Best Online Therapy Platforms Ranked

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Over the past few years, it’s become more apparent that mental health is more important now than ever. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available if you need therapy. Today, you can find plenty of online platforms offering free and paid treatment online.

Some of the best online therapy websites offer genuine, personalized therapy for those in need. You should have no problem finding an online therapy platform, no matter your issue.

We contacted dozens of online therapy companies, interviewed users, tested platforms, and conducted hours of research to discover the very best online therapy programs.

The Best Online Therapy Platforms of 2022

Many online therapy platforms can genuinely help. Others are shady cash grabs that offer no real help. After much deliberation, here’s how our editorial team ranked the best online therapy programs for 2022 & beyond:

  • Better Help
  • Talk Space
  • ReGain
  • Brightside
  • Calmerry
  • Online-Therapy.com
  • MyWellbeing
  • Health Sapiens
  • Faithful Counseling
  • Teen Counseling
  • Pride Counseling
  • Self Therapy Journey
  • Cerebral
  • Doctor on Demand
  • MDLive
  • 7Cups

We’ll give you a summary of the best online therapy platforms for 2022 and beyond:

Better Help


Better Help is one of the most well-known therapy platforms online. It offers therapy for individuals, couples, and teens, and it provides one of the world’s largest networks of accredited, licensed, and experienced therapists.

Better Help’s therapists have direct experience helping other patients overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, relationships, and other issues.

If you’re looking for high-quality, professional therapy, then Better Help should be one of your first choices given its’ stellar reputation.

Talk Space


Talk Space is a top-rated online therapy platform that enables you to start immediate therapy by matching you with the perfect counselor. You can message your therapist 24/7.

To start, all you need to do is perform a quick, 60-second assessment online, then get matched directly with a therapist that meets your individual needs. You can also pick different levels of support based on your budget and requirements, then begin your therapy.

According to a study from Talk Space, users experience significant change within just eight weeks of use compared to a conventional face-to-face therapy program. In the study, 44% of users from Talk Space reported clinically substantial differences, whereas only 25% using face-to-face therapy saw results.

Overall, Talk Space is one of the better online therapy platforms and well worth considering.



ReGain is a newer online therapy platform that offers individuals and couples therapy anytime, anywhere. Take a quick assessment and invite your partner (this is optional). You’ll be matched directly with a therapist based on your evaluation. ReGain claims to utilize the world’s most extensive collection of licensed, accredited therapists to help you overcome various issues.

ReGain also allows you to communicate with your therapist in numerous ways, including video, phone, or messaging. This means you can safely and comfortably message your therapist, and you can get matched with a therapist ASAP to start therapy immediately.


Brightside Health is another popular online therapy platform that utilizes custom-built plans unique to each patients’ needs. According to Brightside, their online therapy services are clinically proven to work, with 85% of members reporting results within 12 weeks.

Brightside Health’s therapists are available in every state and are subject to a thorough background check. They also all hold a master’s degree or higher.

Another main perk of Brightside Health is the mobile application. The app tracks your process with something called “Your Path.” It’s a science-backed symptom tracker that helps you control your care in a specific way that is unique compared to other online therapy platforms.


Calmerry is a therapy platform explicitly designed to help those with anxiety. It may be the right platform if you’re feeling restless, nervous, or anxious.

According to Calmerry, their anxiety platform enables you to receive licensed care starting at just $42 per week. You get advanced client-counselor matching and affordable treatment that will meet your lifestyle. Calmerry uses an evidence-based approach to care as well.

If you’re looking to get help with anxiety without breaking the bank, then Calmerry may be the right option. Fill out a brief survey, select a subscription, and then make a payment to get started. Calmerry will automatically find a therapist for you within 24 hours. With therapy from Calmerry, you can develop self-awareness & reframe your thinking to find better ways to cope with your anxiety once and for all.

Online Therapy

Online Therapy provides you with a therapist within a minute of joining the site. It was launched in 2009 to help people feel better. Today, Online Therapy offers professional therapy, live sessions, activity plans, yoga, worksheets, and customized options to help treat your mental issues.

Online Therapy gives you instant help on any device, no matter your location in the world. You can log in to the platform to track your progress. This online platform has exactly what you need to help you progress through your program. Simply start with your survey and move on from there.


MyWellbeing matches you with a therapist by giving you three personalized matches that should be a strong fit based on the answers to their questionnaire. MyWellbeing will schedule free phone consultations with one or several of your matches to gauge your best fit. Then, you can start therapy or request different therapists.

