12 Rounds with Tyson Reviews – Is It Legit? (Mike Tyson Mindset Training)

Are you typically depressed about your 9 to 5 job? Are you having trouble understanding why you’re unable to meet deadlines for your goals? Many people continue living their lives to ensure they have a roof over their heads and exist. Some people even go so far as to repress their passion for this idea of existence. Why is this the case? Why aren’t people as risk or sacrifice tolerant as many at the top? The answer is within each individual’s mindset.

People’s minds are powerful tools that can either help them succeed or lead them down a disastrous path. The ability to train one’s mind is something that society has only just begun to emphasize. Still, it has already been the foundation of almost every successful person. Most of us have unknowingly taught our minds to give up when a mistake occurs, but this shouldn’t be the case. Famous boxer Mike Tyson experienced danger during much of his infancy and adolescence. He didn’t begin to believe in himself until his future coach recognized his potential.

The boxer had to practice physically to ensure knockouts, but most of his training consisted of mental exercises. He had to picture himself as the heavyweight champion, put himself in a situation where he could hear applause in his head, and, most importantly, he had to learn from every challenge that came his way. This leads us to ask a fundamental question: What mental drills did Mike perform? The only way to find out is to listen to 12 Rounds with Tyson.

What are 12 Rounds with Tyson?

People who anticipate this course will focus on boxing skills are greatly mistaken. In the masterclass, 12 Rounds with Tyson, Mike delves into 12 detailed drills that anyone can use to develop a champion’s mindset for success in life. Iron Mike, a former professional boxer from the United States, benefited from these exercises. 12 Rounds with Tyson is thought to deliver several stories, including those of Mike’s brutal rise to success and those of other people who have achieved great wealth and success in both the past and present.

Mike considers his viewpoint on this masterclass to be wholesome since it does not pretend that everything would be peaches and daisies. Throughout this course, he claims to make life look dreadful and how this viewpoint or point in life must finally be experienced to overcome it. As the saying goes, “fall seven times, get up eight,” which means no one should ever decide to give up on their dreams. For Mike, having a champion attitude is the only way to strive for the best. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about the lessons 12 Rounds with Tyson offers.

How are 12 Rounds with Tyson Structured?

12 Rounds with Tyson is set up to cover 12 drills throughout 12 chapters. Specifically, individuals will come to discover the following:

Chapter 1. Unlocking Your True Destiny and Potential

Mike believed for a very long time that becoming a criminal was his fate. This is hardly shocking given that he spent most of his teens in juvenile prisons rather than school environments. Fortunately for Mike, many of the techniques described in this self-help book were first shown to him by Cus D’Amato, who served as his mentor when he first began fighting. Regarding this chapter, it addresses the following:

  • How to ignite the fire for a meaningful life
  • How to empower oneself with a big goal that guides all of one’s actions
  • How to remain focused and disciplined
  • Cus D’Amato’s 12 powerful affirmations are said to be effective in releasing people from self-doubt, self-criticism, and insecurity.
  • Three easy-to-commit habits that will help everyone follow their life’s calling

Chapter 2. The Tyson Goal-Setting Blueprint

The second chapter is all about picturing the result. Mike instantly understood the process that Cus D’Amato was supposed to put him through. So, what does “visualization” actually mean? Mike gained confidence that he would succeed by hearing the crowd chant his name and sensing the weight of the belt around his waist. To help everyone perform visualization to the best of their abilities, the second chapter discusses:

Chapter 3. Becoming Fearless

Before doing anything, one must first fundamentally overcome their fear. Usually, our fears keep us from leaving that terrible 9 to 5 job or pursuing our dreams. Consequently, the third chapter’s primary focus is on the following:

  • How to approach fear, overcome it, and harness its power to move forward in life
  • How to use fear as a tool to move into action rather than crumbling down
  • How repeating this chapter first thing in the morning will make people go from fearful to fearless

Chapter 4. Committing to Greatness Through Sacrifice

Mike firmly believes in the adage, “If you give nothing, you get nothing.” people should feel they can overcome any challenge in the masterclass. Additionally, everyone should have discovered a facet of oneself that had previously been kept secret. Learning to sacrifice for greatness is a crucial skill to learn after realizing one’s worth. In other words, now is the moment for people to begin letting go of the things or persons holding them back. In this chapter, individuals can see:

  • How to restore control over habits while identifying the sacrifices that need to be made
  • A simple-to-follow challenge that helps everyone internalize sacrifice

Chapter 5. The Proven Way to Build Unbreakable, Life-long Habits

The fifth chapter discusses how to establish and maintain routines even when it seems as though everything is about to collapse. Anyone can begin working toward their goal, but success ultimately depends on how they respond to hardship. This stage of life is often where individuals give up; only people thriving continue. According to Mike, this is what sets champions apart from amateurs.

Chapter 6. The Science and Art of “Auto-Suggestion”

The “Auto-Suggestion” hypnotic technique is described in the sixth chapter. Mike is adamant that saying something and feeling it are two very different things. He explains how most affirmations are so weak that they hardly even work. The pro also claims that the tone and structure of affirmations make a significant difference. For him, it was all about going deeper into his subconscious to disprove any restricting ideas. Therefore, the lesson covered in this chapter is how to write unique affirmations for a long-lasting mental shift.

