the tea releases the stored “white fat,” which is the unhealthy fat that consumers carry around. Instead, the fat is replaced with brown fat, which helps the body speed up metabolic rate for better weight loss.

Users who drink this beverage in the morning may experience energy all-day as it reduces the user’s appetite with a blend of delicious but effective spices. There’s no sugar added in, but users will still notice a sweetness (thanks to the inclusion of monk fruit). The tea is incredibly healthy for users, and no additional routine is required to get the desired effects.

How Does PureLife Organic Flat Belly Tea Work?

PureLife Organics Flat-Belly Tea is an all new weight-loss solution that is infused with a wide array of selected “superfoods” that have been clinically studied for their overall potency and efficacy as natural metabolic enhancers. According to the manufacturer, the supplement may improve metabolism and may also help in the release of sustained energy through the course of one’s day to day activities (thereby allowing users to remain active, vital, calm, and composed fairly easily).

Over the course of the last few decades, obesity-related issues have gained a lot of ground and have reached epidemic proportions globally. To put things into perspective, in 2016 alone it is estimated that around 2.8 million people died of either being overweight or obese. Not only that, as we head into the future, most experts believe that the problem will continue to fester and affect more and more people

Also, it should be understood properly that obesity is a completely preventable/curable condition. To combat the issue, researchers/nutritionists/fitness experts have come up with a number of practical solutions — such as specific diet plans, exercise regimes, etc.

Read on to get a closer look at PureLife’s organic flat belly tea and see what the ingredients are inside this one of a kind blend.

Flat Belly Tea Ingredients: What’s the Scoop?


From the outside looking in, PureLife Organics Flat-Belly Tea can be thought of as a natural metabolic enhancer that comes loaded with a number of active ingredients that can potentially help users lose weight in a quick, efficient manner. As per the official product website, daily consumption of this tea blend can help melt away stubborn fat/triglyceride deposits that may have accumulated in our bodies (possibly due to our unhealthy lifestyle choices).

Also, the folks over at PureLife Organics claim that each serving of their Flat-Belly Tea comes loaded with a unique blend of spices that may be able to help our bodies in converting their stored sugar deposits into body fat. Not only that, one of the ingredients may even be able to convert our body’s unhealthy white-flab into muscles (that too within a matter of just four to eight weeks).

Some of the other core benefits of using Flat-Belly Tea include:

(i) Inflammation Control: As many of our readers may know, people who suffer from chronic inflammation are more prone to becoming overweight because the body starts to accumulate greasy derivatives (such as oil, fats) in order to rid itself of the pain that inflammation causes. According to the PureLife Organics team, their new supplement contains a key inflammatory signaling molecule that may be able to help reduce any swelling that may be present in our muscles, tissues, and sinews.

(ii) Mood Elevation: An underrated facet of PureLife Organics Flat-Belly Tea is that it may help in the release of certain neural agents — such as dopamine, endorphins — within our bloodstreams. As a result, users may be able to feel calm, composed, and relaxed in a quick and efficient manner.

(iii) Energy Release: As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, each serving of this potent tea concoction is designed to help in the release of continuous energy within our bodies. As a result, users can remain active and vital through the course of their daily work (be it professional or at home).

(iv) Craving Control: According to the manufacturer, Flat-Belly Tea contains certain cognitive optimizers that may be able to alter the working mechanism of certain neurotransmitters that are present in the human brain. As a result, one may be able to control their daily food intake in a much more easy, hassle-free fashion.

Turmeric (4:1 ratio)

This is the core ingredient that apparently makes Flat-Belly Tea a powerful weight loss formula. To be a bit more specific, it should be pointed out that Turmeric possesses many active agents (such as curcumin) that have been clinically found to not only optimize the human immune system but also help in the release of energy within our bodies.

Furthermore, an increasing amount of medical data seems to suggest that turmeric may also be quite useful in melting away harmful fat and triglyceride deposits that may have accumulated in our bodies.


Cinnamon is a natural spice that has been traditionally used in the preparation of various weight loss remedies across South America and Asia. Not only that, it is also useful as a flavoring agent and contains several important antioxidants, toxin eliminators that may be useful in eliminating stubborn fat deposits that may be present in our belly, thighs, and chest areas.

Lastly, some researchers believe that daily consumption of cinnamon may help maximize the body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms in a quick, efficient manner.

Ginger Extract

It is no secret that Ginger has been used for centuries by various indigenous societies in the preparation of potent anti-inflammatory and digestive medicines. However, medical research now claims that extracts of this root may even be useful for melting away stubborn fat deposits that may be present in-and-around our tummy region.

From a more scientific standpoint, it should be mentioned that Ginger can not only maximize the body’s innate metabolic processes but can also increase its natural rate of carbohydrate digestion and insulin secretion. Furthermore, it can also inhibit oxidative stress (a form of cellular aging), thereby allowing our muscles, tissues, sinews to be totally free of any inflammation.

Some of the other potential benefits of ginger consumption include:

It may help in lowering our unhealthy cholesterol levels

It may be useful in regulating one’s blood pressure levels

Coconut Milk Powder

Some of our readers may be aware that coconut contains copious amounts of a particular fat source called MCT oil. This natural oil extract has been closely studied and found to possess many fat-melting properties. Clinically put, coconut milk can recharge our cells by enabling them to burn more fat.

