Crypto Cash Flow Reviews: Is CryptoCashFlow Blueprint Worth Buying?

Have you ever felt that your fear of losing money prevented you from taking advantage of an investment opportunity? Could this be the reason you avoided blockchain initiatives, the cryptocurrency market, or even the recently launched NFTs? If you answered “yes,” you most likely weren’t the only person to steer clear of those situations. Fortunately, initiatives of this kind are regularly introduced. However, the problem is in distinguishing between strong and weak projects. What is the best method for an investor to navigate this market without feeling too far behind? The first stage in any investment is education, and our editorial team identified two investors who, in our opinion, have sufficient knowledge of cryptocurrencies and education to support investors. In particular, we are referring to a course called Crypto Cash Flow.

What is Crypto Cash Flow?

Crypto Cash Flow (CCF) is an online membership course that teaches people everything they need to know about cryptocurrencies and their importance in today’s society. The creators of this course, Marty Cooney, and Joshua Montoya, believe that three tenets are essential for generating passive income on a regular basis, which have been incorporated in CCF.

First off, the CCF is built on a reportedly successful method. Second, CCF educates in such a way that people new to this field have the fundamental knowledge to pick winners and get their money to work for them. Finally, CCF is well-known for its expanding community, where like-minded individuals collaborate to achieve their goals. Together, these make only a few of the many advantages that come with taking this course. Let’s take a closer look at the course material to obtain the whole picture.


How has the Crypto Cash Flow Course been organized?

The Crypto Cash Flow course is divided into eight distinct modules that expand on the various applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, while also helping to build upon one’s mindset. Those who enroll in this course will learn:

Module #1. Mastering Your Mindset

It goes without saying that our minds are the most powerful tool we have as humans. The fuel that our minds are fed makes a huge difference. In the context of market investing, mastering the mindset entails comprehending:

  • The concept of “market fear” and ensuring that greed does not outweigh profits
  • The importance of diversifying one’s holdings
  • The effect that long-term thinking will have on long-term gains
  • How there should be a balance between risk and reward, and that it isn’t all about diving headfirst into something
  • The significance of creating a personal vision board

Module #2. Blockchain Basics

After walking everyone through the fundamental practice of mind strengthening, the duo intends to expound on the fundamentals of blockchain technology. This is most likely where things will start to pick up, as people will learn the who, what, and how of this fresh but powerful technology. We are specifically referring to:

  • What blockchain technology is
  • The difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
  • What cryptocurrency is and how it ties into blockchain technology
  • Understanding the importance of a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Why the metaverse and DeFi are now at the core of the crypto market
  • The simple definition of a “smart contract”
  • Regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies

Module #3. The Crypto Bank

The third module expands on the second by drilling down into the various layers of cryptocurrencies. This section of the course, in particular, has been designed to not only prepare students for actual investing, but also to cover preventative measures, buying/holding/selling positions, and a wide range of other topics. Here’s a look inside the Crypto Bank:

  • Understanding crypto email accounts and crypto exchanges
  • How to protect oneself from scams while staying safe with google searches
  • The difference between hot and cold wallets
  • The importance of the Ledger Nano and the steps for configuring it via a live walkthrough
  • How to open a Coinbase account, start investing, and place limit, market, and stop limit orders
  • What happens when people cash out, specifically in terms of cryptocurrency taxes

Module 4: Crypto Market Research

Following the third module, the fourth one offers advice on how to spot life-changing cryptocurrency tokens among failed projects. To make this aspect of investment clear, the duo has included these pertinent topics:

  • The different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Understanding the current and future markets and this notion of “timing the market”
  • Why dollar cost averaging makes a whole lot of a difference in cryptocurrencies
  • Fundamental crypto market research tools for quick thinking
  • Why the CCF market research criterium is a deserving metric
  • Why investing in problem-solving companies is preferable to meme cryptocurrencies
  • A further look into the XRP, GALA and ETH projects
  • The rewards that stem from crypto staking and many more

Module 5: NFT Magic

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have received a lot of interest lately since they support, among other things, ownership, authenticity, and transferability. For those who are interested in learning how it may produce new revenue streams, the concept itself might not appear as clear-cut. The fifth module clarifies the issue by revealing:

