Buy Weed Edibles: 5 Best Delta-8 THC Gummies Of 2021

Cannabis has become well known as of late, and there are several different ways to consume it. You can smoke it, but if you’re looking for something healthier than that, you have access to edibles like delta-8 gummies.

Delta-8 gummies is a form of cannabis that can deliver therapeutic effects without the drawbacks associated with smoking. It’s a great alternative for those who have breathing issues and sensitive lungs as it is recommended to users who require consistent dosages.

Eating cannabis, or cannabis-infused food products, is a great way to take in cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. Contrary to popular belief, ingesting delta-8 gummies will not give you some crazy psychedelic trip; rather, it’s a way to get the benefits of medical marijuana without inhaling smoke. This is what makes delta 8 gummies different from any other edibles you may have had before. They are created from natural herbs and extracts which give them a unique taste and smell.

Top 5 Delta 8 Gummies Brands On The Market:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Highest-Quality, Strongest Weed Gummies
  2. Budpop – Most Potent Marijuana Gummies
  3. Delta EFFEX – Runner’s Up
  4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety Of Flavors
  5. 3Chi – Most Popular

Let’s take a closer look at each of the delta-8 gummies and see what makes them stand out from their competitors:

#1. Exhale WellnessHighest-Quality, Strongest Weed Gummies


Brand Overview

Exhale Wellness is an excellent example of a reputable brand that caters to a diverse consumer base. They’re based in the United States, and they perform several tests with their product.

The brand offers a variety of goods, all of which are organic. Exhale Wellness prides themselves with their organic gummies, as they don’t use animal gelatin to process them. No animal suffering means these gummies are vegan-friendly!

Furthermore, they use no artificial colors or flavors, giving you a clean and efficient delta-8 product. You can have these gummies delivered to you in all 50 states, ensuring that you always have a bottle on hand. The bottle barely weighs 2 oz. and comes in 750 mg and 1500 mg sizes.


  • Fully organic and vegan friendly
  • Potent effect
  • Voted #1 Delta-8 gummies by Mens Journal
  • Locally grown
  • Countrywide availability
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Third-party lab tested


  • This product is on the expensive side

What Are The Customers Saying?

It comes as no surprise that Exhale Wellness has a reputation for providing premium products. Their customers agree their products are high-quality and effective.

Exhale Wellness believes that everyone should have the chance to explore a natural alternative to stress and pain relief. This is why they put a lot of effort into creating an organic product. Customers from all over the country have expressed their satisfaction on their website.

Something you’ll find in many reviews is how responsive and polite the customer service is, with buyers talking about how the team has also proven themselves knowledgeable as well.

According to the customers, the support team can address any questions you may have about their products. Furthermore, you can count on them to deliver your products swiftly!

Exhale Wellness’s customer service also receives praise for the quality of its product line. Users often describe the effect with words like “potent” and “quick.” But, rather than disorienting you, it offers you a mild sensation.

The results are so good that they’ll help you get a good night’s rest or start your day with a positive attitude!

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Latest Offers

#2. BudpopMost Potent Marijuana Gummies


Brand Overview

Budpop is an up-and-coming brand that entered the hemp product scene earlier in 2021. Despite being a newcomer, the brand is already making a name for itself and gaining popularity.

Budpop could easily be the number one brand for hemp products, although customers continue to try out their products and offer feedback. The founders of Budpop are young entrepreneurs in their twenties; however, together, they have over thirty years of experience growing hemp and manufacturing hemp-related products.

Budpop offers two varieties of delta-8 gummies; Delta-8 Gummies Sour Strawberry Diesel and Delta-8 Gummies Blue Dream Berry.

Both of these products will provide you with the same efficiency. The only thing that changes is the color and taste. Each of the gummies on the jars has 25 mg of delta-8 THC and features a cube shape to help distribute it properly.

