Best CBD Creams Ranked

Due to how beneficial Cannabidiol is, hemp extract is now being pumped into different types of products. There has been a lot of fuss regarding topical CBD creams recently. And as some of our team members were suffering from chronic pain and joint pain, we thought it would be a good time to check them out.

However, as the market was flooded with these, choosing the best CBD cream for topical pain relief became a lot harder than we thought it would. We tried multiple CBD creams that promised to offer soothing relief and reduce pain. But in reality, all they did was act like an average CBD body lotion.

The 20 Best CBD Creams in 2022

After getting bummed with the regular CBD lotions, we stepped up our game a little bit. We checked the offerings of top-rated CBD companies by keeping all of the crucial things in mind. And after an intensive amount of testing, we concluded that these are the ones that can relieve pain:

Charlotte’s Web Topical Formulas

One of the best-known CBD companies is Charlotte’s Web. Their CBD products are considered premium. So, we had to check out their topical CBD cream. And we are glad that we did.

First of all, the company offers a broad spectrum of CBD creams and CBD products. They even have organic hemp-infused cream with CBD and CBD-infused herbal balm. And all of them have an excellent overall rating because customers who tried them were delighted.

Nonetheless, we specifically focused on the CBD topicals that were for pain relief. And the application process of those is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is apply the cream just as you would for any regular cream or lotion. That eliminates the worries regarding using CBD cream.

Furthermore, the formulas are highly effective. They hold the ability to offer relief from back pain, neck pain, and arthritis pain. These CBD topicals even have a cooling effect, soothe the affected area and provide fast relief from the discomfort.

Each of the organic hemp-infused CBD creams contains around 150 mg of hemp extract. That totals around 300mg of CBD each ounce. And the formulas are free from parabens, allergens, artificial dyes and colors, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful elements.

Key Highlights

  • It offers a broad spectrum of CBD creams.
  • The application process of the CBD topicals is pretty simple
  • Utilizes a highly effective formula
  • Can soothe joint pain and other pains
  • Free from allergens and toxic compounds

Joy Organics CBD Creams

The manufacturer Joy Organics offers two flagship CBD creams. And both of their CBD topicals have a higher overall rating and have a broad spectrum hemp extract in them. Well, we had to find whether those factors make them a worthy pick as the best CBD cream.

There are two options. One of them is CBD cream, while the other is CBD Sports cream. Each CBD cream contains 250mg to 400mg of CBD, more than enough for extensive use. The application of these CBD topicals is as simple as it can get. You just have to apply them to the skin.

As a top-rated company for CBD products, Joy Organics CBD Creams contain nothing but full-spectrum hemp extract from the highest quality hemp. That increases the overall efficacy of these CBD creams for pain. And the pricing of each of the CBD pain creams is well within the affordable range.

On that note, these CBD pain creams work exceptionally well in terms of revitalizing the joints and offer relief from muscle pain. They can even nourish cracked and dry skin. Also, due to the higher capability, these can even soothe the muscle sores after an intensive workout.

Additionally, the complex and effective formula can reach beyond the skin, which most CBD pain creams are not capable of doing. These will offer fast pain relief by targeting the joints and affected areas properly.

Key Highlights

  • Has two versions of CBD pain relief creams
  • The containers contain 250mg to 400 mg of CBD
  • Utilizes high-quality full-spectrum CBD
  • Can offer relief from muscle aches and sore muscles
  • It gets deeper into the skin and targets joint pain properly

Sabaidee Relief Rub

While looking for the best CBD cream, we have stumbled upon a good number of broad-spectrum CBD creams. And among all of them, Sabaidee Relief Rub stood out the most.

As we have mentioned, this one includes broad-spectrum CBD sourced from the highest quality hemp trees. Instead of relying on chemicals and artificial elements, the brand decided to keep the whole thing natural. That means there are no artificial scents or toxic compounds inside the formula.

Even though this full-spectrum CBD cream has a subtle scent of sweet mint, it does not have the overpowering odor of menthol, which is a common thing for lower-end topical CBD salves. Also, the price point of this CBD cream is within the reasonable range. So, you will not have to break your wallet to get this.

Additionally, each of these CBD topical jars contains 250mg of CBD. And as we have already mentioned, the broad-spectrum CBD is sourced from sustainable hemp trees. Also, there is camphor oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, wintergreen leaf, and blue tansy. Those increase the effectiveness of the blend.