  • The definition of NFT, the significance of OpenSea and the CCF NFT Cashflow strategy
  • The definition of “Gas” and the role it plays
  • What minting entails and how individuals can get started
  • A quick review of hot wallets and the need to keep private keys concealed from others
  • Everything about “Metamask,” including what it is, how to use it, how to add multiple accounts to it, and how to swap cryptocurrencies
  • The steps to either speeding up or canceling transactions on MetaMask
  • The steps to getting an NFT project whitelisted to minting NFTs from a contract
  • Etherscan, rarity tools, how to use the Revote.ETH site and Uniswap and many more

Module 6: Node Automation

The sixth module is equipped with several node automation angles. Simply put, people can anticipate discovering:

  • What nodes are and the various types available
  • Exactly what the cryptocurrency mining process comprises and whether it is still in demand
  • How to identify and make the most out of node-related research
  • The meaning of GALA nodes and the different known types
  • The steps to setting up a node empire

Module 7 (Bonus): The GALA Treasure Chest

The Crypto Cash Flow course would have ended at six modules in actuality, but Marty and Joshua have opted to add two bonuses. The first, which occupies the seventh module, seems to be GALA-focused. Specifically:

  • What GALA is and why people should use it now
  • The most efficient way to get started with GALA
  • A recap on nodes and their usefulness in gaming, music, and films
  • How individuals can play and earn with NFTs, while trading NFTs on OpenSea
  • Everything there is to know about GALA Power, GALA Music, and GALA Discord
  • Feedback video, node connect website, townstar and more

Module 8 (Bonus): Preserving Wealth Through Diversification

The eighth module, which is also the second bonus, is exactly what it sounds like: people will discover the value of diversifying with digital publication, a tool that the duo claims is their hidden weapon. This lesson will also cover how to diversify your investments using real estate and how trading stocks and cryptocurrencies should be seen as an art form rather than a quick way to get rich (because it isn’t the second).

How much does access to Crypto Cash Flow cost?

The Crypto Cash Flow Course is offered as two subscriptions. Both offer the following:

  • Full VIP access to the Crypto Cash Flow Membership Course
  • Free access to the Crypto Cash Flow Facebook group with Joshua and Marty
  • Exclusive access to the “Crypto Cash Flow Quick Start Guide”
  • VIP coaching calls and Q&A Sessions with Joshua and Marty
  • chance to win monthly Crypto Cash Flow giveaways
  • Free access to all future Crypto Cash Flow mini courses and membership-only content

The availability of the content is what makes a difference, though. For those who choose the VIP Admission, the monthly cost is $97; while those who want the Platinum Admission must fork out $497 annually. In other words, the former operates on a monthly basis whereas the latter operates on an annual basis.

Who are Marty Cooney and Joshua Montoya?

Marty Cooney is known for being a best-selling author, business owner, public speaker, sought-after coach, and web marketer. His interest in teaching followed his venture into the world of digital real estate, which contributed significantly to his success. So far, he has offered courses on how to create revenue by publishing books on Amazon and protecting digital wealth through the cryptocurrency market. He made the decision to enter the crypto industry in 2017, and as of 2022, he has been able to earn seven figures using a combination of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Nodes.

Joshua Montoya began working with digital marketing back in 2010. Since then, he has offered ways to generate passive income through the sale of digital properties and, per Marty’s advice, the publication of eBooks. He eventually chose to invest his time entirely in the crypto space. Today, his ability is demonstrated by the income he made from cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, he allegedly has a game plan for identifying early cryptocurrency projects that works most of the time. In fact, many of the courses he has since offered for students around the world have been built on the same strategy. Consider how valuable he is if people like Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, and Bob Proctor had marketed his courses at some point. This talks for miles!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Crypto Cash Flow is a membership-based course where individuals may maintain their education in the fields of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, nodes, and NFTs depending on whether they opt for a monthly or yearly subscription plan. It is evident from the breakdown of each module that Marty and Joshua are addressing more than just the how-tos; they also intend to indulge people in the whys. Many people choose a company or project to invest in based on the problem they want to solve. Our editorial team likes the importance the duo puts on the learning component because this is how society advances.

Other courses devote minimal attention to theory and dive right into the application. What use is putting something into action if the strategy used or the fundamentals are not thoroughly covered? This restricts decision-making and places a limit on how far people can go to identify winners on their own. Luckily, the Crypto Cash Flow appears to have a nice balance between theory and practical experience, while giving people the chance to learn on their own through a complete database of resources.

In accordance with everything, the Crypto Cash Flow course seems to strike a good mix between theory and real-world application, while also providing individuals with the option to learn independently through a comprehensive database of materials. To learn more about Crypto Cash Flow, visit here>>>.


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