4Patriots Reviews: Is It Legit? Honest Details Revealed!

Do you get 4Patriots info martial or ads too? Is it legit, or is the company simply up-sell its products?

Before you swirl yourself into the void of a million questions and doubts, let me clear one thing for you. 4Patriots is a 100% legitimate company that tries to reach out to people in the States via exuberant advertising.

The following sections will explain everything in detail. Meanwhile, the weighing subject is regarding the 4Patriots reviews. This article will discuss the product quality for self-reliance during an emergency.

What Is 4Patriots?

Storms come and go, right? But are the survival foods in your stock come with an extended shelf life? Plus, suppose you are a hardcore camper or have a lodge somewhere in the middle of the woods.

There are limited shopping options when you cut loose from the outside world. Would it not be wise to maintain food storage or keep handy tools for emergencies?

You never know when disaster strikes. Once you mark you and your family safe, in your residence or at a mountain house, the harshest challenge is to hold out till the rescue team arrives.

4Patriots is a marketing company that provides survival products to fulfill basic needs — food, water, power, etc. It is an online store that encourages you to be self-reliant during emergencies or solo camping.

Therefore, you can eliminate the suspicion of a scamming scheme the next time you come across 4Patriots ads.

About 4Patriots

Being online-based does not mean the company lacks a physical office. All the products need storing, and being a legit marketing company requires it to win over customers’ demand.

4Patriots, LLC is based in Nashville, Tennessee. The founders are Erin Baler and Allen Baler.

In 2021, they were awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Southeast region.

They founded the company with the sole purpose of assisting people to overcome real-world hardships. The motto of their page is “We Champion Freedom & Self-Reliance.”

It is one of the dependable companies that prepare you for future calamities without spending much money.

The first several years were difficult for 4Patriots due to the bad reviews flooding in. However, they have recently transformed their food quality and equipment durability.

Furthermore, its employment records have increased to 175+ all over the country, giving opportunities to many who hope to be a part of the emergency kit team.

Here is how to contact 4Patriots directly:

  • Mailing Address/Correspondence: 2920 Berry Hill Dr, Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee 37204
  • Phone: 800-304-4202
  • Email: help@4patriots.com

4Patriots Reviews: Products in Top 5 Categories

It makes sense to purchase the emergency products beforehand to grab them on the way out on your next trip.

But first, let me familiarize you with the product range the website comprises to cover the prepping areas and crisis preparedness.

Power & Solar


Here, the range is broadened to versatile outdoor/camping items. You can utilize these tools and equipment in any survival situation as well.

Power outage is a common occurrence during disasters. Does that mean you have no choice but to sit in the dark?

4Patriots offers multiple Power & Solar units from big to small for you to handle such events bravely.

Patriot Power Sidekick

Stay connected with the world outside even when there is a blackout. This item allows you to run electrical devices and offers a solar panel.

You can even take it to the mountain house and keep the place lit up for the family!

Patriot Power Generator 1800

This is the “Magic Bullet” and the powerful solution to power failures, unsteady electrical grid, and blackouts.

Once charged freely in the sun, it can power any device like freezers, refrigerators, medical equipment, etc.

Users love how they did not have to worry about saving gas after purchasing Patriot Power Generator 1800.

Patriot Power Generator 100W Folding Solar Panel

The company’s solar panel is another essential product that amps the power to double the capacity.

While most 4Patriots generators include a solar panel already, you can keep an extra if the place requires more power.

People praised its easy and fast setup that can be folded back to carry in different places.

It is durable, though slightly steep on the money. However, it charges instantly, leaving no room to stress about.

Patriot Power Generator Platinum Add-On Package

If you are up for spending some cash, obtaining this package will get you ready for any upcoming disaster.

The platinum package contains:

  • A foldable solar panel of 100W that charges faster.
  • A solar generator (with an extended warranty of 3 years).
  • An EMP kit to prevent the generator from destructive EMP attacks

Moreover, it includes other packaging materials and a satisfaction guarantee of 100%.

4Patriots 40W Folding Solar Panel

If you do not have a big budget but seek a quality solar panel that covers crucial electrical devices, go with this 40W foldable one.

It is ideal for camping, bug out bags, and various emergencies. Consider it the power bank to recharge your cell phone, radio, etc.

The solar panel offers a USB connection, a modern advantage for all users with smart devices.