MyWellbeing offers various services, depending on the mental issues you are facing. It can help anything from anxiety to career stress to chronic illness. MyWellbeing can help provide you with an excellent online therapy program, no matter your issue.

Health Sapiens

Health Sapiens is an online platform that offers affordable access to doctors nationwide 24/7, helping you get diagnosed within just a few minutes.

While many other platforms focus on mental health, Health Sapiens focuses on your overall health and wellbeing. It is a telemedicine platform that gives you convenient access to doctors simply using a mobile device.

Instead of spending hours of the day or hundreds of dollars at the emergency room or urgent care, Health Sapiens can help you get diagnosed quickly. Their subscription-based service lets you enjoy all of the benefits of in-person care without the hassle or frustration of in-person health services.

Faithful Counseling

After taking a brief quiz, Faithful Counseling can help match you with an excellent therapist. As the name would imply, Faithful Counseling is specifically designed for Christians. If you’re looking for mental health therapy and would prefer hearing from the perspective of a Christian therapist, then this service may be for you.

Faithful Counseling can connect you with a therapist at any time like other online platforms. You can receive text-based therapy or individually-scheduled sessions whenever your therapist is available.

If you’re looking for faith-based counseling without the high cost of in-person therapy, then Faithful Counseling may be for you. Unlike standard treatment, you can also receive advice on spiritual issues, learn how to connect closer to God, and discover a Christian approach to mental health issues.

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling has over 11,000 licensed therapists in its’ network to help teens overcome their issues. After signing up for Teen Counseling, teens can get professional therapy via text, video, or phone.

These licensed, professional, and vetted therapists are trusted to help your teen with whatever they need. These therapists specialize in a range of issues such as bullying, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationships, and others. If your teen is struggling with problems, then Teen Counseling may be right for you.

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is a specialized online therapy platform designed for the LGBTQ community. It is intended online or through an iOS or Android App. Pride Counseling matches you with a licensed therapist specializing in dealing with issues in the LGBTQ community.

Like most other platforms, Proud Counseling provides you with a therapist you can message whenever you want to accommodate your schedule.

By providing online therapy specifically to the LGBTQ community, Pride Counseling makes it easy for those in the community to get the help they need from someone who understands their issues. However, the online therapy program accepts people from every gender, orientation, and identity.

Self Therapy Journey

Self Therapy Journey or STJ is an online tool that describes itself as a “GPS for the mind.” It is meant to transform your psychological issues and improve your self-confidence and overall mental wellbeing.

According to the program, STJ specializes in helping those with psychological problems like procrastination, shyness, inner critic issues, eating issues, and anger. It can also help with other issues like abandonment, guilt, shame, intimacy issues, work confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, and more.

To start, STJ provides you with a simple quiz you need to fill out. It will then assign you a customized online therapy program to help you deal with whatever issue you may be facing. Although the site seems a bit dated and old, STJ remains one of the best online programs available today, no matter what issue you face.


Cerebral is one of the leading online platforms for emotional health, focusing on anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, etc.

What makes cerebral different from many other options on our list is that you can get online prescriber visits, care counseling, and prescriptions delivered directly to your door – all for only $30 for your first month.

Once you sign up for Cerebral, you can get a subscription plan to help deal with your mental issues. This subscription includes regular assessments, video and phone appointments with your therapist, medication management, and delivery of your medications. Everything is included with your subscription, and Cerebral is FSA/HAS eligible. You can also cancel at any time.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand provides users with therapists and doctors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can connect instantly with a board-certified doctor or online therapist within minutes, no matter what time.

Other online platforms are typically only available during typical business hours. Doctor on Demand provides you with doctors and therapists any time, including holidays, weekends, and even during the middle of the night.

Doctor on Demand is a covered benefit for over 98 million Americans through their health plan or employer. It is straightforward to sign up and check your coverage, and it provides total virtual care for both your body and mind.


MDLive provides quick, easy access to health care via board-certified doctors or licensed therapists. Using MDLive, you can talk to someone to relieve stress, anxiety, or other mental health concerns using a simple three-step process. Simple join by creating an account, scheduling an appointment, then going from there.

One of the best things about MDLive is that there are no surprise costs or other fees to worry about. It’s a no-nonsense platform that makes healthcare accessible and available to all. Today, MDLive has experts specializing in urgent care (priced up to $82) and behavioral therapy up to $284. It might even be covered by insurance as well.

Another MDLive advantage is its’ mobile app. You can connect to a healthcare professional whenever you need to by using the app.


