Blood Sugar Blaster Reviews – Does It Work?

Blood Sugar Blaster is a dietary supplement by Vitality Nutrition that claims to control erratic blood sugar levels for life.

By taking Blood Sugar Blaster daily, you can purportedly reverse type 2 diabetes permanently, stop taking diabetes medication, and avoid all diabetes symptoms.

The Blood Sugar Blaster website begins with a tragic tale. The site’s write explains that his wife suffered a diabetic seizure while driving, resulting in the victim being put into a coma. He then explains that his wife had suffered for eight years from her diabetes, gaining over fifty pounds and experiencing daily feelings of fatigue and a loss of her overall health and wellness. It’s impossible to not feel moved from this kind of story, and the product website for Blood Sugar Blaster made sure to draw its readers in with a depressing introductory tale.

While this story may or may not be true, it certainly is not uncommon. Millions of Americans suffer from type 2 diabetes, and this disease can quickly lead to serious consequences if it is left untreated. Diabetic seizures are plausible, and they can be deadly. Compounding this stress for most sufferers is the fact that pills uses to treat high blood pressure often come with a number of horrifying side effects. Some blood pressure pills result in nerve pain, high blood pressure, dehydration, high cholesterol, and several other major side effects.

After consulting with a medical professional, the website’s founder apparently was given the “secret key” to “destroying the invisible enemies” of both diabetes and the high blood sugar that comes with it. In addition to addressing the core symptoms of diabetes and diabetic high blood sugar, the supplement claims to be able to help consumers melt fat right off their bodies and maximize energy levels—all after just thirty days of use. On initial appraisal, these benefits almost sounds too good to be true. And there certainly are quite a few scam supplements out there.

Does Blood Sugar Blaster actually work as advertised? Find out today in our comprehensive product review. While the story told on the official Vitality Nutrition product website might be fabricated, the scientific evidence will never lie. Our writers worked hard to bring you a full breakdown of the ingredients, manufacturing process, and evidence behind Blood Sugar Blaster.

What is Blood Sugar Blaster?

Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster is a diabetes supplement sold exclusively through BloodSugarBlaster.com.

The makers of Blood Sugar Blaster advertise the supplement as “a simple 5 second daily habit” that “can control your erratic blood sugar levels for life.” They claim to have developed the formula based on a traditional diabetes cure found in “an ancient Hindu manuscript.”

Obviously, there’s no known cure for diabetes. Diabetes is a serious medical condition that requires professional medical assistance. Doctors recommend careful dieting and exercise, weight loss, and prescription medication to manage symptoms of diabetes.

However, the makers of Blood Sugar Blaster claim their solution can manage your diabetes permanently. Although the company doesn’t technically advertise Blood Sugar Blaster as a “cure” for diabetes (which would be illegal), the sales page is filled with stories of people who have permanently eliminated their diabetes after taking Blood Sugar Blaster for a short period.

One woman claims she had blood sugar over 500 mg/dl before taking Blood Sugar Blaster. After taking the supplement, that woman’s blood sugar sits at 135 mg/dl even after eating a large pizza. The only change she made was taking Blood Sugar Blaster.

There are hundreds of diabetes supplement scams found online today. Most supplements contain weak dosages of unproven ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at how Blood Sugar Blaster works – and the story behind the formula.

The Story Behind Blood Sugar Blaster

At BloodSugarBlaster.com, you’ll encounter a lengthy video and product page discussing the origin of Blood Sugar Blaster. None of that story appears to be able to be fully authenticated, but it’s a useful metric and tactic to analyze what the natural blood sugar support pills have to offer.

The man who created Blood Sugar Blaster was motivated to develop the formula after watching his wife struggle with diabetes.

That man, Dan Pulman, works at a medical and research laboratory in East Lansing, Michigan. He watched his wife of 42 years, Susan, struggle with type 2 diabetes.

Susan’s diabetes was so bad that she nearly killed her grandkids in a car accident. She passed out while driving. After 8 years of diabetes, the disease was beating Susan.

“With each passing year the disease’s shackles took a tighter and tighter grip on her life. To the point where our life of retirement went from the dream, we worked so hard for all our lives…To her now being a prisoner of her high blood sugar levels.”