Additionally, it also bears mentioning that coconut extracts can quite easily bind with several vital nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, spices) that may be present in our bodies — thus allowing for their optimal absorption.

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper contains various efficacious compounds such as Bioperine that have been clinically shown to not only maximize the body’s natural weight loss mechanisms but also help in recharging our cells. Additionally, some studies claim that black pepper extract can potentially block the production of certain enzymes in our bodies that are known to help in the preservation of certain fats and triglycerides.

Last but not least, it should also be pointed out that Bioperine has the potential to increase the bioavailability of the various other ingredients contained in Flat-Belly Tea (by as much as 2000%).

Acacia Fiber

Acacia fiber is a natural prebiotic agent that is most commonly derived from particular organic tree sap. Clinically speaking, it helps increase the volume of good bacteria in our gut as well as aids in optimal digestion within our bodies. Furthermore, there is certain medical evidence that suggests Acacia may even be useful in eliminating fats that may have gathered in our bodies due to years of unhealthy eating, smoking, drinking, etc.

Monk Fruit

Over the course of the last decade or so, more and more people are starting to turn towards monk fruit since it contains natural sweetening agents while possessing almost no calories. In fact, studies have shown that the juice of this fruit is anywhere between 150-200 times sweeter than regular sugar. As a result, it is perfect for diabetics as well as those who may be seeking to limit their daily sugar intake.

Last but not least, monk fruit also possesses various beneficial anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing properties.

Why do the Flat Belly Tea Ingredients Work?

One of the biggest reasons why the Flat Belly Tea may be effective is due to the use of turmeric. Turmeric has many healing qualities, though it is predominantly known for reducing inflammation. The creators consider this ingredient to be a “superpower” for individuals that want to eliminate belly fat rapidly.

Next, the formula includes the warming and relaxing taste of cinnamon. The reason that cinnamon is involved is only partially for taste; it also has a natural ability to promote weight loss and fat burning that other spices simply cannot offer.

Ginger extract complements the use of turmeric, helping with the digestive process to reduce inflammation. Some scientific evidence points to a positive effect on the stomach as well, since it promotes better digestion of carbohydrates while regulating insulin.

Coconut milk powder is included in the MCT oil that it offers. MCT oil has been repeatedly linked to fat loss, but it is also loaded with vitamins and minerals that are easy for the body to take in.

Black pepper extract may not sound like something that users want to include in their tea, but it isn’t included for flavor. This extract promotes improved bioavailability of all of the different ingredients, whether it be the turmeric or ginger or anything else. It basically helps the entire remedy to survive the digestive system for better effectiveness.

Acacia fiber rounds out this remedy, gently pushing probiotics into the body to regulate the healthy balance in the gut. The gut needs to have this improved environment to reduce the risk of inflammation and to purge any toxins that may inhibit the user’s weight loss goals.

With all of these ingredients, users will find that there are no animal products involved, which means that vegans can use this tea for weight loss as well.

Getting Flat Belly Tea

The total cost will entirely depend on how many jars that the customer wants to order. Choose from:

1 bottle for $57.95

3 bottles for $149.95

6 bottles for $249.95

All new customers are covered by a 60-day return policy to get a refund if necessary. The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is via the official company website — At the present time, one bottle of The Flat Belly Tea supplement is $57.95 (per container). Those who are thinking a long term and subscribe for a monthly purchase will have access to an additional 10% discount.

Each bottle of PureLife Organics Flat-Belly Tea comes with a full money-back guarantee in case users are not entirely satisfied with the product. Payments can be made via a host of safe and secure avenues including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Belly Tea

The supplement is free of any allergens such as soy, gluten, dairy, etc. It can be used by individuals on a vegan lifestyle.

Every ingredient included in the supplement is organic (USDA certified). The supplement is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as well as other unwanted additives (such as binders, fillers, etc). Even thou the flat belly Tea by PureLife organics shouldn’t be viewed as a cure for all weight loss related symptoms it can provide a natural alternative for those who want help in their weight loss journey. For any questions please visit the company’s official website here.

Why is Flat Belly Tea a helpful way to promote fat burning?

The herbs and vitamins included in this tea are excellent for triggering metabolism, eliminating the harmful white fat on the body, and more. Plus, the good taste is quite appealing.

Are there any potential side effects?

All of the ingredients are natural, and no customers have reported side effects at this time. Plus, it is safe for dairy-free and vegan diets alike.

How long will one container last?

Most people can use the tea daily with up to a month of treatment. However, since the effects occur within three weeks, users should notice a change before they finish their first jar.

How should users take the tea?

Only one scoop of the powder is needed. It blends smoothly with hot water, and it is safe enough to drink up to three times a day. However, consuming less at a time might make the jar last longer.

Any other questions or concerns can be addressed by sending an email to service@theflatbellyfix.com.


Flat Belly Tea helps consumers everywhere to simplify the weight loss process. There are no workouts to combine with this tea, though users can check out the original Flat Belly Fix if they want a more hands-on approach. The tea has a sweet flavor with a little spice, and it can be consumed multiple times a day to amplify the fat-burning effects. Even though it only takes about three weeks to make a change, consumers with more to lose can keep drinking it for as long as they like.

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