Clear Brain & Mood Reviews (Clear Probiotics) Does It Work?

Do you occasionally experience morning agitation? Does this feeling linger all day, impairing your mood, productivity, and ability to think clearly? Nootropics are typically suggested as a good solution by the supplement industry, but they are thought of as short-term fixes. Is there another way around this? It seems that each of us has a second, lesser-known brain that, while technically not part of the head, can have a significant impact on how our primary brain functions.

We are specifically referring to one organ that also happens to interact with the brain via a particular neuronal network. Imagine having a toxic friend; their negativity may very well spread to others, but if that friend receives the support they need, they might change for the better and start spreading only positivity. So long as one brain’s microbiome is healthily populated, our primary brain function will be enhanced, argues the team at Clear Probiotics +. The discovery of this connection inspired them to develop Brain & Mood™. The following review aims to inform readers about the potential impact Brain & Mood™ has on our daily lives.

What is Brain & Mood™?

Brain & Mood™ is a 5-in-1 formula that contains prebiotics, probiotics, mushrooms, and herbs to promote healthy brain function, clearer thinking, and overall mood improvement. The natural approach used by Clear Probiotics + is poised to help people practice healthy stress management techniques while also utilizing the power of their brains. Our editorial team initially struggled to understand the Clear Probiotics + team’s strategy, but after more investigation, the underlying issue that this dietary supplement aims to address became clear. In fact, it’s said that problems with the skin, brain, and cognition begin in an unexpected location in the body. Let’s take some time to examine the Clear Probiotics + approach.

How does Brain & Mood™ work?

The Brain & Mood™ formula was developed with the connection between the gut and the brain in mind. The gut is home to millions of neurons, whereas the brain has over billions, explained Clear Probiotics +. The vagus nerve is said to be the point at which the two sources converge. Any communication established between the gut and brain is referred to as the axis or commonly known as the gut-brain axis.

The gut-brain axis shouldn’t be disregarded, as per one source [1], because it can link anxiety to digestive problems and vice versa. In fact, the expression “butterflies in the stomach” refers to the impact that stress, depression, and other psychological factors have on the gut. How then could poor gut health affect cognitive function? Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine may become less readily available if the gut microbiome is out of balance. The former is associated with a positive mood, whereas the latter is thought to play a key role in memory and pleasure.

Ultimately, a weak gut is probably to blame for people who have trouble focusing, remembering things, and increasing their productivity. To ensure that one’s brain and cognitive functions are not jeopardized, the Brain & Mood™ supplement begins by correcting the gut microbiome, which may naturally help improve the gut-brain axis. The next step is to review the exact ingredients that made the cut.

What ingredients are inside Brain & Mood™?

Each Brain & Mood™ serving embodies the union between:

Bifidobacterium longum (10 billion CFU)

B. longum [2] is a type of good bacteria that primarily occupies the intestines and colon. According to existing research, this strain has the capacity to activate the nerves in the local intestine, which the brain picks up to reduce anxiety. Although the exact mechanism is unknown, such signals are assumed to be transmitted from the gut to the brain. Interestingly, a 2019 study [3] concluded how B. longum may contribute to the regulation of resting neural activity, which in turn might improve vitality and alleviate mental fatigue, especially during social stress.

Lactobacillus brevis (10 billion CFU)

L. brevis [4] is a type of lactic acid used to treat diarrhea and support natural killer cell activity (i.e., pathogen-killing cells that fight off infections) in older adults, writes one source. Despite being one of the less well-known lactobacillus strains, its probiotic properties should not be undervalued. In addition to its function in food fermentation, L. brevis is also thought to improve dental health, reduce constipation, increase bowel movement frequency, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity [5].

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (500mg)

Lion’s Mane mushroom [6] is a shaggy mushroom named after its resemblance to a lion’s mane. Its two unique compounds have been linked to improved brain function. Specifically known as hericenones and erinacines, the pair may aid in the formation of new connections that normally deteriorate with aging and provide protection against degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies using mice have repeatedly confirmed the Lion’s Mane mushroom’s ability to reduce the chance of neuronal damage brought on by amyloid-beta plaques, and possibly even improve mental function. More intriguing are its anti-inflammatory effects on mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. Other benefits include lowering the risk of heart disease and stomach ulcers brought on by the H. pylori bacteria, helping to manage diabetes, eliminating cancer cells, and shielding against inflammatory and oxidative stress-related illnesses.

Ginkgo biloba (100mg)

Ginkgo biloba is an herb that has long been used in alternative medicine to treat dementia, anxiety, and other conditions caused by poor blood flow as well as to enhance mental function. Though research is limited, this herb has also been employed to treat seasonal affective disorder, age-related memory loss, and sexual concerns clarified one source [7]. Our editorial team discovered a meta-analysis and systematic review that sought to comprehend ginkgo biloba’s role in dementia and cognitive decline. By the end of the analysis, the researchers concluded that the herb could delay cognitive, functional, and behavioral decline for up to 26 weeks [8].


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Brain & Mood™ safe?

Each ingredient in Brain & Mood™ has been added in amounts deemed acceptable by the scientific community, so it is generally safe to consume. Furthermore, the Clear Probiotics + team guarantees that all Brain & Mood™ bottles were produced in the USA in a GMP-certified, FDA-inspected facility. As with any dietary supplement, a healthcare professional’s opinion should be sought, especially for those who are pregnant, nursing, or have a pre-existing condition.

