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Best Kratom Brands [Review] Top Kratom Vendors and Products

More available than ever, Kratom is sweeping the world by storm. Although illegal in many countries, in others it is allowed for sale online, and offline. The availability of Kratom is helping it rise in popularity across the United States, for example, where it is ready for purchase in different strains and qualities. Understanding types of kratom, as well as the vendors selling it, is therefore of great importance for anyone attempting to benefit from its medicinal properties.

Some questions you might have like, where can I buy Kratom? What Kratom companies can be trusted? What strains of Kratom are best? In this guide, we attempt to answer your questions about Kratom. We have gone through much research to help eliminate the unworthy brands and bring light to those to be trusted. Read on to find out the best Kratom brands to be trusted online. At the end of the article, you will also find an information section to help you better understand Kratom, such as types, qualities, and strains. Lastly, an informative Q&A section of commonly asked inquiries is also included to further your Kratom knowledge base.

How Our Best Kratom List Was Compiled

Taking into consideration the various types of Kratom, their quality, costs, and other factors, you can purchase nearly all types of Kratom online. Each Kratom strain has its own properties to help fit different uses. Whatever you need, you can find it online, and our hopes are this guide will help.

After much research into scientific test results, reading forum reviews online through sources like Reddit, and direct communication with manufacturers, we have created this list of what in our opinion are the best Kratom companies to purchase the compound from online in 2021.

Best Kratoms Companies Online in 2021

Kratom Crazy

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At Kratom Crazy, you can find over thirty strains of the popular alkaloid. Not only can you choose from a variety of strains, such as Red Bali, or Maeng Da, but you can also see where the ingredients in each product come from. More information means you can accurately choose the type of Kratom best for your needs.

The website boasts to have the best product online, backing their crazy kratom claims with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Their strains are promised to be made of the purest ingredients, also making their products some of the strongest on the internet.

Top Extracts

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Everything from pills, to powder, liquid, and extract kratom is available from Top Extracts. They also have several varieties of sample boxes, and packs so you can figure out which you like best prior to making a significant purchase. The company promotes themselves on the fact they have test results to prove the validity of their kratom products. Each type of kratom found at Top Extracts must go through tests held by the American Kratom Association.

Like other sites, they sell all types of kratom and strains. Top Extracts also produces kratom products that contain caffeine and other neurological enhancers. Their specialty is concentrated, more bang for their buck as they promise. Check out the website if you are looking for some kratom at a discount price in large amounts.

Just Kratom

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Straight to the point is the point of this Just Kratom. Simple navigation, simple products, and affordable prices or kratom in large amounts makes this a highly desirable to use website. You can purchase kratom in kilo sizes of every type and strain, from Maeng Da to Red Bali and more. Prices are relatively cheap, and you can count on being able to walk away from the website spending less than ten dollars if you so desire.


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With a name like Science.Bio, you would count on research-backed kratom to help you with your needs. The company has spent significant time developing its kratom to suit the specific needs of each customer. Their kratom promises to improve everything from focus to cognitive processing skills, memory, energy, and more. They have all types and strains, each with a full description of where it was sourced and what it will do for you.

With every type of strain, you can imagine, there are over fifty products you can choose from, each available in various quantities and dosages. This website carries the popular Red Bali, as well as Gold Bali, Maeng Da, Thai, Borneo types, and more.

Craving Kratom

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All made with GMP certified ingredients, tested for purity and potency, Craving Kratom produces some of the most wholesome products in this field you can find. With some of the most affordable prices, and fastest shipping times, it is no wonder that Craving Kratom is one of the most popular sites online.

You can also pay with a variety of gateways, Google and Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, and nearly all major credit cards are accepted through the site. And, with the fact you can find all types of kratom strains, types and in various quantities, mixed with high-quality kratom, you can bet this is a phenomenally successful kratom site.

