Local grocer provides all-natural beef products at a great price!

Gray’s Harbor institution is proud to feature pasture-raised beef products for the community

Does the thought of cooking up delicious all-natural rib-eye steaks, tri-tip, or chuck roast make your mouth water?

If you’re also looking for beef products that have been raised in an ethical and humane way, there’s a local food store that carries those cuts and more – at a great price.

With two locations in the Gray’s Harbor area, Swanson’s Super Valu has proudly featured a wide selection of Natural Grain or Grass Fed Painted Hills Choice Beef products for the last 10 years.

Founded 25 years ago by seven ranching families in Wheeler County, Oregon, Painted Hills Natural Beef raises cattle without added hormones or antibiotics, and never feed the cattle any animal by-products. The animals are also raised following the guidelines for humane farm animal care and welfare laid out by the American Humane Association’s Welfare Standards for Cattle.

With a board of directors that boasts 150 years of combined ranching experience, Painted Hills produces “beef the way nature intended”, and the quality of care devoted to their land and animals reflects a tradition that’s been handed down to them through generations.

In turn, their all-natural products are known for their freshness, quality and taste.

“These are very popular meat products that we’ve been selling for over 10 years, and that our customers thoroughly enjoy,” says Swanson’s Super Valu’s Lewis Bumstead.

The tender, delicious cuts of Painted Hills Choice Beef products sold at Swanson’s are available both pre-packaged and fresh, and at a reasonable price.

“We get the beef from a source that’s so close by it’s almost local, so we can get it for a good price, and we can provide it to our customers at a great price!”

Swanson’s Super Valu carries a wide variety of tender, delicious all-natural Painted Hills Choice Beef products.

Swanson’s Super Valu carries a wide variety of tender, delicious all-natural Painted Hills Choice Beef products.

With locations in Hoquiam and Aberdeen, Swanson’s Super Valu has been serving the community for over 115 years, offering essential products, produce and meats, with great weekly specials. A team that’s dedicated to supporting the communities of Gray’s Harbor, they’re grateful to receive the same support and trust from their customers.

“At Swanson’s we’re proud to provide our customers with quality, freshness and great prices!” Bumstead says.

Stop by your local Swanson’s Super Valu today to see what’s in store! You can also stay up-to-date with the latest news and specials on Facebook and online at swansonsfoods.com

The team at Swanson's Super Valu is proud to feature Painted Hills Natural Beef products for their cutomers.

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