7Cups is an online service with a team of counselors and listeners to provide free emotional support whenever you need it.

All of the other programs here are paid. In most cases, you pay money to speak to a professional. 7Cups is free – which means you can chat with volunteers 24/7 for free, then get additional help in online support rooms if you need it.

7Cups does have paid options as well. They have over 180 professional therapists and over 300,000 trained listeners, which have helped over 25 million people. If you are looking for a free online therapy service or a paid option, 7Cups has several options to help accommodate your needs.

How We Ranked the Best Online Therapy Platforms

Although all online therapy platforms work similarly. However, the quality can vary wildly. To separate the top quality online therapy platforms from the low-quality platforms, we used the following rankings factors:

Board-Certified, Licensed Therapists

Only licensed, recognized, and board-certified therapists are used in the best online counseling programs. Let’s say you’re looking for genuine, professional online counseling. In that scenario, you’ll want a website that employs licensed, accredited, and board-certified professionals, such as a Ph.D., Ph.D., LMFT, LCSW/LMSW, or licensed professional counselor (LPC).

Concern-Based Custom Matching

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you should speak with an online therapist specializing in assisting patients with stress management. The top online counseling websites employ dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of therapists specializing in various fields, making it simple to find the right therapist for your specific issue.

Demographic-Based Custom Matching

Many online counseling programs pair you with therapists based on your demographics, age, gender, and other characteristics. Some people find it easier to deal with an exact or opposite-sex therapist. An excellent online therapy program will link you with the right therapist in various ways based on your individual needs.


Some online counseling sites are challenging to navigate. Others have complicated sign-up processes or complex websites. In determining our rankings, we considered the overall simplicity of use.

Various Modes of Communication

Some people prefer to speak with a therapist “in person” (i.e., via video chat). Others want to communicate with them online, call them, or send them an email. The top online counseling websites offer various communication options, making it simple to obtain the treatment you need whenever and wherever you want it.

Simple, Convenient Scheduling

Good online therapy programs are willing to work around your schedule to simplify scheduling sessions with your therapist.

Patient Feedback

While we tried to test each online therapy program as much as possible, we read thousands of patient reviews to see their average experience. After all, there’s no better way to evaluate an online therapy platform than to read customer reviews. There are thousands of favorable evaluations from patients on the top online platform platforms, even though it’s hard to please everyone.

Digital Worksheets

You may not interact with your therapist directly in person, but you should still receive access to digital worksheets or other materials to help you. The best online programs give you access to materials that adequately supplement your online therapy services.

Money-back & Satisfaction Guarantee

Good online therapy platforms should have a money-back or satisfaction guarantee. After all, if you’re unhappy with the services offered or that you’ve received, you should be able to request a refund. We liked programs that backed up their services with a money-back guarantee.

Overall Price & Value

Online therapy isn’t free, but it still tends to be cheaper than seeing a therapist. Generally speaking, most online platforms are priced between $50 and $200 per week, including one session per week. Other platforms also have monthly rates and other services. We preferred programs that provided you good value at any price point, and we didn’t favor any specific price point. If you pay for premium services, you should receive premium care and quality of services. However, if you’re on a budget, you still shouldn’t compromise on the quality of care just because you aren’t spending a fortune.

How Online Therapy Works

Online therapy may work in a few ways, depending on the provider. Generally speaking, you sign up to an online platform then talk to a therapist via phone, video chat, live chat, or email. Here’s how it works in most cases:

  • You sign up to a platform as an individual or couple
  • You’re connected with a licensed therapist depending on your needs
  • You can talk to the therapist via email, phone, video chat, or live chat
  • You pay a monthly or weekly rate (roughly between $50 to $200 per session
  • You cancel at any time, switch to a new therapist, or pause at any time

The best therapy websites will match you with a therapist based on your concern and other factors. Some will consider your demographics, for example, and try to match you with a therapist with similar data. Others focus on matching you with the best provider based on your mental concern.

Other online therapy programs are available directly to individuals, whereas others cater specifically to teens, children, or couples. You can also find general online therapy programs to help you cope with anxiety, depression, or other significant mental health concerns.

Finally, you can find specialized online therapy programs for people with specific backgrounds. Alternatively, you can find programs specializing in providing LGBTQ therapy as well.

What Can Online Therapy Help With?

Online therapy programs often have numerous therapists with different specializations and backgrounds. Whether you are seeking treatment for anxiety, eating disorders, anger management, addiction, or depression, you should be able to find a qualified therapist to meet your specific needs.