All of the ingredients of this topical CBD cream can properly relieve different types of pain. And the significant part is that they can offer relief from sore muscles and joint pains. Also, the blend is ideal for sensitive skin.

Key Highlights

  • Utilizes high-quality CBD
  • The CBD is sourced from a sustainable cannabis plant field
  • Has jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Alleviates different types of pains
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

CBD American Shaman CBD Topicals

Another manufacturer that offers a broad spectrum of high-quality CBD products is CBD American Shaman. The company’s main motto is to provide CBD creams that target specific body areas, which seemed unique to us.

Just like the brand promotes, their topical CBD products can surely target specific parts of the body. And their CBD topicals achieve that capability due to utilizing non-GMO cannabis plant extracts. These extracts indeed hold a higher power of offering pain relief.

The brand has gone one step further than the other average CBD creams for pain. They have infused their CBD products with proprietary nanotechnology. This technology increases the absorption rate, which means you will be able to enjoy fast pain relief.

Additionally, the manufacturer is offering different types of pain creams, including the Topical CBD Cream. Each bottle contains 250mg to 500mg of CBD. You will also find CBD Face Cream, Eye CBD Oil, and many other CBD products. All of them have a higher level of efficiency.

The products marketed explicitly as CBD cream can target joint pain, chronic pain, and arthritis. And applying their CBD pain creams are pretty straightforward. They can even offer a soothing sensation that will help with lowering the discomfort of the pain.

Key Highlights

  • Capable of targeting specific areas of the body
  • Loads of CBD products for pain are available
  • The CBD pain creams have a higher absorption rate
  • Provides quick relief from pains
  • Can help with chronic pain and joint pains

cbdMD Recover

On the lookout for a CBD cream for pain that helps with inflammation? Well, we might have found the correct pain relief cream for you then! And it is cbdMD Recover.

The tubs of these CBD pain creams contain 300mg to 3000 mg of CBD. There are many options available, and you can choose by factoring in your required dosages. The brand claims that their CBD cream can relieve minor aches and offer proper comfort against the pain. And we found their claim to be valid.

It does not only work as a pain cream but also can work as a hydrating solution. Upon application, it will hydrate the dry and rough skin and can make it look healthy again. So, you will be getting the benefits of two products in one, which we believe more CBD pain creams should do.

On that note, the formula of CBD pain cream contains highly effective ingredients. It has around 0.3 percent of THC and other active elements that will help with comforting the pain. Also, it works like a charm in terms of making the body recover from post-workout joint soreness.

This formula even contains essential oils and shea butter. Those two will rejuvenate the skin while alleviating the pains. And as the CBD pain cream is manufactured in the USA, all of the formula ingredients fall under the FDA’s criteria.

Key Highlights

  • Has different dosage options
  • Can offer proper comfort to alleviate the pains
  • It makes the body capable of recovering from post-workout pains
  • Contains shea butter
  • Capable of hydrating the skin

PureKana Topical CBD Cream

While most topical products will generally contain around 300mg to 400mg of CBD, PureKana Topical CBD Cream goes beyond that. It has 600mg of CBD per container, which makes it highly effective. And to know all about the benefits it can offer, you need to read through the entire review.

The brand utilizes the same hemp extracts that different topical CBD products use. But the thing that makes it stand out a bit is that it mixes CBD oils with the formula. The CBD oils enhance the effects of the blend and make it highly capable of relieving pains.

Moreover, the formula has moisturizing capabilities, just like the previous CBD cream that we looked at. It has shea butter and other active ingredients that will rejuvenate the skin and make it look healthy again. Also, it works wonders in terms of reversing the dry and rough condition of the skin.

Other than that, it has different active ingredients. That includes arnica Montana flower, olive fruit oil, capsicum, and other plant-based extracts. As this topical cream contains organic ingredients, there will be no need to worry about any adverse effects.

Additionally, the bottle is probably the easiest to use on this list. Also, it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. So, if this topical CBD solution does not work, you can claim a full refund within a month.

Key Highlights

  • The pain relief cream contains organic ingredients
  • Doubles as a skin relief CBD cream
  • Loads of practical elements are present
  • It comes in an easy-to-use bottle
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

CBDFx Muscle and Joint Cream

Though there are plenty of CBD topicals out there, not many can offer a cooling menthol sensation. However, if you were looking for one, keep CBDFx Muscle and Joint Cream on your consideration list.