Kratom Krates

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Absolutely one of the best companies on the list scientifically backed and made GMP. Kratom Krates has all the standard types and strains, with the ability to purchase them each in bulk. You get discount rates the more kratom you buy, all of which is sold out in Florida. There are strains and types of kratom on the website you cannot find anywhere else. Not only that, but if you are not familiar with the more unique types and strains, you can order sample packs to figure out which you like best.

Kratom Life

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Same-day shipping and a variety of nearly every type of strain you can imagine make Kratom Life one of our type listed websites. If you order before three pm EST, you can count on your shipment being sent out from the east coast if it is during the week. You can also purchase as much as five kilos of product on Kratom Life, which is a significant amount in case you didn’t know.

The company is based out of NC, where you can get what you need to fulfill your kratom needs. The company also sells some of the highest-quality ingredients on the internet. Make sure to check out their deals, as they are some of the best prices you will find anywhere online.


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Think of fair-trade tea when you think of Krabot. The company only sells kratom sourced in non-invasive ways. The ethical ways refer to how the kratom is grown as well as how the people who grow and harvest it are treated. Whether you are wanting to buy pills, powders, capsules, extracts, liquids, or bulk kratom, you can find all you need at

This company is in southern California, where they claim the best kratom is kept and sold. Krabot is also rated as one of the best kratom sources online, accepts all types of payments, and offers incentives for repeat customers and subscriptions.

Left Coast Kratom

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Here you can buy kratom in forms you cannot necessarily get elsewhere. Not only can you find kratom in normal extract form, capsules, pills, powders, and liquids, but you can also get mixes to make kratom tea at Left Coast Kratom. More popular types on the company website include white and red kratoms.

Naturally, the company is located on the West Coast of the United States. Located in Portland Oregon, the company is family-owned and operated, only using the highest quality sourced kratom online. They are directly in line with the American Kratom Association, making sure they meet and excel in all standards used when making legitimate kratom.

Super Speciosa

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Kratom is not the only available product at Super Speciosa, so are various CBD compounds. Like other websites on the list, all kratom sourced through this company is AKA GMP certified, meeting and exceeding all standards. You can make purchases here with any payment type as well.

There are no extracts here, drinks or teas. There are only capsules and powders, this could change in the future, but as of now, that is it. You can buy all sizes of kratom types, from the smallest pouches to the largest tubs of kratom. Super Speciosa is considered a high-quality website because everything is in raw leaf form.


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Registered in Northern Ireland, with a return address in Henderson Nevada, Mitragaia is one of the only companies not found in the United States. Even so, the company only harvests kratom ideal for its purity and potency. Like other websites on the list, they offer a sample pack including their popular Bali Gold. Mitragaia also keeps stock of many of the other popular types of kratom like Red Bali, Thai strains, and Malaysian.

Kraken Kratom

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The company is straightforward, but with a catchy name. Kraken Kratom offers all your usual types of kratom, as well as more unique Indonesian strains not found elsewhere. Kratom also comes in several forms here, from teas to pre and post-workout powders, designed to give you the boost you need when hitting the gym.

Pricing is standard at Kraken, more affordable than plenty of other websites. They take most payment forms and offer reasonable shipping times. Kraken is another of the best-reviewed kratom websites on the list. Head over to the company website at to pick some supplies for yourself.

Happy Hippo Herbals

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Happy Hippo sells uniquely named and created strains, like Cotton Candy Hippo. Whether it tastes like cotton candy or not, we cannot say as we have not tried that strain, but customers are more than happy with the purchases they make on the website.

You can buy a ton of high-quality strains, and products at Happy Hippo Herbals for under $15. They have liquid, capsules, powder, and more that you will not see on any other websites. You can buy small amounts or larger purchases at Happy Hippo and there is a huge variety. Plus, Happy Hippo Kratom has some of the best reviews of any website online.

Organic Kratom USA

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Everything you buy at Organic Kratom USA is scientifically formulated and tested for purity. Depending on how much you purchase, and when you make it, you can get your kratom shipped the same day here. Excellent customer service makes Kraken Kratom stand out from the crowd as well. It is one of the highest-reviewed websites on Reddit as well, so you can learn all you need to know about the website.