Some of the conditions you can potentially treat with online therapy include the following:

  • Addiction
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Interpersonal relationship conflicts
  • Couples counseling

Top 12 Advantages of Online Therapy

Online therapy has a clear, obvious advantage, like lower prices. However, it has some not-so-obvious benefits, such as providing treatment to remote areas of the world, potentially to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get therapy.

Here are some of the best advantages of online therapy:

Equally Effective (Or More Effective)

Online treatment is just as beneficial as in-person counseling in numerous studies. Some research says it is more effective. Even though some people prefer in-person counseling over anything else, research demonstrates that online therapy is just as helpful as in-person therapy.

Talk on the Phone, via Video Chat, or Text Chat

Some people feel uncomfortable discussing their problems with others. Some people prefer to communicate with one another over the phone or via chat. Others are looking for a video chat option. With all online counseling programs, you have several communication channels to communicate with your therapist.

Mental Health Solutions that are Reachable in Rural Areas

Perhaps you reside in a far-flung corner of the globe. You might be a long way from the nearest clinic or city. Whatever your situation is, internet counseling provides mental health treatments to your house, no matter where you are on the planet.

Allows People with Physical Disabilities to Access Mental Health

Some persons have a mental condition that makes communication difficult. Others find it difficult to leave the house. These individuals may not be able to receive traditional therapy, but they can simply access online counseling programs, which they may find more comfortable to them.

Time-saving and Convenient

You can save time and have a more convenient therapy procedure by not traveling across town to see your therapist and waiting at their office. Instead, you have access to a therapist whenever you need it.

Get Assistance in a Matter of Minutes

Some online counseling programs allow you to speak with a therapist in a few minutes. Whether you’re facing a mental health crisis or need someone to talk to right now, an excellent online counseling program can help you get the care you need as soon as possible.

Available at all Times of the Day and Night

Even the best therapist in the world can’t be available around the clock, seven days a week. On the other hand, online counseling programs are available day or night. Some of the most popular online counseling programs offer a network of tens of thousands of therapists in various time zones, allowing you to obtain help at any time of day.

Privacy and Confidentiality

It’s just you, your device, and your therapist with online therapy. Nobody needs to know where you’re going, why you’re unavailable at a particular time, or why you were seen in a specific doctor’s office. You can expect more anonymity and privacy than you would from a traditional service.

Available Anywhere on Any Smart Device

If you’re on vacation, your regular therapist will not accompany you. On the other hand, online therapy solves this problem because you can communicate with your therapist anywhere and on many devices.

It’s Available to Everyone

Individuals, couples, teenagers, and children can benefit from online therapy sessions. You can get several forms of aid through internet counseling, whether you’re looking for help for yourself or a loved one.

Therapists who are Qualified, Licensed, and Board-certified

Online therapists aren’t just anybody. They’re highly qualified experts with master’s degrees and board certifications. Professional, licensed, board-certified therapists are available in all excellent online treatment programs, just like the ones you’d find in a physical clinic.


Online counseling programs do not require the use of a clinic or the payment of significant administrative expenses. They won’t have to travel as far to see patients or hire as many people. Instead, online therapy programs eliminate a large portion of the overhead costs associated with therapy, allowing you to receive the most bang for your buck.

Online therapy programs provide the ultimate convenience, accessibility, and overall bang for your buck. It’s no wonder millions of people are ditching traditional therapy for online therapy platforms.

Downsides of Online Therapy

Despite the numerous advantages and benefits of online therapy, it isn’t perfect. There are some clear disadvantages you need to consider before signing up, including:

Limited Availability in Some States

Some states do not allow out-of-state psychologists to provide therapy services to individuals located out of state. Generally, most states require their providers to be licensed in that specific state to offer therapy services. If you live in a small state, fewer available therapists may be available to those in larger, more populated states and areas.

Insurance Coverage is Limited

Insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of online therapy, depending on the state you live in and your insurance plan. Meanwhile, some programs simply don’t even accept insurance as payment. Therefore, you may need to pay out of pocket for online treatment, although most people pay for conventional therapy.

Lack of Body Language & Cues

It can be hard, if not impossible, to read body language and cues, even with a video call. Depending on the type of therapy you want to receive, and your condition, the lack of body language could affect your treatment.

Not Ideal for Serious Illnesses

Online therapy is perfect for many different mental health treatments and services. However, it isn’t often recommended for severe illnesses. If you have a tormenting or extreme condition, in-person care may be better.