Despite having an advanced case of type 2 diabetes, Dan claims he effectively cured Susan of the disease after finding a secret Hindu therapy.

Dan searched far and wide for a cure for diabetes. He distrusted modern medicine, and he didn’t want Susan to take the diabetes drugs prescribed by her doctor. Dan describes these drugs as ways to “manage your diabetes, never fix it.”

Dan discovered the story of a man in northern India named Sushruta. Dan describes Sushruta as the “father of medicine” and the “father of surgery.” He pioneered numerous medical procedures thousands of years ago.

Sushruta’s teaching are largely unknown in the western world.

One day, Dan approached his colleague at the medical research lab, Dr. Mat Carter. Dr. Carter was one of the head formulators at the lab. Dr. Carter had stumbled upon Sushruta’s writings, which had recently been translated to English.


To make a long story short, Dan spotted the word jigar in Sushruta’s writings, which means ‘liver’ in Hindi. Sushruta made various vague theories about liver health, purportedly mentioning three “enemies” of liver health.

As progress continued and the secrets within Sushruta’s writing were starting to unfold. We had now achieved the first and one of the biggest steps in our research! Discovering the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes that Sushruta kept mentioning in his writings was huge!”

Dan claims Sushruta listed “low beta cell production” as one of the three main enemies of liver health. This would be significant because it was thousands of years before anyone had used the term ‘beta cells’ or understand anything about liver health.

Dan assumed all of this information was a hidden cure for diabetes, and he now sells a formula based on those principles online in the form of Blood Sugar Blaster.

How Does Blood Sugar Blaster Work?

Blood Sugar Blaster by Vitality Nutrition targets three enemies of diabetes. Many diabetics suffer from all three of these issues. Dan claims his formula targets these three problems, helping diabetes permanently avoid all symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

  • Enemy #1: Overactive Lipids that Hijack the Pancreas
  • Enemy #2: Fatty Liver
  • Enemy #3: Low Beta Cell Production

The herbal and plant extracts in Blood Sugar Blaster attack these three enemies, helping eliminate all diabetes symptoms.

Key ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster are similar to the ingredients in other diabetes supplements, including guggul, chromium, cinnamon extract, and licorice extract.

What to Expect After Taking Blood Sugar Blaster

Blood Sugar Blaster claims to permanently eliminate all symptoms of type 2 diabetes, ending your reliance on prescription diabetes drugs and allowing you to live a healthy, normal life again.

The official product page for the Blood Sugar Blaster supplement seems to suggest that anyone can effectively cure diabetes in just a few weeks by taking Blood Sugar Blaster.

As evidence, Blood Sugar Blaster’s team shares the story of Susan, the test subject for the formula.

Susan had a severe case of type 2 diabetes. After suffering from diabetes for 8 years, Susan was losing her battle with the condition. She had passed out and entered a coma.

Here’s what happened after Susan started taking Blood Sugar Blaster, according to the sales page:

Susan experienced a huge drop in her after-meal and fasting blood sugar levels

Before taking Blood Sugar Blaster, Susan had entered a diabetic coma and had a blood sugar reading of 512 mg/dl

Doctors told Susan she was lucky to be alive; one doctor said he had never seen anyone with blood sugar levels that high, claiming Susan had one of the most advanced cases of diabetes in medical history

After taking Blood Sugar Blaster, Susan’s fasting blood sugar was at 102 mg/dl and 155mg/dl

One day, Susan and Dan shared a large Domino’s pizza together; Susan’s blood sugar was at 135 mg/dl after eating that pizza

Susan lost 22 pounds after taking Blood Sugar Blaster

Susan ultimately restored her blood sugar levels to a point she had not seen since before she was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Susan “happily ditched her toxic expensive meds” after taking Blood Sugar Blaster, ignoring the prescription medication recommended by her doctor

Today, Susan eats her favorite foods again without remorse or regret, eating as much as she wants of whatever she wants

None of this information, of course, is true. There’s no evidence anyone has cured diabetes using Blood Sugar Blaster. Susan claims she is “finally free from the grips of type 2 diabetes” after taking Blood Sugar Blaster, but there’s no evidence Susan exists.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Vitality Nutrition’s Blood Sugar Blaster to see how it attempts to cure diabetes.

