Diabetes Friendly Desserts (PaleoHacks) Does It Work?

You often hear that you must avoid sweet desserts to maintain an average blood sugar level. What if you could make your desserts guilt-free and eat your favorite desserts without having a blood sugar spike? The Diabetes-Friendly Desserts Cookbook will help you satisfy your sweet cravings with no worries.

Lots of food products nowadays contain high levels of processed sugar, so it is not easy for you to avoid eating them altogether. As your palate is used to sweets, adjusting it would take time and effort. You do not need to altogether avoid sweets; you can make your own diabetes-friendly treats! The Diabetes-Friendly Desserts cookbook will guide you in making tasty desserts without the blood-sugar spikes of regular sugar.


The author of this cookbook is Kelsey Ale. She is a certified nutritional therapist, a professional baker, and a health coach. She has written more than seven best-selling cookbooks with more than 1.2 million copies worldwide.

During her days in college, she was once hospitalized due to stomach pains. It was found out later that it was due to the processed food she often included in her diet. That experience motivated her to create guilt-free recipes that can cater to everyone’s taste without compromising their health.

This cookbook has 86 fool-proof recipes you can make at home. The recipes are simple, with ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen or nearest grocery store. Kelsey also made the instructions clear so you could follow them carefully.

Each recipe has a beautiful photo, nutrition information, cooking time, and serving size to help you plan your cooking better. When you refer to the nutrition info table, you will know how much to make and how many you can take for the day.

This Diabetes-Friendly Desserts Cookbook is available in digital and hard copy. Moreover, there are three exclusive gifts for every purchase, and you can ask for a shipping and handling refund after 60 days.


  • Highly-experienced author
  • 86 simple healthy desserts recipes
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Healthy recipes for everyone
  • Attractive page design
  • Informative cookbook
  • Available in two versions
  • Freebies for every purchase

Why You Should Get This Diabetes-Friendly Desserts Cookbook

More than 537 million adults worldwide have diabetes. Many products today have sugar added to increase palatability and cover the artificial taste that comes from the production process. Moreover, many products use artificial flavors and colors as ingredients to cut costs. Hence, producers opt for adding more sugar as an additive to help enhance flavor.

Sugar is not the only culprit; other “dirty carbs” are also the reason for your blood sugar spike. These dirty carbs are inside most of the food we have nowadays. Thus it’s not easy for us to avoid them all.

The only option you have is to follow an extremely restrictive diet or make your food with the guidance of this cookbook. Kelsey has gone through many trials and errors before she can publish this cookbook, so you can rely on the tricks she uses to ensure you make healthy desserts without the ‘dirty carbs.’

Use Natural Sweeteners Instead of Processed Sugar

Processed sugar contains high glucose, the compound responsible for increasing blood sugar. Many studies have shown the adverse effects of processed sugar, such as cell damage and increased risk of heart disease and dementia. If the condition continues, insulin resistance can occur, leading to Type II Diabetes.

As an alternative, Kelsey uses natural sweeteners (monk fruit powder and erythritol) to give a sweet flavor to the desserts. Natural sweeteners have more intense sweetness and are a substitute for processed sugar. They also contain zero calories and do not affect your blood sugar levels.

However, monk fruit powder and erythritol have higher sweetness levels than regular sugar. Thus, using them in recipes needs careful measurement. In this cookbook, Kelsey has measured the perfect quantity to use so you can get the right sweetness in your desserts.

Replace Milk With Lactose-Free Liquids

Lactose is one of the types of toxic sugar. It can harm your digestive system and make you feel discomforts, such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Many dessert recipes use milk, but Kelsey has found a way to use other liquids so you can achieve the same result without lactose.

This cookbook uses natural coconut milk, coconut oil, and melted ghee to hydrate ingredients in the recipes. These substitutes have lower calories, lactose-free and healthy fats that can improve your health. You can prevent blood sugar spikes while eating tasty desserts at the same time.

Use Substitutes For Wheat Flour

Wheat flour contains a high carbohydrate load and is the worst ingredient if you are trying to control your blood sugar levels. It also contains gluten, a protein that can slowly harm the gut linings in your digestive system. This could happen even if you are not gluten intolerant. Worst, it also has amylopectin-A, a toxin that can spike your blood sugar levels.

Therefore, Kelsey uses almond flour and coconut flour for all dessert recipes in this cookbook. They have fewer calories and carbs, so they will not trigger an increase in your blood sugar levels. She also provides the correct measurement using a proper substitution ratio in the recipes, so you don’t have to think hard about it.

What’s Inside the Diabetes-Friendly Desserts CookBook?

This cookbook contains 86 healthy dessert recipes with no sugar, no wheat flour, and no cow’s milk. The recipes include 15 cookies, five brownies, 21 cakes and frostings, nine pies, 11 puddings and custards, 15 frozen treats, and ten snacks!

Purchasing the Diabetes-Friendly Desserts Cookbook

You can order the Diabetes-Friendly Desserts cookbook from the official website right now for the low price of $19.95! You can either buy the digital copy only or digital and hard copies with an additional shipping fee.

You’ll also get three bonus e-guides with every purchase; they are:

  • Natural Remedies For High Blood Sugar
  • The Sugar Switch Guide For Diabetics
  • Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies


With more high-sugar products and desserts nowadays, avoiding processed sugar in your diet is not easy. It is also hard to resist when your palate is already used to sweets. Therefore, it’s time to switch to diabetes-friendly desserts without sugar, gluten, and lactose.

The best part is you do not have to create the recipes yourself. Kelsey has done the work for you in this cookbook. By ordering the cookbook now, you will receive three bonus guides to help your health journey. Visit the official website to order your copy of the Diabetes-Friendly Desserts Cookbook today!



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