Sun Kettle Solar Cooker

Are you an avid camper who loves going off the grid? You will still need to cook, right?

This solar cooker uses sunlight to boil water, eliminating a fire hazard. You will need no cord or batteries either!

It has a 16.90oz water capacity and is made from ABS plastic and shatterproof tempered glass.

Sun Kettle XL Solar Cooker

If the previous product seems smaller for your journey, how about the XL version that can hold 33.8oz of water?

It also uses no electricity or battery — a simple solar-powered device that seeks no flame or fuel.

Patriot Power Blender

This power blender allows you to make smoothies while crushing ice within 7 seconds!

Just charge it before heading out and make delicious smoothies of fruits you pick when camping. A single charge allows about 12 smoothies.

The blender has a travel base to stand tall and perfectly fits in your hand like a water bottle. You will need a USB to recharge it.

Patriot PowerUV Disinfecting Power Bank

Over a couple of years, disinfecting various devices we use has become an imperative job. It is more vital when we are off the grid.

The Patriot PowerUV Disinfecting Power Bank not only kills bacteria and viruses but also recharges your phone simultaneously.

As the UV-C light removes harmful germs, the 6000mAH battery recharges a smartphone to the full extent.

Patriot Power Cell

Patriot power cells are one of the best sellers, and the company claims 419,000+ Americans already own them.

Once you charge it fully, the 8,000mAH capacity can handle two devices at the same time. It uses solar power to charge!

Therefore, low-battery cell phones or other USB devices should not worry you when out of the city boundaries.

Additionally, the power cell comprises an SOS flasher with a decent flashlight.

USB-Rechargeable Battery Variety Pack – Gold

This is only one of the variety packs; it has rechargeable AA, AAA, C, 9V, and D batteries. Of course, you can choose a different variety pack too.

For example, while the Gold pack consists of five battery types, others packs offer them in greater or smaller numbers. Platinum, Basic, and other smaller kits provide reassurance at every step.

Solar Sentry Security Light

If you like the fast and easy installation of a security light that does not diminish the feature value, this product is your best hope.

It has IP65 water-resistant glass to set up outside. The 1,000 LM light is powered by natural sunlight. It is capable of stunning any intruder to prevent invading your home.

HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight

The best way to describe the HaloXT solar flashlight is “persistent to the end.” And the point is there is no end!

Thanks to the solar-powered option, you can recharge it when drained as often as you want.

It is a perfect item to have in an emergency or the wilderness. The IP65 waterproof feature ensures no damage even if it pours like crazy.

BugOUT Solar Lantern

The night is when flying bugs or mosquitos rule the world. Should we let them when they interrupt our peaceful outing?

This solar-powered lantern can protect your deck, patio, yard, camping area, etc., from pests that try to get too close.

It cleans itself and is safe to hang when it rains. The device also provides a few settings – medium, low, and other highlights.

4Patriots SoLantern

There is hope in the dark. That is to say; if you rely on the 4Patriots SoLantern, it can illuminate the area with its bright light.

It is a great companion for hunting, fishing, camping, or RV-ing. Besides, you never know when the survival situation will strike.

The SoLantern can be recharged via sun or USB. It offers five lighting modes for you to choose from.

Blackout Beacon Emergency Light

This product is a motion-sensing light to use at night. There are three in a single package.

It works as an emergency light and a handheld flashlight too. The users are pretty impressed by its overall quality when purchased. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoors and allows magnetic charging (wireless).

Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio

In critical situations, we need a device that can recharge small electronics (smartphones) while working as a 24/7 weather alert.

Information is an essential aspect of surviving in dangerous conditions. Such moments require preparedness even after a disaster strikes.

4Patriots emergency solar radio can be rechargeable via batteries, hand crank, AC electricity, and sun.

EMP Bag Kit

Some regions face more EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks than others. Even a single attack can disrupt all the electrical devices.

The 4Patriots company brings you the EMP Bag Kit that can protect your home from lightning, manufactured EMP attacks, or solar flares.

Other available options to purchase include:

  • Roll & Go Generator Cart
  • Patriot PureUV Phone Sanitizer & Charger
  • Patriot PureUV Sterilizing Wand
  • Eclipse 99Wh Power Bank
  • SunBuzz Solar Mosquito Lantern
  • BugOUT Solar Stake Light
  • Freedom Fridge

Survival Food


This section contains the subcategory of several Survival Food and kit ranges. Before we dig deeper, you should know how the company offers the features for this range.