Blood Sugar Blaster Ingredients

Dan claims to use ingredients recommended by Sushruta to support liver health. By supporting liver health, Dan claims his Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster formula can effectively “extinguish the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes.”


Here are the ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster and how they work:

Bitter Melon: Bitter melon extract is a common plant extract found in most diabetes supplements. Some studies show bitter melon can help your body manage blood sugar, although more largescale human evidence is needed. Dan claims Sushruta mentioned bitter melon in his ancient writings for its ability to support your body’s natural balance of insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

White Mulberry Leaf: White mulberry leaf is another common diabetes supplement ingredient. Again, some small studies have shown white mulberry leaf can support blood sugar in a small way, but there’s no evidence white mulberry leaf extract cures diabetes in humans.

Guggul: Guggul has been used in ancient Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine for centuries for general health and wellness. Like white mulberry leaf and bitter melon extract, guggul is found in most diabetes supplements sold today.

Vitamins: Blood Sugar Blaster contains small doses of various vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and biotin. Your body needs these ingredients for various body functions – including blood sugar management and pancreas function.

Minerals: Blood Sugar Blaster contains about half your daily recommended dose of various minerals, including chromium, manganese, zinc, and magnesium. Diabetics have lower levels of chromium than the average person, and many diabetics take a chromium supplement to help. However, there’s not enough chromium in Blood Sugar Blaster (only 56% of your Daily Value) to impact diabetes symptoms in most people.

Other Ingredients: Instead of containing strong doses of a few ingredients, Blood Sugar Blaster contains weak doses of over a dozen ingredients. Other ingredients found in small doses in Blood Sugar Blaster include banaba leaf, cinnamon extract, licorice extract, yarrow, cayenne pepper, juniper berry, vanadium, alpha lipoic acid, and L-taurine. All of these ingredients are found in other blood sugar supplements, but at much higher doses than what we see in Blood Sugar Blaster.

Inactive Ingredients: Inactive ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster include a bovine gelatin capsule along with microcrystalline cellulose, rice flour, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide used as fillers, binders, and preservatives.

Scientific Evidence for Blood Sugar Blaster

The makers of Blood Sugar Blaster claim to have conducted one of the largest clinical trials in diabetes supplement history. The company gathered hundreds of volunteers with diabetes, told them to take Blood Sugar Blaster, and analyzed the results.

In that study, 100% of participants “experienced stable blood sugar levels” after taking Blood Sugar Blaster. The average person lost 31 pounds. In a group of hundreds of people, everyone effectively cured diabetes after taking Blood Sugar Blaster.

If this study was real, it would be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the century. It would be top news in every diabetes journal, and the makers of the formula would become billionaires overnight. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence this study took place.

Dan also claims his formula has saved the lives of over 76,000 people around the world. Again, there’s no evidence even 100 people have purchased Blood Sugar Blaster.

There’s some evidence the ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster could support blood sugar management in various ways. These are the same ingredients found in most other diabetes supplements. Unfortunately, the doses in Blood Sugar Blaster seem much too low to significantly affect any type 2 diabetes symptoms.

In this study published in Diabetes Care, researchers found that cinnamon extract could help diabetics support healthy blood sugar levels. Researchers gave type 2 diabetes 1,000mg, 3,000mg, or 6,000mg of cinnamon extract daily or a placebo. By the end of the 40 day study, researchers found lower levels of fasting blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the cinnamon group – but no changes in the placebo group. There’s just 50mg of cinnamon extract in Blood Sugar Blaster – 20 times lower than the lowest dose used in this study.

In 2012, researchers reviewed the efficacy and safety of banaba leaf extract and found it was safe for diabetics to take. Researchers found that the active ingredient in banaba extract seemed to decrease blood sugar levels within 60 minutes in human subjects. As WebMD explains, banaba also seems to help the body use insulin more efficiently. However, there’s limited research on banaba extract overall, and there’s no evidence it works at the small dosage (25mg) seen in Blood Sugar Blaster.