Red, white, green, and more, the company travels around the globe, sourcing the best products for you to consume. Here at Organic Kratom, you will find several types and strains not found elsewhere on the other websites online. Red Raiu for example is one of the strains we see only on Organic Kratom USA.

Kratom Spot

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Awesome containers, marketing, branding, packaging, product, Kratom Spot has it all. Like a few others on the list, they only sell kratom harvested with ethical principles. An AKA GMP business, you know when you buy from Kratom Spot, you get what you pay for. Whether you are buying green, red, or white, you get quality from this company.

Kratom Spot also sells whole leaves, extracts, tinctures, teas, capsules, pills, powders, and more. Another bonus of Kratom Spot, is there is a decent-sized educational section where you can learn everything you need to know about kratom, including all the strains, and types.

Kats Botanicals

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Here is another company offering both kratom and CBD, with options for packages you do not see anywhere else on the list. Every type of strain you can imagine, and not imagine is sold at Kats Botanicals. Kats Botanicals offers kratom at very affordable prices, with strains like White Horn you cannot find anywhere else.

Whether you want capsules, powders, or whatever, Kats Botanicals is a one-stop source for anyone’s kratom needs. Some of the more obscure types like blended yellow and white are available here as well. Mix any of their kratom products with CBD and you are sure to heal some of the pains you are feeling.

Golden Monk

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White, green, red vein, whatever kratom strain you are looking for, can be found at Golden Monk. The company is rated one of the top ten kratom companies online. Every purchase made at GM is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Customers new to kratom can purchase small amounts and sample packs, while customers who are regular and know what they want can buy in bulk. Any purchase over fifty dollars includes free shipping, with perks for return customers. If you are looking for one of the highest-rated companies, make sure to check out Golden Monk kratom.

More On Kratom Ranking

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, we took a lot of aspects seriously when compiling the list. Without sounding repetitious, we looked at the baseline quality of each brand first, and foremost. Naturally, farms considered high quality were allowed on the list while those not deemed as respected growers were removed immediately. The better farms had test results to back their claims of quality, making it easier to dictate their brands’ quality, more important this made it easy for us to see their worth.

Along with high-quality brands that showed a wide variety of products, including strains, types, and options for consumption. Everything from tinctures to capsules is available and in small quantities or bulk ones. If a company had a decent scope of variety, we looked at them with more esteem, putting them on the list. The product variety is not the only reason we placed companies on the list; however, their quality of source was considered as well. Not only did we look at the quality of kratom itself, but we also dove deeper into the aspects of each farm’s farming techniques and labor force used. Farms that practiced unethical farming were removed outright once the suspect was proven guilty of illicit practices of course.

In accordance with ethical farming, whether the company was a member of the AKA and cGMP compliant was a major factor in our choices. If the company met or exceeded the standards set in place by the AKA and was cGMP, we viewed them as a more trusted source than those who were not. Good manufacturing standards set by the AKA, are also in compliance with those set by the FDA.

Any company not containing good customer service was removed, they typically are shady, using unethical practices. We also found those companies with poor service quality also had high prices, far above the industry standard, and were viewed as shady, untrustworthy practices. Companies of this nature also tend to sell snake oil, promising kratom as a miracle cure-all which is obviously not the case. Good practicing companies labeled kratom for what it is, a pain reliever, relaxant that can also be used to give focused energy, and were honest about the possibility of dependency, something shady companies did not touch on.

Finally, after taking each of these aforementioned factors into consideration, we came up with the above list of quality kratom companies. The list is not to say there are no other good companies in the industry out there, just that these tended to be the best we found.

What is Kratom?