Undoubtedly, each packaging for the food meals is disaster-resistant and ensured to last for 25 years.

The food kits also provide precise details of total calories and serving numbers. Hence, you can easily measure how to divide the food into single servings.

Shall we see what type of food you can stock?

Individual Meals/Ingredients

It is such a hassle trying to gather ingredients and go out shopping when a hurricane or tornado hits. But that does not minimize the craving for certain meals or foods.

While they are not five-star worthy for some taste buds, my personal opinion does not expect Michelin Star savoriness amidst life-threatening natural calamity anyway.

This section specializes in those items:

  • Whole Egg Powder
  • Deluxe Scrambled Egg Mix
  • Butter Powder
  • Honey Powder
  • Freeze-Dried Blueberries
  • Plain White Rice
  • Sweetly Coated Banana Chips
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • Black Bean Burger Mix
  • Heartland’s Finest Powdered Instant Dry Milk
  • Heartland’s Finest Powdered Milk Kit
  • Scrambled Egg Kit
  • America’s Finest Mac & Cheese Food Kit
  • Classic Bean Chili Food Kit
  • Amber Waves 9-Grain Cereal Food Kit

More options are available for you to browse on 4Patriot’s official webpage.

Survival Food Kit

When cooped up at home during a blizzard, especially if your residence or mountain house is entirely in the zero-range zone, these survival food kits can save your life for the coming days!

Remember that these emergency food kits offer various timeframes somewhere between 4 weeks up to a year. They can be from 200 servings to even 2,752 servings, depending on the emergency.

What is essential is that they can help you live through disasters. Also, they have impeccable packaging design to resist floods, storms, snow, etc., with over 20 years of expiration.

Unfortunately, many have failed to give good reviews in regards to taste. On the contrary, these pre-packed products deliver balanced nutrition via various food items.

Here are the popular available picks:

  • 72-Hour Survival Food Kit
  • 1-Week Survival Food Kit
  • 2-Week Survival Food Kit
  • 4-Week Survival Food Kit
  • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
  • 1-Year Survival Food Kit

Other Emergency Food Packs

These are different, and many campers have responded as ‘tasted good.’ Some are dehydrated food that provides equally nutritious benefits as the actual ingredients.

The food packs have several options as well:

  • Emergency Food Bars
  • Survival Sweets Kit
  • Survival Shake Kit – Chocolate
  • Plant-Based Protein Survival Food Kit
  • Bugle Boy Survival Cocoa Kit
  • Sur-Vital Tabs Survival Food Supplement
  • Meat & Protein Deluxe Survival Food Kit
  • Gold Medallion All-Meat Survival Food Kit
  • Lumberjack Survival Food Kit

RV & Camping

This RV & Camping section gathers dozens of items already mentioned in the Power & Solar and Home & Garden segments.

So we do not need to repeat the same product twice. However, let me relay to you the kind of outdoor products you can purchase from here:

  • Bug repellent light (Solar-powered)
  • Lanterns (Solar-powered)
  • Flashlights (Solar-powered)
  • Generators and foldable panels (Solar-powered)
  • Emergency food products/survival food kits

Water & Filtration


This is the most indispensable necessity topped above all else in any survival guide. The water you see in the stream or other natural sources might seem straightforward.

However, our naked eyes fail to detect most contaminants, which these Water & Filtration systems remove expertly.

Patriot Pure Pitcher

This pitcher meets the NSF standards upon taste tests, which indicates how fresh and clean the water will be in the reservoir.

You and your family can relax with the Patriot Pure Pitcher, which holds about a gallon of water and filters 99.9% of contaminants.

It also reduces plastic water bottle use when camping.

Patriot Pure Aqua-Bright

The bottle illuminates while working as a reservoir. Allow 5 minutes to disinfect the water via the featured UV-C light. And the fun part is that you can adjust the lighting with three different levels.

In a way, you carry a lantern that reserves water for you to drink without worries. Moreover, the collapsible feature allows you to stow it away deep in your bag pocket when not needed.

Off-Grid Clean Water Kit

The name already explains why this water kit is a necessary item to pack when outdoors/going off-grid.