Not all Therapy Programs Are Equal

Some of the best therapy platforms, including those on our list, provide good mental health programs that are equal, even better than in-person care. However, not all programs are identical. If you do not do adequate research before trying a platform, you may experience subpar care.

Online Therapy Pricing

Online therapy platforms tend to charge to be less expensive than in-person therapists. There are fewer overhead costs, allowing patients to save money while enjoying the same standard of care they’d receive at an in-person therapist.

Most programs cost between $60 to $100 per week, often billed monthly. However, you can find more affordable options at only $50 to $75 per week and some premium options for $300 to $500 per month.

Here are some of the top online therapy programs:

  • 7Cups: Free live chat with volunteers, or $150 per month
  • Talkspace: $260 to $396 per month, billed monthly
  • Pride Counseling: $60 to $90 per week, billed every four weeks
  • Better Help: $60 to $80 per week, billed every four weeks
  • ReGain: $60 to $90 per week, billed every four weeks

Does Insurance Cover Therapy Online?

Online therapy may or may not be covered by your insurance company. During the height of the pandemic, some of America’s top insurers announced coverage for online treatment. Some of these insurers have scaled back their services, while others have kept them the same.

For example, one of the largest insurers, Aetna, charges no copay.

Meanwhile, United Healthcare has abolished all location-specific criteria for covered treatment appointments, allowing you to receive the same coverage whether you receive counseling online or in person.

Blue Cross announced that selected doctors would offer online behavioral health therapy coverage in specific areas.

Some online therapy programs also qualify for FSA/HSA reimbursement, allowing you to pay for your treatment with tax-advantaged accounts.

Your online therapist may not accept insurance as payment, even if your insurance covers online treatment. Some internet therapists will not accept insurance as payment.

7 Benefits of Starting Therapy Now

Many people are still hesitant about starting therapy. However, there are some proven advantages to talking to a professional therapist. If you’re still undecided, here are seven benefits to beginning treatment today:

Get Rid of Anxiety & Worries

It’s natural to be concerned about what’s going on in the world and your own life. It may be time to speak with someone if you regularly catastrophize, overgeneralize, or engage in all-or-nothing thinking. These are signals that you are cognitively misrepresenting the environment around you, which can be dangerous.

Restore Hope

Therapy might help you rediscover hope if you feel hopeless or uninterested in the future. A therapist can assist you in identifying the causes of your hopelessness and often advise you on how to resolve those emotions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

A cognitive problem does not go away immediately. Mental health, like physical health, takes time and a variety of approaches to relieve your issues. A great online therapist will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you feel better and restore your mental health steadily.

Adapt, Change, & Grow

Therapy can help you become the very best person of yourself. If you are going through a difficult life change, feel like you are in a rut, or are going through a difficult situation, a therapist may help you adapt, change, and grow.

Trauma Processing

The last few years have been especially tough on the average adult, which has caused millions to seek treatment. If you feel like you are suffering from trauma, then an online therapist may be able to help you process this trauma and move on.

Building Interpersonal Relationships

Human relationships are much more complicated than the average person realizes, and therapists have a comprehensive knowledge of dealing with different relationship dynamics, attachment styles, and interpersonal communication. They can help you improve in each area to help you optimize your interpersonal relationships.

Talk to a Professional, Neutral Third Party

One of the best things about talking to a therapist is that you can tell them anything. After all, they are meant to be a neutral, third party. Many people are more honest than their therapist than any other person in their life.

Does Online Therapy Work? – What Science Says

Online treatment has been proved to be just as beneficial as in-person counseling in various studies. According to some studies, online therapy is even more effective and faster than in-person counseling. Below, we’ll go over some of the research on online treatment.

For example, researchers found that internet treatment was just as beneficial as in-person therapy for treating anxiety and depression in a 2014 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

Researchers discovered that online cognitive behavior therapy was just as beneficial as in-person treatment in a recent study. Patients with major depression, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder showed similar outcomes after researchers compared the effectiveness of online therapy to in-person treatment.

One of the most comprehensive research on online therapy was published just a few years ago in 202. Researchers looked at 17 online and in-person studies to see how effective cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), also known as electronic cognitive behavioral therapy (eCBT), was delivered over the internet. Researchers discovered that eCBT is “at least as successful as face-to-face CBT,” so patients and therapists should use it appropriately.

Similar findings were observed in a 2016 investigative study. Researchers looked at three different categories of examinations. They found that online therapy is “clinically efficacious” and that the therapeutic bond between the therapist and the patient “appears to be unaffected by the change in setting.”