Moreover, Budpop experts recommend you wait up to 45 minutes before taking another gummy. You should also refrigerate them after opening.

On top of that, Budpop offers a rewards program where you earn points for every dollar you spend. You can later exchange these points for a discount of up to 25% off your next purchase! You can also simply earn some extra points by following Budpop on Instagram or Facebook.

Even though Budpop is a newcomer, several of their goods have already been lab-tested. Their delta-8 gummies easily passed the test, so you can be confident in the quality of their products.


  • Third-party lab tested products
  • Strongest Delta-8 gummies
  • Adequate size and pricing
  • Offer a rewards program
  • Locally grown
  • Offers a vegan alternative
  • 14-day return policy


  • While positive so far, reviews continue to arrive

What Are The Customers Saying?

Generally speaking, you’ll find customers satisfied with the efficiency of their products. Even with little things such as fragrance and taste, Budpop seems to grow more popular every day!

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Budpop for the Latest Offers

#3. Delta EFFEX – Runner’s Up Cannabis Gummies


Brand Overview

Delta EFFEX is a popular choice when it comes to hemp-related products. Most of their products passed through lab testing, and they provide helpful articles regarding hemp products in general.

Delta EFFEX delta-8 gummies are modest in size but have 20 mg of delta-8 THC on each gummy. The rainbow color of the gummies isn’t just for show; each color is a different flavor.

If you feel like mixing up the experience a little, these gummies could be just what you need! There are ten gummies in the package, giving you a total of 200 mg of delta-8 THC.

Delta EFFEX specialists recommend starting with half a gummy to let your body build a tolerance to the ingredients. You can gradually raise your doses as your body gets accustomed to the chemicals until you reach a comfortable level.

Another great benefit of Delta EFFEX’s gummies lies in its manufacturing. Delta EFFEX strives to make gummies with the least amount of added ingredients possible, giving you a hygienic gummy.

Signing up for the rewards program on their website is also an option. Once you register, you’ll earn points with each purchase, and you can also do other actions to gain additional points.

You can later exchange these points for discounts on future purchases!


  • Distinguishably clean gummies
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Offer a rewards program
  • Adequate doses
  • Inexpensive


  • Ten gummies per pack may feel underwhelming
  • Does not offer refunds or replacements

What Are The Customers Saying?

Similar to Budpop, Delta EFFEX still has reviews coming in. Despite the lack of reviews, you’ll find they have a strong position in the market, as most of their current customers seem happy with the results.

Their customer service seems attentive, and your orders should arrive within three days.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Latest Offers

#4. Diamond CBD – Wide Variety of Delta-8 Gummies


Brand Overview

Diamond CBD has a long history in the hemp goods industry. Over that time, they’ve built a solid reputation, and with good reason! You’ll find they have an ample variety of hemp-related products, even lollipops. However, this article focuses on delta-8 Gummies, and you’ll find they have several options in-store.

Diamond CBD offers a variety of flavors in delta-8 Gummies, such as their Chill Plus tropical, fruity, sunshine, and paradise mixes. You can find these options in a range of 1000X-1250X. The price range on these options doesn’t vary too much. The ones with 1250X have a slightly higher price, although you’ll find either option to be fairly inexpensive.

Price isn’t the only thing different about these gummies; you’ll get several different flavors on each jar, so pick the ones you like best. All of these options have 50 gummy pieces included. The 1250X each have 25 mg of delta-8 THC, while the 1000X have 20 mg of the same. Diamond CBD makes an effort to produce organic gummies. Their products are lab tested to ensure quality and safety to their customers so that you can feel at ease with their products.

You may have noticed that Diamond CBD includes CBD on its products. The company combines the delta-8 THC with its high-quality CBD isolate to keep the experience subtle. The CBD on the gummies will help moderate the high feeling of the THC, leaving you with a smooth and relaxing sensation.