What sets Brain & Mood™ apart from other probiotic supplements?

Unlike most probiotic supplements, Brain & Mood™ addresses the gut-brain axis in addition to improving the gut microbiome. Consequently, the chosen ingredients have qualities that benefit both the gut and the brain. It is also worth mentioning that Clear Probiotic + supplements prioritize superior strains, full spectrum extracts, and maximized survivability.

What is the difference between delayed release veggie capsules and ordinary capsules?

The Clear Probiotics + patented slow-release veggie capsules because it is 15 times more effective at delivering the full dose of nutrients to the gut. Furthermore, these capsules are acid-resistant, ensuring that the probiotics found inside Brain & Mood™ are delivered safely.

Does Brain & Mood™ really contain 20 billion CFUs of probiotics?

Yes, Brain & Mood™ contains 20 billion CFUs of probiotics.

What is the best way to take Brain & Mood™?

To make the most out of Brain & Mood™, individuals are asked to take 2 capsules daily with or without food. Consistency is the key to healthy changes, as stressed by Clear Probiotics +, as long-term defense cannot develop without it.

Does Brain & Mood™ need to be refrigerated?

No refrigeration or special storage is necessary. Brain & Mood™ can be safely stored in a medicine cabinet, bathroom counter or any convenient location as seen fit.

Is Brain & Mood™ vegan friendly?

Yes, in fact Brain & Mood™ is not only vegan friendly, but it is also completely gluten-free.

What are the reported benefits of taking Brain & Mood™?

The nutrients in Brain & Mood™ are reputed to enhance mental focus, clarity, attention span, and memory as well as reduce mental fog (thereby promoting clear thinking and brain function).

How long will it take to see results with Brain & Mood™?

The best results are said to appear after six months. The gut will be repaired during the first two months of taking Brain & Mood™, ensuring that it is in balance and upbeat. People are said to have more energy, better quality sleep, and normal cortisol and serotonin levels as a result.

In the next two months, people should start to see improvements in their capacity to recall information, stay positive and focused, and develop a healthy attention span. Finally, the gut-brain axis is expected to function at its greatest by the end of the sixth month, meaning that problems with low energy and brain fog should disappear.

What is the estimated delivery time on Brain & Mood™ shipments?

The estimated delivery time for shipments within the USA is between 3 and 5 business days. As for international shipments to Canada, UK and Australia, delivery time will range between 10 and 14 business days.

Is there a money-back guarantee in place for Brain & Mood™?

Yes, the Brain & Mood™ includes a 365-day money-back guarantee. If this supplement doesn’t proceed the promised results, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. For further clarification on the refund policy, the team can be reached in one of the following ways:

  • Email: service@clearprobiotics.com.
  • Phone: (800) 731 6442
  • Business Mailing Address: 150 East Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 550, Boca Raton, FL 33432
  • Return Address: Gulf Shore Logistics LLC | CO: Clear Probiotics, 14550 62nd St N, Unit 3, Clearwater, FL 33760

How much does Brain & Mood™ cost?

Each Brain & Mood™ bottle includes 60 capsules enough to last one month. Since results take time to unravel themselves, the Clear Probiotics + team have finalized the following discounts:

  • 1 Brain & Mood™ bottle: $39 each + $5.95 in S&H
  • 3 Brain & Mood™ bottles: $33 each + free S&H
  • 5 Brain & Mood™ bottles: $29 each + free S&H

So, to order your supply, head over to the official website and place your order today by clicking here! >>>

About Clear Probiotics +

The founder of Clear Probiotics +, Greg Brauser started this company after prescription medications failed him in treating his cold sores. These supposedly popped up from time to time, and his inability to hide it frustrated him, as it began early in his high school days. Evidently, Greg suffered largely in silence and in private. In search for a natural solution, he stumbled upon the concept of health starting in the gut, which led him to find the well-defined path to health and wellness. With that said, here’s what individuals should take from the existence of Clear Probiotics +:

“A healthy gut is the foundation for good health and our products are designed to support your wellness from the inside out. Clear’s ProbioticsPLUS™ approach ensures that each supplement contains the most effective probiotic strains to address the targeted health concern. Each Clear Probiotics supplement is carefully crafted with high-quality, non-GMO, vegan-friendly ingredients and is made in the USA.”

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the foundation of Brain & Mood™ is the gut-brain axis. In other words, the creators passionately hold that we possess two brains: one is the brain and the other is the gut. Individuals will only have improved cognitive function if these two organs are strengthened together. This is due to the presence of neurons in both the gut and the brain, which are constantly communicating with one another. Neurotransmitters also experience an imbalance when the gut does, resulting in common issues such as brain fog, exhaustion, and low memory recall.

Brain & Mood™ include four key ingredients poised to promote gut health while ensuring ideal balance in all areas. The overall strategy deployed by Clear Probiotics + is legitimate because, according to our research, it holds true. Indeed, this is the missing link in many nootropics and probiotics, distinguishing this company from the competition. Their focus on strain survival, the use of a patented slow-release capsule, and appropriate dosing equally impressed our editorial team.

Nevertheless, it is unclear which ingredient in this blend is the prebiotic given that Clear Probiotics + insists all of their supplements contain it as a probiotic’s fuel. For any doubts and/or concerns, it might be beneficial to consult customer support. In the meantime, more information on Brain & Mood™ can be gathered by visiting here! >>>



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