As we mentioned, the formula contains menthol. That will act as a pain relief ingredient and also offer comfort to the affected area. And the significant part is that the soothing sensation takes effect instantly. So, you will be able to use it right after doing an intense workout to get relief from joint aches.

This CBD cream for pain even contains caffeine. Now that is something that we do not usually see in other CBD pain salves. This ingredient will enhance the overall power of the blend and make it capable of offering an immediate effect. You will not have to wait that long to get relief from pains.

In addition to that, each of the bottles contains up to 3000mg of CBD. And you will have the option to choose this CBD pain cream in 500mg if you want to. Also, the cooling sensation, along with the power of the CBD, will bring long-lasting pain-relieving effects.

Another great thing about the formula is that it can work as an anti-inflammatory agent. The inclusion of white willow bark will make the CBD pain cream work as a soothing cream for joint aches and pains. Overall, this is not just CBD cream; it also offers different benefits that other CBD salves cannot provide.

Key Highlights

  • Contains menthol
  • It offers an instant cooling sensation
  • Can properly soothe joint aches and pains
  • The topical cream contains caffeine
  • Provides long-lasting pain-relieving effects

Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

Just like a few of the brands that we have gone through, Receptra Naturals offers a good amount of CBD topical products in the market. Their lineup includes lotions, hemp creams, butter, balms, ointments, and salves. However, our main priority was the Relief Lineup, which carried CBD skin cream for pain relief.

The Serious Relief+ from the lineup was the most promising among the other products in the lineup. It contains a highly effective formula that has nothing but natural elements. And this blend holds a higher capability of offering quick relief from pains.

Additionally, the lineup had other CBD pain relief creams, body oils, and other topical CBD products. And each of their CBD product can target the pain without causing any irritation. They also promote a speedy recovery and can eliminate the discomfort that many joint and muscle pain causes.

Alongside that, the full spectrum CBD products contain natural scents. They have jasmine, camphor, and ylang-ylang. And the ingredients of the smell are not there to offer a pleasant aroma; they enhance the formula’s efficiency. Also, these will not cause any harm to sensitive skin.

Key Highlights

  • Has a wide range of CBD topical products
  • Good lineup of CBD creams for pain
  • The formula is highly effective
  • Friendly to sensitive skin
  • It comes with natural scents

EirTree Skin Spray

The EirTree is the first CBD product in this list that is more of a spray than a cream. Even though it is not a CBD slave, this CBD product does hold a higher ability to target the affected areas and offer quick relief.

Unlike some other CBD creams for pain, this CBD product is endorsed by loads of health experts, doctors, and chemists. And it is not like those endorsements came for nothing. These professionals have tested the product and found it effective against pain. And our experience was pretty similar too.

There are five different versions of the spray. Two of them are the Hemp version and CBD version. And each of the bottles will come in a 12ml container. The sprayer on the top might make you a bit worried initially, but trust us, it makes the whole application process simple.

Additionally, the CBD sprays of the company are a lot different than a regular CBD salve. Each of the bottles contains 900mg of CBD isolate. That amount of CBD isolate makes this skin spray the strongest among all the other CBD products on this list.

On that note, due to having a higher dosage of CBD isolate, the sprays will be capable of providing fast and quick relief from pain. You will be able to notice improvements faster than a high-end CBD salve.

Key Highlights

  • Endorsed by loads of professionals
  • It contains a high dosage of CBD isolate
  • Available in a 12ml container
  • Capable of offering quick results
  • Easy to apply

SolCBD Creams and Balms

The two main products from SolCBD are well known for utilizing a nourishing formula. And due to how much hype these CBD topical creams had, we thought of giving their creams and balms a try.

To start with, their CBD-infused herbal and nourishing formula is the main thing that makes them stand out the most. The herbal balm relies on 12 different extracts other than CBD. And it has about 250mg of cannabis extract that is from organic hemp plants.

Due to the nature of the formula, balms and creams hold power to penetrate deep into the skin. They can focus directly on the joint and offer quick relief. The CBD pain relief cream can also help with muscle pains. It even works wonders in terms of providing comfort from muscle soreness.

Additionally, they are offering the Nourish, which relies on 22 different ingredients. Even though it is marketed as a skincare product, it does hold the ability to provide relief from pain. Also, the formula of the Nourish has a synergistic blend of cannabinoids and herbs, which will provide loads of other benefits.

Finally, though both the formulas are pretty complex and have loads of active elements, both fall under the affordable price point. So, there will be no need to worry about spending too much just to get a full-spectrum CBD cream or balm.