The other ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster aren’t worth mentioning: at just 10mg to 50mg per serving, there’s not enough of any active ingredient in Blood Sugar Blaster to have any noticeable effects on the human body – and there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever proving Blood Sugar Blaster permanently eliminates type 2 diabetes.

Blood Sugar Blaster Pricing

Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster is priced at $49 to $69 per bottle on the official website, depending on the number of bottles you order:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping

You take two capsules of Blood Sugar Blaster per day, including one capsule in the morning and one capsule at night.

The free shipping covers US and international shipping. You can ship Blood Sugar Blaster anywhere in the world at the prices listed above.

Blood Sugar Blaster Refund Policy

Blood Sugar Blaster is backed by a 180 day (6 month) refund policy.

If Blood Sugar Blaster does not significantly lower your blood sugar levels or eliminate most of your diabetes symptoms within 6 months, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Bonuses Included with Blood Sugar Blaster

As part of a 2022 promotion, the makers of Blood Sugar Blaster bundle the supplement with several bonus eBooks, including:

Bonus #1: The Complete Blood Sugar Protocol: This eBook teaches you how to “bullet proof and protect your new blood sugar levels forever.” After taking Blood Sugar Blaster regularly, you’ll have significantly lower blood sugar levels, according to the official website. This eBook helps you maintain those low blood sugar levels without using the prescription diabetes medication recommended by your doctor.

Bonus #2: Rapid Weight Loss: The Keys to Body Transformation: Most doctors recommend losing weight to help control symptoms of diabetes. In this eBook, you’ll discover easy exercises anyone can perform at home to accelerate weight loss results. The book claims you’ll lose roughly 2 pounds per week by following these strategies. You also discover diet advice, sleep and recovery tricks, and more.

Who Created Blood Sugar Blaster?

Blood Sugar Blaster was created by a supplement brand named Vitality Nutrition. That company also does business under the name Prime Conversions.

The company is based in Miami. They make Blood Sugar Blaster in the United States at an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

You can contact the makers of Blood Sugar Blaster via the following:

  • Email: dan@bloodsugarblaster.com
  • Phone: 1 (305) 615-3467
  • Registered Address: 1504 Bay Rd #1103, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Mailing Address: 14261 SW 120th St 103-255, Miami, FL 33186

It’s unclear which medical doctors were involved in the formulation of Blood Sugar Blaster – if any.

Final Word

Blood Sugar Blaster is a diabetes supplement formulated as a permanent solution for type 2 diabetes.

The makers of Blood Sugar Blaster claim a woman completely eliminated all diabetes symptoms after taking the formula. That woman lowered her blood sugar from 512 to 130 while losing 22 pounds. That woman stopped taking her prescribed medication and no longer has any symptoms of diabetes after taking Blood Sugar Blaster.

While it is obviously wise to be skeptical any time a shady supplement company advertises its products as an easy and effective overnight solution for diabetes, but the Blood Sugar Blaster formula goes above and beyond explaining everything in great detail. There’s no known cure for diabetes, and you should always follow your doctor’s recommended advice for managing your condition.

Certain claims on the Blood Sugar Blaster website are undoubtedly exaggerated for dramatic effect. For example, it is unlikely that the founder of this supplement had a wife whose diabetic seizure put a young biker in a medically induced coma. It’s also not very likely that this supplement’s secret was kept hidden in an ancient medical text for “over 2000 years.” However, these minor exaggerations should not distract readers from the very real science backing some of the ingredients used in Blood Sugar Blaster.

Our editorial team found that several landmark scientific studies support the use of core Blood Sugar Blaster ingredients as a way to supplement treatment for high blood sugar. Most doctors will recommend that consumers combine traditional medication with supplements like Blood Sugar Blaster, and we agree with this sentiment. However, the supplement might be able to help people improve their blood sugar, lose weight, and more.

If you like Blood Sugar Blaster’s marketing, and if you trust the company to make an effective diabetes supplement, then you can order Blood Sugar Blaster online today through BloodSugarBlaster.com, where it’s backed by a 60 day refund policy.