Diamond CBD also offers a sample bag at a low price. With a few of these samples, you can decide if the effects and taste of their products are to your liking without fully committing to a purchase! If you’re still not convinced, Diamond CBD has a rewards program as well. You can earn points with every purchase, and with their loyalty program, you’ll earn even more points once you’ve reached certain thresholds.

On top of that, you can earn bonuses and discounts for referring friends!


  • A balanced mix between CBD and delta-8 THC
  • Offer sample bags
  • Products are third-party lab tested
  • Fully organic
  • Affordable price
  • Wide variety
  • Offers a 30-day return policy


  • Fairly expensive products

What Are The Customers Saying?

Customers are delighted with the variety of options Diamond CBD provides, and they are just as happy with the effects. Once you’re comfortable with the dosage, it’s all a matter of taste. It’s that easy; just pick your favorite flavors.

With so many options and products available, it can feel overwhelming if you’re new to hemp products. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to choose since most of these gummies are equal in intensity and dosage.

If you want to start slow, then try the 1000X versions first. Regardless of which you choose, you don’t even need to start with a whole gummy. In fact, it’s better to get started with half of it.

Customers use these products to reduce mental stress caused by anxiety or PTSD, reduce body pain after an injury or a long workday, or simply kick back for a bit. Their customer service is no different since they resolve any issues as quickly as possible with a polite and positive attitude.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD for the Latest Offers

#5. 3Chi – Most Popular Weed Gummies Brand


Brand Overview

If you’re familiar with the hemp product industry, you’ve probably heard of 3Chi, and for good cause. 3Chi had a humble beginning, with a biochemist studying the health advantages of hemp plants. Decades later, it is now one of the leading brands in the delta-8 market. 3Chi specializes in producing legal hemp products such as their delta-8 gummies.

These gummies come in two flavors: Black Raspberry and Watermelon. They feel like a fruity snack with added benefits. You can also choose between 8 and 16 gummy packs, but each gummy has 25 mg of delta-8 THC. Regardless of the taste you choose, you’ll be sure to get a quality product.

What’s interesting about these gummies is that they taste like regular gummies with no hint of hemp. You might even think they’re regular gummies if you don’t see the packaging. One gummy should be enough for them to work their magic, but if you’re new, try starting with half a gummy instead.

3Chi’s work led them to create an organic product, and they make sure no traces of delta-9 THC get mixed with their delta-8 THC. However, refrigeration is key in keeping these gummies fresh, which may be compromised in hot weather and summer shipments. Luckily, 3Chi offers Cold Shipping as an option for your convenience.


  • Offers the option of Cold Shipping
  • Clean and organic products
  • Amazing taste
  • Ideal pricing
  • Third-party lab tested products


  • A larger package would be more suitable
  • Does not offer refunds or returns for used products

What Are The Customers Saying?

Several customers of 3Chi share one major complaint: they’re out of stock too often! You can’t blame them though, being famous has a downside after all. Other than that, customers are satisfied with the taste and effects. Most agree that they should kick in after you wait about an hour.

Other customers praise how much these gummies have helped them in overcoming anxiety and even depression. They also suggest you take it slow so you can find the proper dosage for you. Overall, 3Chi customers give a 5-star satisfaction rating with these gummies, so you won’t be disappointed with this choice.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi for the Latest Offers

How We Chose These Weed Gummies

It is often challenging to look for hemp products, especially with the number of factors involved. You’ll often find brands selling their versions of the same products, leaving customers in the dark as to which is the better option for them. Gummies are no exception; some brands even have sub-categories for you to choose from.

When writing this article, we tried to addressed the most important question:

How can you know which products are ideal and best suited to your taste?

Have a read, and we’ll tell you all you need to know. If you pay attention to a brand’s popularity, you’ll get a decent idea of what you’re looking for. The brands we’ve listed in this article excel in the areas you pay attention to when choosing a brand for hemp products.