Key Highlights

  • Offers both balms and creams
  • The creams contain about 250mg of cannabis extract
  • Resources CBD from organic hemp plants
  • Capable of penetrating deep into the skin
  • Can offer quick relief from pain and soreness

CBDistillery CBDefine Skin Cream

You might have already heard about CBDistillery. They are well-known for offering gummies, oils, and other products related to CBD. However, the one that we had our eyes on was the Skin Cream.

The most highlighting thing about their Skin Cream is the formula. It contains 500mg of CBD per jar. And as you know by now, 500mg is not a small amount. It resides among the medium to high strength broad-spectrum CBD cream. For that reason, it holds a higher overall capability too.

CBD is not the only thing that this formula contains. It also includes sunflower oil, coconut oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, and other different organic oils. These oils will enhance the overall effects of the formula while offering benefits to the skin condition. They can rejuvenate the skin.

As the coconut oil of the formula is at high strength, it will moisturize the skin. If you use it regularly for fighting pains, you will notice that the dryness and roughness of the skin will no longer be there after a while. And the application method is as easy as other CBD creams that are on this list.

Furthermore, the cream has a sweet smell to it. It does not smell like chemicals, which is quite common among regular CBD creams. And it gets that sweet smell from frankincense, tea tree, rosemary, and lavender essential oils.

Key Highlights

  • Each jar contains 500mg of CBD oil
  • It has high concentrations of coconut oil
  • Can rejuvenate the skin
  • Capable of moisturizing the skin and offering quick relief from pain
  • Sweet-smelling

Kats Botanicals CBD Cream

Like most companies mentioned in this list, Kats Botanicals offers numerous roll-on creams, lotions, and CBD creams. And most of them hold a higher power of providing relief from pain.

First of all, the CBD salve contains 500mg to 1000mg of CBD. You will have the option to choose the strength by considering the preferred strength and dosage. And each of those jars will last for a reasonable amount of time too. So, you will be getting good value for your hard-earned money.

Moreover, they have essential oils. Those have a decent amount of CBD as well. That means in addition to offering skin care effects; they will work like a charm in terms of providing pain relief. Also, there are beeswax and butter available that are infused with CBD too.

Nevertheless, the salve that they are offering has moisturizing power too. Thanks to utilizing active moisturizing elements, the balm can improve the overall condition of the skin. The cream can convert dry and rough skin into something that looks lush and healthy. Also, the formula is not harmful to sensitive skin.

Additionally, the lotions and the creams have a sweet scent to them. The formula integrates amber fragrance. And this amber scent will offer you the ability to use them anywhere on your body.

Key Highlights

  • Provides a wide range of CBD-infused products
  • Has effective essential oils
  • Can effectively offer relief from pain
  • Contains amber scent
  • Capable of moisturizing the skin

Medterra Relief + Recovery Cream

The Relief + Recovery Cream from Medterra is one of the topical products in this list that contains organic elements and menthol. And it can properly offer relief and recover the condition of the skin.

First of all, the application process of this cream is pretty simple. Thanks to the pumping mechanism, there will be no need to struggle one bit about applying the cream to your skin. And as the cream has menthol in it, it will offer a soothing, cooling sensation right after application.

Other than just containing menthol, the formula also has safflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera leaf extract, lemon peel, ginger, and many other natural elements. It even has arnica, which will make it smell exceptionally good instead of smelling like chemicals.

Thanks to having aloe vera extract and other skin rejuvenating elements, this cream will improve the skin’s overall condition. Also, as the formula is THC-free, it will not cause any irritation either. So, you will be capable of applying it on sensitive skin without any worries.,

Moreover, the THC-free cream comes in different strengths. Depending on the intensity of the pain, you can choose 750mg, 500mg, or 250mg. And due to utilizing 99.6% pure CBD, this cream can offer almost instant relief from different types of pain.

Key Highlights

  • Easy to apply
  • Contains menthol
  • Offers moisturizing effects
  • THC-free
  • It comes in three different strengths

Elixinol CBD Cream

Are you searching for a CBD cream that is 100 percent organic? Look no more because what you were probably looking for all this time is this offering from Elixinol.

Like we mentioned, the cream is based on 100 percent plant-based ingredients. The brand has pledged to use non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free elements for its formula. For that reason, they have sourced out a sustainable form of hemp that remains at its purest form.