For different reasons, some clinicians have opposed internet counseling. Therapists may find it challenging to provide online treatment, according to a study published in 2021. Therapists, for example, have a hard time adhering to state and federal regulations. Most states require therapists to be licensed in that state to give treatment to their citizens of that state. This means therapists cannot work nationwide unless licensed in all 50 states. This can give internet therapists issues that they don’t have with in-person treatment.

Similarly, in the same 2016 study cited above, researchers discovered that patients overwhelmingly welcomed internet therapy and reported effective results, while therapists had mixed feelings about it.

Despite therapist reservations, online therapy is equally beneficial as in-person therapy for various treatments.

FAQ About Online Therapy Platforms

Our experts have gotten plenty of questions about online therapy and how it works. We’ll answer some of your most frequently asked questions below:

Q. What is online therapy?

A: Online therapy is a generalized term for online counseling services or psychotherapy. Instead of visiting your counselor or therapist in person, you speak to them via a call, video, or live chat.

Q. How does online therapy work?

A: Online therapy connects you with a licensed, board-certified therapist online, phone, or live chat. It works precisely like in-person therapy, but you talk to them online instead of speaking face to face.

Q. How much does online therapy typically cost?

A: Online therapy often costs between $50 to $200 per session. However, some services charge $50 to $90 per week and bill clients monthly.

Q. Is online therapy legit?

A: Yes, online therapy is very legitimate. The best online therapy platforms use exclusively licensed, accredited, board-certified therapists.

Q. What’s the best online therapy?

A: The best online therapy platforms include Talk Space, ReGain, Brightside, Calmerry, Better Help, amongst others.

Q. Who should use online therapy?

A: Online therapy should be used by individuals, couples, teens, or even children who need to talk to someone for any mental health or relationship concern.

Q. Are online therapists licensed?

A: Yes, online therapists should be licensed. Generally speaking, they are licensed within specific states to provide therapy in that state.

Q. Can an online therapist prescribe me medications?

A: Some online platforms allow therapists, whereas others do not. Some of the medications you can receive include antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

Q. What’s the best online therapy app?

A: The best online therapy applications include Talk Space, ReGain, Brightside, Calmerry, Better Help, amongst others.

Q. What’s the best free online therapy?

A: 7Cups offers free online therapy through a team of volunteers who interact with their patients via live chat. However, none of the major websites offer online treatment for free from licensed therapists. Like anything in healthcare, you need to pay for good online therapy.

Q. How often can I communicate with my online therapist?

A: Most online platforms will set up a weekly or monthly therapist session. However, many online programs let you customize your subscription based on your unique individual needs and preferred schedule.

Q. Can I pick the therapist I want?

A: Most online therapy platforms will let you pick a therapist from a list or match you with a specific therapist. Most platforms help match you based on your demographics or concerns.

Q. Will I always have the same therapist?

A: Most services online use the same therapist once you select the right therapist for you. Although you are entitled to a new therapist if you choose, most online therapy programs recommend you build a relationship with one therapist to provide you with the best care possible.

Q. Is there online therapy for children and teenagers?

A: Yes, many online therapy platforms have board-certified therapists specifically for children or teenagers. These therapists often specialize in the field of child therapy.

Q. Is there therapy for couples?

A: Yes, many online platforms cater to couples who need counseling.

Q. How long does online therapy last?

A: Most online therapy sessions last as long as a standard, in-person session, between 30 to 60 minutes. However, you can find longer or shorter sessions based on your individual needs.

Q. Does insurance cover online therapy?

A: Some insurance plans will cover online therapy while others will not. You need to check with your insurer and your online therapist to verify whether insurance will cover online treatment.

Q. What are the benefits of therapy?

A: Both online therapy and in-person therapy have plenty of benefits. Some of these benefits include greater self-esteem and self-acceptance, better management of emotions, the ability to overcome self-defeating behaviors, and much more.

Q. Is online therapy confidential?

A: All licensed therapists must follow ethical codes and laws the same way your in-person therapist would. This includes patient privacy laws. As long as your therapist is licensed, the therapist must abide by the same patient privacy laws. This means online therapy is equally as confidential as in-person therapy.

The Best Online Therapy Platforms of 2022 Final Recap

Online therapy programs are a great way to get instant therapy conveniently. Whether you want to live chat with an expert, video chat with a therapist, or engage in other types of online treatment, you now have more options than ever before.

Check out any top online therapy programs if you need mental counseling for you, your partner, or your child.