BlueChew Reviews – Does It Work?

BlueChew is an online company that helps users to treat erectile dysfunction by getting a prescription and chewable medication shipped to their door. This program is ideal for men who want to avoid in-person care to deal with this sensitive issue privately.

What is BlueChew?

Dealing with erectile dysfunction is a challenging endeavor to handle alone. Some men don’t want to come to terms with the repeated issues they’re having, avoiding their doctor at all costs. After all, when so much of a man’s pride is wrapped up in their ability to perform, it can be embarrassing to admit they need help, even from a doctor. For the men who need ED support without facing the potential judgment of their doctor, BlueChew might be a good option.

BlueChew’s services allow users to shop for the ED medication they need the most without interacting with someone in person. Meant specifically for men with erectile dysfunction, users will have three different medications that can be prescribed. They can choose from several shipping options to have them repeatedly sent out every month. While a prescription is necessary, users won’t have to face someone directly. All they need to do is set up their account with their medical history, taking advantage of the convenient telemedicine services.

All of the remedies shipped by BlueChew are chewable, even though the names of the medications are rather familiar. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved these medications in their chewable form, but users still require a prescription. Chewable options are beneficial for many reasons – no swallowing pills, quick improvements, etc. If a man’s goal is to make their sex life more leisurely, their prescription medication should be equally easy to integrate.

This telemedicine service was originally launched in 2014, helping men to get access to medical providers that can help them with this problematic condition. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine opportunities grew to make prescriptions more convenient. Users don’t even have to go to a pharmacy (though the prescription is valid for a local pharmacy as well). The rates are affordable, and consumers can choose the plan that best fits their schedule and prescribed medication. Plus, if the user has any problems with their purchase, they can access the support team 24/7 for professional service.


How Telemedicine Services Work with BlueChew

When consumers engage in a telemedicine service, they must upload a copy of their driver’s license and a photo of their face to verify their identity. Video chat is required in some states for this type of service. Then, the providers at BlueChew get to work on verifying the profile, which takes 1-2 business days. After the review, users receive their approval and can order their medications.

Unfortunately, the services offered with BlueChew aren’t covered by medical insurance. However, the creators provide the medications at a drastically reduced price, which makes up for the difference they might pay with insurance coverage.

Choosing a Plan with BlueChew

When users choose their plan, everything is included – consultation with the digital provider, prescription chewable tablets, and medical support. Deciding to make a purchase at the checkout page is the first step of the process.

At the top of the page, users will select the medication. Then, they can choose from the various packages, which start at $20 for 6 30mg chewable tablets. The cost will vary with the medication, the number of chewable tablets, and the potency.

Every part of this purchase is discrete, so neighbors and even the mail carrier are entirely in the dark about the package the user receives. This purchase is a recurring monthly charge as BlueChew sends out the number of refills determined by the digital provider.


Subscriptions can be switched at any time to a different medication offered by BlueChew. The user will need to go into their account to change the plan, which will alert the providers to review the request. The subscription can be stopped or canceled at any time, and there are no contracts or hidden fees involved.

As with any prescription medication, there are no refunds or returns on this purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About BlueChew

Are all the treatments found on the BlueChew website approved by the FDA?

The FDA does not approve all chewable treatments in this particular form. However, the active ingredients in them all come from FDA-approved medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Are customers guaranteed a prescription?

Not necessarily. The only way they will be written a prescription is if the licensed medical provider determines that it is the appropriate course of action during their digital consultation.

What’s the cost of using BlueChew?

The total cost of BlueChew will primarily depend on the package that the user selects. The prices for these packages start at $20 per month, though users will be responsible for covering any shipping fees or taxes. To view the plan options, visit bluechew.com/plans.

How are Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil different?

For a shorter active timeframe, Sildenafil and Vardenafil fill a 4-6-hour gap. For consumers who want a more prolonged effect, Tadalafil can last in the body for up to 36 hours, giving a bigger opportunity for men to utilize the benefits. If a man wants to enjoy his sex life whenever they want, Tadalafil might be the best choice. For special occasions, the other two medications can be used on an as-needed basis.

Where can BlueChew be used?

Currently, BlueChew is found throughout the United States. However, it cannot be shipped to international addresses, North Dakota, South Carolina, or territories in the United States.

Whom will BlueChew benefit the most?

Only men over age 18 can use the BlueChew service. This delivery is only for individuals who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and want to improve their erection quality and strength.

What if the user tries the product and finds that it is not a good match?

The creators invite unsatisfied users to reach out to the company over email, chat, or their membership account.

Will users require a prescription to use BlueChew’s services?

Yes. However, consumers can get this prescription with the BlueChew affiliated providers if they determine it is medically appropriate. Registration requires that the user completes a medical profile and digital consultation.

Are the services offered by BlueChew a replacement for a primary care provider?

While the providers with BlueChew can evaluate and prescribe medication, consumers should still see their PCP for other health-related matters. This service is meant to complement a current healthcare regimen rather than replace in-person visits for all matters.

What dosages are available?

Depending on the decision made during the digital consultation, consumers can get 30 mg or 45 mg for Sildenafil, 6 mg or 9 mg for Tadalafil, and 8 mg for Vardenafil.

What are the refund and return policies?

No prescription treatment can be refunded or returned. The user needs to reach out to customer service if there’s an error.

To get a hold of the customer service team, send a message to support@bluechew.com or call 970-438-2583.


BlueChew helps men to handle their difficulty with erectile dysfunction in the comfort of their own homes. While telemedicine services are no substitute for appointments with a PCP, they can be used to procure whichever medication the user and the digital provider decide on. The packages are cost-effective for nearly any budget, and consumers will only spend a small fraction of the total cost of these products in the pharmacy.