Apart from CBD, the formula contains a lot of good stuff. It has essential oils, copaiba, capsaicin, and other natural elements. And as the ingredients are at their highest strengths, the creams hold the ability to offer quick relief from different types of pain.

On that note, the brand is offering loads of variants of their unique and natural formula. You will find variants that come in the form of gel, balm, and, most importantly, cream. So, if you are against one of the forms, you have two more options to choose from.

You will have multiple options in terms of the strength of the CBD as well. There are strength options that come from 500mg to 1000mg. However, the cream only comes in a 500mg strength.

Key Highlights

  • Utilizes 100 percent natural elements
  • The ingredients are non-GMO and sustainably sourced
  • It comes in different forms
  • All of the forms are highly effective
  • Other strength options are available

Endoca CBD Cream

The brand Endoca is offering a broad lineup of CBD skincare products. However, most of their products don’t just work to rejuvenate the overall skin condition, but they can also offer effective relief from different types of pain.

At its core, the offerings of Endoca contain a full-spectrum hemp extract. Because of being enriched with hemp extracts, these hold the relieving ability of cannabidiol oil. In other words, they can offer proper relief from different types of pain within a short time after application.

Furthermore, the formula contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, shea butter, coconut oil, vanilla extracts, and other moisturizing elements. Those will work in terms of improving the overall condition of the skin. Also, these ingredients can moisturize the skin properly.

Alongside that, the company offers five flagship creams that are infused with CBD. And among them, there are face and body oils. Those contain 30mg of CBD per ml. That totals to around 300mg per bottle. Now that might seem minor to you, but the effects of the oil will be up to par with the other available creams.

Besides that, you will even find hemp salves and deodorants on their lineup. The creams contain 750mg of CBD, while the deodorants will have 100mg of CBD.

Key Highlights

  • Provides a lineup of different hemp-infused products
  • Has skincare products that offer pain relief
  • The products contain loads of moisturizing elements
  • Offers salves that have 750mg of CBD
  • Carries CBD balms and face oils

Mana Artisan Botanics

Mana Artisan Botanics is well-known for its Hawaiian Hemp Massage Oil. However, apart from just offering massage oil, they do carry loads of topical pain-relieving products. And to know all about their products, you need to go through this review.

The first lineup of the brand is skin creams. These creams utilize whole-plant hemp extracts. And due to that, they achieve the pain-relieving trait. There are Hawaiian botanical elements included in the formula as well. Those natural elements make the skin creams offer rejuvenating effects.

In addition to that, they have two major CBD topicals. One of them is the massage oil that we talked about earlier, and the other is the hemp balm. The massage oil contains all of the elements to comfort different parts of the body properly. Also, it has hemp concentrate, which makes it capable of relieving pain.

Then, there is the hemp balm. The formula of this balm contains CBD palm along with comfrey and plantain. These two extra ingredients offer moisturizing effects, while the CBD extract will do its work in terms of providing relief from pain. These can even provide a soothing effect right after application.

Apart from all that, the jars do not cost that much either. The price point is up to par with other creams and balms that we have looked at earlier.

Key Highlights

  • Has an extensive lineup of skin creams
  • The skin creams can properly rejuvenate skin
  • Each of the products has high-strength CBD in them
  • Capable of offering proper relief from pain
  • Offers soothing effect after application

RE Botanicals Relief Body Oils

One of the brands that sources their ingredients from the USDA Organic farms is RE Botanicals. That is why they are capable of offering premium quality CBD creams for pain relief.

Unlike some other brands, this brand focuses on making the best CBD creams by ensuring the quality of the materials. They will scrutinize the elements to a considerable extent before utilizing them in their formula. That is why their products are always consistent in offering stellar results.

The brand offers a wide range of CBD products. However, their top-selling products include body oils and muscle rubs. Each of those bottles will contain 500mg or 200mg of CBD. And they will be highly efficient in terms of offering quick relief from joint pains and muscle aches.

Their oils even have a sweet fragrance to them. For that reason, you will not smell funky after applying them to your body. Also, the oils can even help in terms of relaxing your body. It will release all of the tensions from the muscles and make sure that the joints are not facing any obstructions while moving.

Lastly, even though their products are considered premium, the prices tell a different story. There are loads of affordable options available in their lineup.