Chapter 7. Taking Punches & Dishing it Out 10 Times Harder

Most people wonder how someone gets back up after taking a significant hit. Mike was reportedly instructed to use a defeat in a boxing match as a slingshot for improvement since “without pain, there is no progress.” The seventh chapter explores mental frameworks and exercises to view setbacks as teachings rather than mistakes. This is thought to be the only way to return stronger than ever.

Chapter 8. Getting Crystal Clear On Your Vision

To be the best, you must have a vision, and the eighth chapter focuses entirely on this topic. In particular, Mike will address Cus’ advice and how each person could use it to clarify the potential details of their ideal life. Additionally, Mike will explain how champions employ “theater of the mind” to get to work, make healthy leaps rather than steps, and triumph over adversity despite all odds. By doing this, people can see the light at the end of the tunnel and determine the path that makes the most sense for them.

Chapter 9. When Your Mind Becomes the Enemy

Have you ever set the alarm for a particular hour, only to have your inner voice tell you to silence it and go back to bed? If so, even the most prosperous people in life experience this. Naturally, how one responds to such excuses makes a difference. The ninth chapter will detail precisely how Mike used to ignore doubters and suppress this inner voice. If it’s not other people, it’s unquestionably self-doubt; in fact, the latter has much more control over the former. This chapter will be the one that sets individuals free from other people’s opinions.

Chapter 10. How to Build An Army of Supporters

Mike firmly believes all it takes is one conversation about changing a person’s life. This same conversation can show people who will always have their back and who will stab them from behind. The key to gaining supporters is being truthful about one’s end goal; otherwise, supporters won’t materialize. Mike consequently decided to devote the entire tenth chapter to having sincere discussions.

Chapter 11. The Champion’s Approach to Finding the Right Mentors

A champion is a professional student since learning continues until one’s final breath. In the eleventh chapter, Mike discusses the dos and don’ts of choosing a mentor and how to gain knowledge from those around you. Mike thinks a mentor is crucial because sometimes, the proper interactions with the right people might reveal the road one should be on. Several tools will also be introduced to speed up this procedure and learning.

Chapter 12. Never Stop Fighting

The most crucial round of them all, according to Mike, is the last one, which involves committing and continuing to fight for it daily. The final set of lessons, skills, and tactics is expected to keep people fighting for what they want every day, even when things appear to be falling apart.

How Much Does 12 Rounds with Tyson Cost?

The 12 Rounds with Tyson masterclass and the official guide are $47. In addition, each purchase has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Suppose individuals believe Mike Tyson’s 12 guiding drills are ineffective in changing their mindsets. In that case, they must contact the ClickBank customer service team within 30 calendar days of purchase to request a refund through the following means:

  • Product Support: support@12roundswithTyson.com
  • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/

Meet Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato

Mike Tyson, also known as “Iron Mike” by many fans, is an American boxer who became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Mike was sent to reform school after becoming involved with street gangs at a young age, and his social worker recognized his potential in boxing at the time. This is how he came across Constantine ‘Cus’ D’Amato. After having his boxing career cut short due to an eye injury, D’Amato decided to teach people how to box.

D’Amato opened his first gym when he was 22 years old and spent almost all his time there. When Mike trained in front of D’Amato, he knew instantly that Mike was going to become the world heavyweight champion. Following his release, Mike moved in with D’Amato, and the two allegedly grew close in many ways other than boxing. To this day, Mike respects D’Amato for his candidness and for giving detailed criticisms, which all served as the foundation for his fights. Once Mike’s mother passed away, D’Amato was designated his legal guardian.

The fact that D’Amato would find faults even when Mike was quick and powerful during all his fights was the primary drill that led him to become the best. The boxer once said:

“People see the public celebrations of my sensational knockouts, but they don’t hear Cus talking to me alone after the fight. He’d make me feel like s***, play with my emotions. He would put things in your head all day.”

Final Thoughts on 12 Rounds with Tyson

Ultimately, 12 Rounds with Tyson is a masterclass where viewers will get a chance to walk in Mike’s shoes and learn the exact drills that his mentor, Cus D’Amato, instilled in him. Although some individuals may find self-help books helpful, Mike is adamant that they would not have helped him since he needs something that will send him to the depths of hell. The fact that he could see the gloom, the setbacks, and the ongoing struggles inspired him to stick with it without ever considering quitting. In his childhood, Cus D’Amato was an excellent inspiration for Mike; decades later, his mentor is still at the heart of his existence.

The goal of each chapter or round of this masterclass is to assist people in realizing their full potential by guiding them through the processes of creating an achievable plan, overcoming obstacles, letting go or making sacrifices for greatness, forming lifelong habits and supporters, experiencing each affirmation physically, ensuring that a vision is in place, exercising mental control, and selecting the best mentor to clear their current path.

This masterclass will, in our opinion, be a passionate yet empowering one that reveals both the advantages and the disadvantages, making it one of the most holistic methods by far. To see how much of an impact 12 Rounds with Tyson might have on an individualistic basis, click here>>>.



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