These include factors like production, variety, testing, etc. When it comes to hemp goods, these areas are exceptionally relevant. However, any person with a twenty-minute Google search could read on the subject and market their product as a high-quality option.

But if you want to avoid making a mistake, it’s best to learn about the product beforehand!

Below you’ll find some basic guidelines that we followed while choosing the best products for you. Keep in mind that the delta-8 gummies listed in this article fulfill all or most of these certifications.

  • Natural Production

We leaned towards products that are as clean as possible. Otherwise, you may find that the efficiency of your products is lacking. Clean goods mean that, apart from the THC, they have the least amount of chemicals in them. When a brand mentions their product is organic, it means they’ve used minimal, if any, added chemicals.

It also implies that the effects may be faster and with greater severity than with other brands and products. If this is of concern to you, you can refer to the dosage information. This way, you can make sure that you use only what you need.

  • Wide Range Of Product Variety

Just about any brand can offer you delta-8 gummies, but you know a brand has the experience and knowledge when they provide more than one product. It’s even better when there are different options for the same product.

Minor changes, as simple as different flavors, speak well of a brand’s expertise. This is because it shows how they can alter the product without compromising efficiency.

  • Laboratory Testing

The difference between a knowledgeable individual and someone who reads two or three Google articles becomes clear once you ask the right questions. Any credible brand should be able to tell you about their work in the lab. This topic can range from the correct dosage amounts to the chemical composition of their product.

Besides making them look good, a competent brand can produce high-quality products as well.

  • Local Farming

One major issue with hemp products is that they can spoil quickly without proper care. This issue becomes more relevant if the product endures long storage times before selling. It might take several days or even weeks to reach the shelves if it’s brought from overseas.

Similar to coffee, hemp products can spoil slowly, which may affect their quality and even taste. If you purchase local products, you’re likely to get them fresh.

Buyers’ Guide – How To Buy Delta-8 Gummies

So far, you’ve read about the basics you need to know to make a good choice for delta-8 gummies. However, if you’re still interested in learning more about them and hemp products in general, you’ll need to take it a step further.

While it’s not complicated, it may prove difficult for you to know where to begin. Considering what you read in this article earlier, it’s essential to understand the origin of the hemp plants a company grows for its products.

You should also pay attention to the contents of the product. You read earlier about what it means for them to be “clean,” but what’s the real meaning of that? The lab testing results are crucial to verify if a product is clean or at risk of causing harm. You can explore these topics in-depth, along with several others, to help you decide which option is ideal for you.

  • Read Customer Reviews

You should pay attention to what other buyers have to say about a product. Learning about their experiences, good or bad, can help you decide if a product is right for you.

At the same time, you’ll get to know what features make a product good or bad, as well as what makes it stand out. Some products may provide qualities that others don’t, which can influence your decision as well.

You should also keep in mind that any company trying to sell you their goods will try to paint them in a mostly positive light. As a result, customer reviews are a great way to get an unbiased perspective of a product. Overall, you’ll find that customer reviews are an effective tool for determining the quality of a product.

  • Product Quality And Growth Environment

Plants often take after their environment. Coffee, for example, tastes different depending on the soil and the surrounding vegetation. This absorption ability is particularly true for hemp plants.

You may have noticed that hemp products taste different depending on where they come from. Well, it’s not in your head! The quality and taste of hemp plants are highly susceptible to their surroundings. This extraordinary level of absorption can lead to some interesting combinations in the right hands.

However, this ability can also be problematic, as chemicals and other synthetic substances can negatively affect the plant’s quality and taste. This is why it’s essential to keep hemp farms as organic as possible and what it means when a brand advertises itself as 100% organic.

Some brands may also add additives to their products for different purposes. Some of these chemicals can change the taste, increase longevity, or simply change the color. These chemicals can also harm the final product, so keep an eye on the ingredients they use in their development.

You should also make sure that the delta-8 comes from hemp plants rather than marijuana, as this can cause you problems with the law. Not every state has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, so you must make sure that the products are hemp-related.