Key Highlights

  • Sources the ingredients from USDA Organic farms
  • Offers premium quality pain relief topical creams
  • The products have loads of practical elements
  • Has affordable products
  • Their oils can relax the entire body

Green Roads CBD Skin Creams

The company Green Roads is one of the largest CBD companies in America. And that is why they are capable of offering a full lineup of CBD products into the market. But among all of their products, the ones that have loads of good ratings are the pain-relieving creams.

Firstly, you will find the company offer roll-ons, joint pain creams, muscle soreness creams, and ointment for various pains. All of their products contain a significant amount of CBD. For example, the joint and muscle creams have around 750mg of CBD. And that amount is considerably high.

Due to containing highly concentrated CBD, the pain-relieving creams hold a higher potency as well. They can offer quick relief from soreness and muscle pains. That is why most people use them after an intense workout. Also, the pain-relieving creams can help with neck pain too.

On that note, upon application, they offer a soothing effect, thanks to menthol. And that soothing effect can quickly eliminate the discomfort of the affected regions. Also, the formula contains rosemary oil and other fragrant elements to offer a sweet smell after application.

Additionally, they contain avocado oil and other essential oils that will offer rejuvenating effects. So, your skin will see an improvement as well.

Key Highlights

  • Provides a wide range of CBD products
  • It contains highly concentrated CBD
  • You will experience a cooling effect after application
  • Can quickly alleviate the discomfort
  • Has avocado oil and other essential oils

Bloom Hemp Topicals

Unlike the other brands, Bloom Hemp offers five body lotions instead of cream or other products. And to know what beneficial effects their lotions can offer, you need to read through this entire review.

Firstly, their lineup includes Essential Morning Roll-on, Zero-THC relief Balm, THC Relief Balm, Zero-THC Restorative Lotion, and Full-Spectrum Restorative Lotion. Among these, the one that stood out the most was the Zero THC Relief Balm. It comes in different strengths, starting from 100 to 500 mg.

The balm also contains different natural elements, including emu oil, sesame oil, evening primrose, jojoba oil, argan oil, and other plant-based extracts. They will all work together and enhance the pain-relieving effects of the balm. Also, the balm is entirely THC-free.

As the formula utilizes full-spectrum CBD oil, you will get other benefits related to terpenes and cannabinoids. Their balms can purportedly rebuild the skin and reverse the damages. The formula even has moisturizing agents that will offer your skin a healthy glow.

On that note, the roll-on muscle relief that they offer can loosen the tightness of the muscles. It can help a lot to get relief from muscle soreness after an intense workout session.

Key Highlights

  • Offers an extensive lineup of CBD products
  • The balm contains up to 500mg of CBD
  • Has THC-free CBD creams
  • Provides a roll-on for muscle soreness
  • Capable of reversing the damages of the skin

CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula

Last but not least, we have found an effective pain-relieving product that is from CBDPure. And it has a lot to offer for the money that you will be paying.

First of all, the formula contains full-spectrum CBD extracts. Each of the tubes will have 250mg of that. Though that amount is comparatively lower than some of the other creams we have looked at, it does work like a charm to offer relief from muscle and joint pains.

Aside from that, the formula integrates white willow bark to boost the overall effectiveness. For including this ingredient, the formula can penetrate deep into the skin and target the joints effectively. It does not take that much time to alleviate the discomfort from the affected regions either.

Furthermore, it has menthol. As you know, menthol can offer a cooling and soothing effect instantly. And that effect will quickly provide comfort and alleviate the discomfort from the affected region. Also, due to containing different fragrant elements, the scent will be sweet too.

The tubes do not even cost that much. And the company recommends only a pea-sized amount for application. That means each of the tubes will last for a prolonged amount of time.

Key Highlights

  • Each tube contains 250mg of CBD
  • Integrates white willow bark
  • Has menthol in it
  • Can quickly offer relief from pain and aches
  • The tubes last for an extended amount of time

How We Ranked The 20 Best CBD Creams

It was not easy to choose the best CBD creams among all of the available options initially. However, we kept these critical factors in mind; and things became much more manageable and straightforward:


As you can tell, the CBD creams for pain will have CBD. However, there are not many offerings out there that purely rely on CBD. The formula will include other elements as well. And we considered those ingredients first. Firstly, we checked whether the additional components were fillers or not.

Secondly, we considered the strength of those elements. If an option had extra ingredients that did not increase the effectiveness or make the formula better, we did not consider it. Also, if those additional elements’ strength was negligible, we did not bother checking them out.