You can purify around 528 gallons of water and have access to clean water whenever on the go.

The water will be safe to drink, wash supplies, clothes, etc.

Water Brick Storage System

Survival food storage also requires gallons of water supply in case help does not come for days.

These water bricks can hold up to 15 gallons of water, each to last for four days.

The containers are FDA-approved and BPA-free that can last for 15 years!

Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System

It houses 2 gallons of water and comes with a filter that lasts for approx. 5,000 gallons. And the reason to trust the product is due to the third-party lab test that verifies its effective filtration system.

The stainless steel design keeps the water cool as the family enjoys purified water daily.

Patriot Pure Personal Water Filter

It fits in your palm or the pant pocket quite effortlessly, providing you with the advantage of freshwater wherever you go. The Personal Water Filter cleanses water by removing up to 99.9% of germs.

You can beat even the harshest environment as long as you have access to filtered water in your backpack.

Sun Kettle Solar Cookers

There are standard and XL Sun Kettle Solar Cookers that can boil water via sunlight only.

They are easy to transport, compact, and lightweight for any journey.

Besides, you can find a few other items on the list of this category; for example, Patriot Pure Pitcher Filters, 4Patriots Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler, 4Patriot Aqua-Totes, and Patriot Pure Water System Replacement Filter.

Home & Garden


Although many have imagined growing their nutritious fresh produce, it was 80% possible during the pandemic of 2019.

Since then, people have become self-reliant on their harvested vegetables and fruit to replace store-bought items.

While the category includes lanterns, solar-powered flashlights, etc., it also provides highly valued Home & Garden products as such:

Victory Garden Seed Vault

Need to increase your stockpile by expanding the crop? The question is of nutrition and fresh produce, which is 100% possible due to the Victory Garden Seed Vault.

There are 9,919 seeds grown in the United States with a shelf life of five years. More importantly, they are non-GMO.

Survival Seed Combo Kit

Why buy seeds of flowers, vegetables, and herbs separately when this combo kit covers everything?

Acquire around 21,340 seeds to sow and obtain emergency food by harvesting plenty of produce to gain a better supply for the survival plan.

Plus, the veggies and herbs taste good and fresh after cooking/adding to the meals.

Tabletop Hydro-Garden Kit

Suppose you are interested in gardening, but the first time is always the toughest. Moreover, self-reliance growth prevents you from asking for help all the time.

This is when you can depend on the Tabletop Hydro-Garden Kit. It provides everything for a starter pack – seed pods, green seeds (leafy), plant food, plant basket, bamboo frame, water tank, water pump, power adapter, fan, and an auto light timer (with three settings).

Flavor Harvest Herb Seed Kit

How about I tell you what is in the kit? You will get six different herb seeds: chives, mammoth Long Island dill, Mizuna red streaks mustard, Italian large leaf basil, Italian dark green flat-leaf parsley, and Italian common oregano.

In short, you do not need to be an expert to grow these herbs at home!

Flora Pollination Seed Kit

Similarly, you can decorate your garden using this seed collection of six varieties of flowers. There are about 1,905 seeds in the kit with familiar names.

The kit contains calendula, cosmos, marigold, zinnia, nasturtium, and alyssum.

4Patriots Gardening Tool and Storage Set

This tool set is the best friend for any gardener. Every review of this product delivered positive feedback for being super convenient.

It comprises a durable storage bag with seven ideal hand tools, a kneeler pad, and hand gloves.

Stackable Storage Totes

There are variations of the 4Patriots Stackable Storage Totes according to size. You can carry them swiftly with convenient handles.

These are the very same tote that 4Patriots utilize for survival kit shipping. Therefore the plastic material is heavy-duty to use for food storage.

Ready Shovel


The 3-in-1 ready shovel consists of a compass, hex wrench, and a nail remover. It is lightweight enough to carry along.

This Ready shovel is engineered from high-carbon steel — a durable material at a reasonable cost.

4Patriots Secure Latch

Securing the main/front doors with these latches by 4Patriots is another small item package that users approve of.

They are easy and quick to install. The most crucial point is that the latches are anti-bump and lockpick to withstand a force of about 800lbs.

3-Strand LED Light String

The principal significance of these LED lights is the energy efficiency that does not fuse anytime soon.