  • Third-Party Lab Tests

Like medical practitioners place degrees on display at their offices, lab testing speaks volumes of a company’s transparency. The results from a laboratory will tell you all about the chemical composition of their hemp products.

Any brand with nothing to hide won’t have an issue with showing what’s in their products. On the contrary, brands that avoid showing lab results probably want to hide the results from you!

In the lab tests, you’ll find the certificate of analysis (COA), which has all the findings from the trials. The tests aim to measure the amounts of each cannabinoid within the hemp products and reflect any impurities it may have.

FAQs About Delta 8 THC

Q1. What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is an alternative (and quicker) way of saying “delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol”. It is a psychoactive substance found in hemp and marijuana. There are a lot of cannabinoids, but delta-8 is ideal as a therapeutic agent.

The primary agent that gives you the “high” feeling in recreational weed is delta-9. In comparison, delta-8 is a less potent version of delta-9. This means that delta-8 also gives you that ecstatic sensation but lessened effects while still retaining the benefits.

If you use delta-8, you’ll reach a state of relaxation while keeping a level head. You may also experience increased appetite, reduced nausea, and reduced pain or inflammation.

Technically you can’t get high using delta-8 unless you take a large dose. However, as time passes, small amounts may have a diminishing effect, so you’ll need to transition from smaller quantities to larger ones.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between THC vs. CBD?

Despite having a similar chemical composition, THC and CBD are not the same substance. CBD retains the benefits of THC, such as reducing stress and pain, but it does not provoke the “high” feeling THC does.

However, you may find this is not bad, as some users prefer it that way. Furthermore, mixing CBD with THC can help reduce the adverse psychoactive effects.

While THC can help treat chronic pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, and nausea, CBD may treat psychosis and even epilepsy. It’s vital for you to note that treating these issues with CBD requires medical expertise, so check with your doctor first.

Q3. Does Delta-8 Have Side Effects?

Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance that can give you the feeling of a high. This can provoke a dry mouth and eyes, which isn’t dehydration, but the effect of THC on your body.

Delta-8 can reduce the production of saliva in our mouth, leaving you with a cotton-like feeling. A similar thing happens to the eyes, which is why you may experience irritation and the signature red eyes.

Fortunately, both of these effects pass once the THC substance exits your system. If you’d like to address the dry mouth sensation, a couple of glasses of water should help you feel better.

During the high state, it might be challenging to adjust your body’s motor functions properly and may cause you to have difficulty synchronizing your movements. Your reaction time may also be reduced, along with your mental clarity.

Another signature side effect is excessive giggling. Though not as potent as the effect you get from delta-9, it’s still quite noticeable. In this state, just about anything can make you giggle non-stop, which might be a bit tedious. This issue only becomes a problem if you need to put on a straight face.

Fortunately, most of these side effects occur due to overindulging the delta-8 dosage. If you take it slow, you should have a pleasant experience instead. There’s another side effect that may affect you if you take too much delta-8; anxiety.

It may seem contradictory since delta-8 can help reduce anxiety, but taking too much of it can also distort your brain chemistry until you remove the substance from your body. This is why you should start slow when you first take gummies. As a result, you’ll allow your body to tolerate the substance without adverse effects.

Conclusion – Which Delta 8 Gummies Should You Go For?

When it comes to finding the right gummies for you, it goes further than the ones that taste best. Quality gummies will help you enjoy the effects of delta-8 with reduced risks. Furthermore, you need to make sure the contents of the gummies are what you want and that they are legal in your state. Like we did and found Exhale Wellness and Budpop to be the best delta 8 gummies on the market for their strong products.

More than understanding what they are and what they have, it’s essential to know yourself and your limits. You should make sure you’re taking the correct dosage not to overindulge. Once you’ve gotten that down, you’re free to use any product you find most convenient for you.