Crypto Revolution Book Review: Bryce Paul Crypto Playbook Guide

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continue to rock the financial world. Most successful crypto investors swear by digital money. Like any investment, putting your money in a stake you are not sure about is risky.

Hundreds of articles and guides educate beginners about digital money or cryptocurrency. Most of the information is factual. However, it is easy to land in the hands of scammers, particularly if your understanding of blockchain technology is limited.

Crypto Revolution is a 270+ paged guide and historical book that can help you understand the concept of blockchain technology. How does the book work? Is it worth the price? Continue reading this guide to discover more about the Crypto Revolution.

What is Crypto Revolution?

Crypto Revolution is a physical book authored by blockchain experts Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. The 275-page text is designed for anyone new to cryptocurrencies or wanting to gain more knowledge on blockchain technology.

According to the writers, Crypto Revolution has everything you need to buy, sell, and invest in blockchain technology safely. It describes why the world is slowly adopting digital money and how it will likely affect future finances.

Various successful experts claim it is the best time to invest in blockchain technology and take advantage of the current crypto surge. It is possible to multiply your fortunes using digital money. Unfortunately, most people make blind investments leading to massive losses. However, Crypto Revolution authors claim that this guide can help you make wise investments, thus cashing on higher returns. Bryce Paul states, “investing in cryptocurrencies can help you forget financial problems and reduce the anxiety of knowing where you will get your next money.”

How Does Crypto Revolution Work?

Bryce Paul claims that reading the Crypto Revolution book can help you adjust your financial fortunes regardless of age. The writer boldly claims that investing in blockchain technology can help you combat financial worry. It is ideal for financial experts and novices. Any person across the globe can use the Crypto Revolution knowledge to augment their lives.

Crypto Revolution writers claim that digital money has made numerous individuals millionaires and billionaires. The hardcover book explains to ordinary “would-be investors” why it is not too late to invest in cryptocurrency. The historical part of the book educates users on how blockchain technology began, its progress, and future projections. It is the ideal educational resource for anyone looking to invest in their future and make “cool money” almost effortlessly.

Why Invest in Crypto Revolution?

Bryce Paul explains that crypto investments have not reached 1% of the money. Thus, it is not too late for anyone to make investments in digital money. The authors boldly claim that investing in blockchain technology can liberate you from “working your ass off” in poor-paying jobs or worrying about retirement. Instead, the Crypto Revolution book helps you make correct investments much simpler than traditional stocks, real estate, CDs, mutual funds, or network marketing.

According to the official website, some crypto investors have made over 30000% profits from cryptocurrency in under a year. The Crypto Revolution guide provides users with correct information to help them multiply their investments daily or weekly. However, Bryce Paul strongly warns that making such an investment is not a “get rich quick” scenario. Instead, it takes time to accumulate wealth which is different from earning the title of “being rich.”

Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone claim that in 2025-2030, the Bitcoin is likely to be 5 or 10. Thus, investing “NOW” provides a foundation to create wealth that is unlikely to be lost or taken away. In other words, Bryce claims that blockchain technology can help you create Generational Wealth, thus guaranteeing your grandkids a secure and smooth future. The advantage of the crypto world is that it is perfect for ordinary people and not limited to the wealthy.

Crypto Revolution Lessons

Unmask Lies About the Crypto World: Bryce claims that most people are made to believe that it is too late to invest digital money. The Crypto Revolution gives readers the information they need to make wise decisions regarding blockchain technology. The paperback copy provides users with the confidence to venture into cryptocurrencies.

Easy to Comprehend: Although the internet has numerous educational materials about blockchain technology, it is best to learn from renowned gurus such as Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone.

Adequate Information: It provides revolutionary information and understanding essential when investing in digital money. Crypto Revolution ensures that their readers have the wisdom and vision to create crypto wealth. Additionally, it removes the societal anecdote that cryptocurrency is an easy “get-rich” scheme.

What is the Inside Crypto Revolution?

The Crypto Revolution is a detailed guide cum historical book. The authors seek to educate the readers on several matters, including:

  • How to get involved in blockchain technology safely and easily
  • How crypto gurus are generating huge profits from the current crypto surge
  • Practical strategies that can help users maximize returns and minimize risks
  • How to take advantage of the bull market while preparing for the bear market
  • How to buy the best ‘tokens.”
  • How to make crypto investments while on a budget
  • How to protect your digital currencies from hackers
  • How you can use digital currencies to hedge against hyperinflation
  • How to ensure you purchase cryptocurrencies at rock-bottom prices
  • Lessons on why some people get lost after investing in crypto
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence to get bigger returns and gain passive income
  • Why Bitcoin and other cryptos are digital gold



Crypto Revolution is supposedly “free,” but the customers have to cover a small shipping plus handling fee. The book can be shipped to any part of the world. It takes five business days to get the book in the US.

Crypto Revolution authors offer three free bonuses, including:

  • How Millionaires and Billionaires Invest in Crypto
  • Digital Currency Profit Guide
  • The Digital Currency Investment Picker
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee protects Crypto Revolution.


The Crypto Revolution guide is easy to comprehend and written in the simple yet intricate language. The authors claim that anyone looking to invest should use the text as an educational resource. It provides the basics any investor requires to cushion himself against getting lost. The 270-page book is ideal for novice and crypto experts. It educates the readers on how to make a crypto investment even on a budget. Instead of getting rich overnight, the Crypto Revolution helps you gradually create wealth.



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