Pain Relief

CBD creams offer loads of benefits, but our primary focus is on their ability to provide relief from pain. Some creams can instantly soothe the pain, while many do little to no work in offering comfort from pain. We prioritized the ones that could effectively and quickly relieve pain.

Muscle Relaxation

Apart from just soothing and alleviating pain, many people use these creams to relax their muscles. So, we considered the capabilities of the creams in this regard before ranking them. It achieved a higher ranking if one could loosen up tight muscles and relax soreness.

Joint Pains

The third most important requirement is to offer relief from joint pains. And there are plenty of CBD creams that cannot provide this. Only the ones that utilize a proper formula to penetrate deep into the skin can offer this beneficial effect. And we ranked those creams higher on our list.

Hydration and Other Effects

There are loads of CBD creams out there that will utilize a complex formula. And these complex formulas can offer plenty of beneficial effects. For example, we stumbled upon options that could provide relief from pain and reduce inflammation.

Additionally, some could hydrate and rejuvenate the condition of the skin. We prioritized those the most. However, these effects were not easy to measure. So, the ones that could partially offer these effects got a higher overall ranking than those that could not provide any.

Dosages of CBD

There is a wide variation in terms of the dosages of CBD. Some will contain around 1000mg, while there will be many under 500mg. But we did prefer creams that had a higher dosage of CBD.

Nonetheless, the dosage is something that will depend on the intensity of the pain. And that will vary from one user to another. For that reason, we gave higher priority to the offerings that provided options in the case of the strength of CBD.

CBD Sources

The sources of CBD and hemp can tell a lot about the effectiveness of the formula. If the formula contains CBD from a reputed source, it will have a higher overall quality. And higher quality CBDs usually offer the most effective results. That is why we preferred the brands that sourced the CBD accordingly.

Lab Tests

Numerous brands will claim many things regarding their CBD products but do not offer evidence to support their claims. We did not consider such products at all. Instead, we prioritized the products that provided proper evidence and lab tests to back up their claims.

Application Process

The application process is another essential factor that we considered. No matter how good a CBD product is, it is not worth the money if it takes too much effort to apply. Considering that, we ranked the effective pain relief creams that were easy to use.

The Reputation of the Company and Transparency

We strongly believe that the transparency of the brand tells all about their products. If a brand is confident regarding its claims, it should be transparent regarding the formula and ingredients. And we usually found that the highly reputed companies are the most transparent.

That being said, we considered the offerings from the brands that were transparent. The ones that were not transparent did not make it into our list at all.


Some of the CBD creams have a chemical smell to them. And there are plenty that will have an overload of menthol smell. Both of these scenarios are bad. You do not want to smell funky when you apply a cream to alleviate pain. For that reason, we preferred the offerings that smelled good.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Cream

Q: Who should use CBD pain creams?

A: CBD creams are not for everyone. These creams usually help with inflammation, muscle soreness, joint pains, and hydrating the skin. Also, they can help the body recover from intense workouts. And the people to get these benefits are the ones that the CBD pain creams are for.

Q: What is the appropriate dosage for CBD pain cream?

A: The CBD pain creams will contain anywhere from 100mg to 3000mg of CBD. And the proper dosage will depend on the intensity of the pain and how well your body absorbs the CBD. If the severity of the pain is high and if your body can not absorb CBD that well, you will require a higher dosage.

Q: What are the side effects of CBD pain creams?

A: There are no severe side effects yet reported by the users. Most healthy people will not even face any mild effects. Nonetheless, some people did experience allergic reactions, redness, and irritation on their skin.

However, if you are concerned regarding the side effects of these topical creams, apply a small amount to your skin and observe the effects.

Q: Will I fail a drug test if I apply CBD pain creams?

A: Some of the CBD pain relief creams will contain traces of THC. And that amount of THC is pretty much negligible and will not trigger the drug test. However, if you are concerned regarding the test, opt for creams that are entirely THC-free.

Q: Can CBD creams or salves make me high?

A: THC and CBD are not the same things. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, which THC contains. For that reason, there are zero chances of getting high. There are no reports regarding this either.

The 20 Best CBD Creams in 2022 Final Words

We know that we have reviewed a fair number of options in our best CBD cream for topical pain relief review section. Well, we found all of them effective in offering relief from pain, and they were offering good value for money.

Considering that, we can ensure that no matter which one you pick from that list, you are sure to notice quick and fast effective results. Get the best CBD cream for topical pain relief from our list!