In essence, Kratom is a plant native to Asia. Southeast Asian countries use kratom for treating pain, promoting energy, and helping people sleep. Specific plant parts have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, still used to this day in many areas to treat the mentioned issues. Kratom is now a globally used substance, some use it for anxiety, depression or to focus the mind. The substance has only recently reached western countries like the United States. It is not approved by the FDA to heal any ailment, disease, or mental disorder, and it should not be attempted to do so. The FDA considers it a supplement, although some parties would rather see it scheduled as a drug and made illicit because of the addictive qualities it carries.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom is an alkaloid, one targeting the same receptors as opioids, although it is not considered an opioid itself. The drug aspect in the substance is like codeine, morphine, or even heroin. The Mitragynine in kratom is the chemical that binds to the opiate receptors in the brain, causing it to give similar effects to the drugs previously mentioned. Because of kratom’s similarity to opiates it is used for many of the same purposes as actual drugs.

What Does Kratom Do?

Some of the more common uses for kratom is pain relief, muscular discomfort, low energy levels, high blood pressure, PTSD, inflammation, and finally opiate addiction. Lastly, kratom has been shown to help with weight loss, by making you less hungry and less likely to overeat. In other countries, it is used as a stimulant for heightened awareness, and as a pain reliever for people recovering from specific injuries.

How Do I Use Kratom?

Tincture, extract, tea, powder, capsules, pills, gums, you name it, and you can find kratom in every form and type. For the most part, the alkaloid must be ingested to feel the effects, although there are reports of people smoking it, it is a less common form of ingesting the substance vs. others.

Is Kratom Legal?

Depending on where you go, kratom is illegal. Many countries in Asia have scheduled the drug as an illicit substance, even with the health benefits it offers. Even in the United States, not every state sees kratom in the same light. Many states have banned the substance, Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin have all banned kratom. While in other states, kratom is banned on a county level. It is likely the federal government will continue states to ban or allow kratom at their own contingency if the substance does not grow out of control.

What Types of Kratom Strains are There?

Several types of kratom exist, some give a more stimulant-like effect, while others provide you with a more mellow, downer feeling. There are mixes, ratings, and rankings for every type of kratom. Maeng Da gives a steadier on, steady off feeling, available in red, green, and white. The substance promotes a calm, cool, relaxed, and euphoric feeling mixed with stimulant effects.

Indo strains are typically weaker in strength, used for tapering off other drugs, except for Balinese kratom which produces effects most like opiates like codeine. Thai kratom works as a strong stimulant, while Malaysian strains produce a balanced mix of effects. Other than that, there are countless sub strains, each promising to produce a specific effect, although you will likely have to try them for yourself to find the one you like.

What are Kratom Veins?

Veins refer to the color types of kratom. Depending on when harvested, kratom comes in a wide variety of colors. Red is typical of the early growth stage, while white is middle, and green is late. Early growth cycles produce the strongest opioid effects, middle stages are stimulant strong, and later green stages are balanced, and best for pain-relief.

What does Science Say about the Benefits of Kratom?

Scientific studies and reviews are abundant, varying from study to study. Some claim kratom has effective use for different conditions and ailments, while other studies claim there is no medical use for kratom, and that it may be dangerous. Most reports do agree the substance produces both stimulant, and sedative-like effects depending on which strain and vein are taken. Nearly all reports indicate people who take kratom have a decrease in depression and pain and an increase in mood and energy. It is likely pharmaceutical companies are developing other drugs from kratom, something that could pose a threat to kratom’s legality should they deem it more lucrative to only sell it or its derivatives via prescription.

Are there Withdrawals from Kratom?

Yes, there are withdrawals from long-time kratom use. Not only are withdrawals common, but other side-effects are as well. Itching, dry-mouth, dehydration, and nausea are just a few reported side effects when taking kratom. Withdrawal symptoms are like opiate withdrawal. Also, kratom overdose is a possibility as well. Overdose on kratom may produce coma or death, as well as other conditions which could prove fatal.

How Much Kratom Should I take?

Doses depend on your body weight, composition, tolerance, and your desired effect. Anywhere from 1g to 8g (8g considered an extremely heavy dose) may be taken. Depending on what type you take, as well as how much, you will get euphoria, stimulant effects, and analgesic ones. When starting, it is much better to start small and increase dosage accordingly. Remember, kratom overdose is a very real threat.

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