There are three LED bulbs attached to the 15 ft. string. The customer review ensures its reliability upon long-term use for urgent situations.

Patriot Pure Sanitizing Solution Machine

This is the era of eradicating harmful bacteria at home. As a result, the Patriot Pure sanitizing Solution Machine gives you the means of destroying germs without any toxic residue leftover.

It uses sodium hypochlorite solution only. You will not have to cook, heat, or water anything in the device. Simply activate it and let the machine handle the rest.

Breezy Cube Portable Air Cooler

Blackouts during summer or camping outside in humid weather call for the Breezy Cube Portable Air Cooler.

It is compact, powerful, and wireless, allowing you to recharge before going off-grid.

4Patriots Home Freeze-Drying System

This review is regarding the ultimate game-changer for those who prefer freeze-dried food stockpiles to last many years.

Many customers loved it, and others have learned the effective way of food preservation for the emergency meal. The commercial-grade freeze-drying system contains trays, mats, and other items to complete the device.

4Patriots Compact Rechargeable Fan

If you like multiple featured devices that help beat the summer heat during a blackout or camping, this compact fan is everything.

It weighs only 3lbs and comes with a power bank. The wireless fan provides refreshing air once charged via a USB cable.

Freedom Flame

This arc lighter is the shortcut to lighting fire effortlessly. Despite not having any flame or fume, it burns hotter.

The technology features a windproof design alongside a flexible arm. You can recharge it without fuss, and the built-in flashlight provides a clear view of what you plan to light.

Additionally, thanks to the Healing Garden Medicinal Seed collection, you can grow your herbal pharmacy. It is yet another excellent seed kit to harvest for natural remedies.

The collection offers 4,215 seeds of yarrow, chamomile, purple coneflower, lemon mint, and calendula.

Product Reliability (According to Customers)

So what do the majority of the customers say? Does 4Patriots receive best regards, or is it another terrible company that only up-sells the products that have low value?

Let us begin in the categorized form:

Power & Solar

While the 4Patriots sales pitch is eye-catching, many customers had issues with the pricey equipment.

Nevertheless, thanks to the reasonable payment plan, anybody can claim these products that deliver sturdy grade resilience against any weather condition.

Survival Food

Some had experienced missing items despite the packing slip with a complete list for three meals per person.

According to some reviews, the food quality is average, though the freeze-dried items are worth the money.

The Patriot supply by the company is pretty transparent about the fact that some food items have different tastes since the product source is from various manufacturers.

Still, having a meal is better than starving with no communication with the rescue teams.

RV & Camping

Campers, hunters, or seasonal fishing enthusiasts depend heavily on the RV & Camping products by 4Patriots due to the easy convenience and functionalities.

Water & Filtration

Although initially reluctant, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and safety grade of the most portable filtration systems.

Each user review of all products on the official site is the proof if you want proper clarification.

Home & Garden

Whoever has purchased vegetables and other growing items from here when going to a grocery store seems complicated will give this section a five-star review.

Most kits and packages have lower price tags with abundant seeds to cultivate.

You can even sell your fresh produce or keep them freeze-dried in the food storage. Even the herbs and flower collection is difficult to argue about.

4Patriots, LLC Shipping & Full Refund Policies

Here is a little know-how regarding product tracking details and refund information.


Once you order new items, the company will ship them following the time protocol on business days. Then you will receive an email containing the tracking information.

This email is how you can check the shipping progress of the carrier. Use the unique tracking number provided in the email.

Since there has been a surge in survival food demand, the shipping duration of the items has extended from a few days to a week or two to meet the covid-19 safety guidance.

Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with the 4Patriots products, the purchased items are fully refundable, given you return them within 365 days of purchase.

This 100% money return guarantee is the commitment made by the marketing company to respect the customers’ choices and keep them happy.

4Patriots Conclusion

When the Covid-19 virus shook the Earth in the last few years, the quarantined community had to rely on the items they had stocked in food storage.

Most supermarkets in the neighborhood were shut down until further notice. Those who have survived that nightmarish time know how critical it is to stock on food kits and other survival equipment.

Thankfully, 4Patriots reviews have hit the sky with positive responses due to their impressive sales pitch and improved product quality.

So, once again, let me tell you with valid conviction that 4Patriots is legit! Please fill up your pantry/garage with its reliable products so you can confidently head out for the next camping trip without worrying about shortages.