World Gone By: In 1995, local Jazzercise intructors and students earn Presidential Sports Award

  • Tue Jan 21st, 2020 4:45pm
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75 years ago

January 21, 1945

Sunday, no newspaper published

January 22, 1945

Help build the B-29 Superfortress (the big new Boeing bomber).

Boeing representative now interviewing in Aberdeen. Free transportation to Seattle. Men especially needed. Physically qualified women also eligible. Good pay. Excellent working conditions.

Don’t delay. Apply at the United States Employment Service Office of the War Manpower Commission, 500 E. Wishkah.

50 years ago

January 21, 1970

“He kills us with these little guys!” lamented a Raymond rooter. “Where the hell does he find ‘em?”

John Donahue will never tell.

Little Bobby Matson, a guard for all seasons at a towering 5-7, directed the Elma attack with poise and daring last night. And unheralded Mike Hermsen out-scored a host of hotshots as the top-ranked Eagles put together a victory over a rugged Raymond club that came to win.

The 77-66 decision was the 14th straight for Donahue’s Blue Buzzsaw, now all alone atop the league as well as the state A-division polls.

A turn-away partisan crowd of nearly 1,400 (they started lining up at 4 o’clock!) blew its collective mind when the Eagles broke it open, accelerating to a 14-point margin with three minutes remaining after repulsing a Raymond rally that cut a healthy lead to 4 counters.

January 22, 1970

Bill’s X-L Bakery’s special this week is a loaf of Swedish limpa rye bread for 33¢. The bakery is located at 2324 Simpson in Hoquiam and is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

25 years ago

January 21, 1995

Music so loud you can hear it pounding in your head. Sleek bodies that never break a sweat. And lean, mean instructors.

That’s not the state of Jazzercise on Grays Harbor.

Here, they scoff at the “hard body” types.

In Gretchen Brennan’s morning exercise class the music is soft and there is evidence of gray hair and spreading middles among the participants.

The younger crowd in the evening classes taught by Kathi McMaster likes the music a little louder.

But neither class is anything like the mental image many people have of Jazzercise, McMaster, 36, of Aberdeen says.

The low-key approach has brought success. The two instructors and 20 of their students have earned the Presidential Sports Award. In a special presentation today, the fitness enthusiasts will receive these awards from regional Jazzercise leaders.

Brennan, 57, of Aberdeen, says she has been told they are the only Jazzercise members in the Northwest who even tried for the fitness awards.

January 22, 1995

Students at Simpson Elementary School in Montesano are exhibiting some unusual behavior lately upon entering the library.

Some cringe. Some squeal. Some are just filled with awe.

No, it isn’t a new book that has them captivated. It is a beautiful 4½-foot-long boa constrictor names Over Dewey — or Dewey for short.

The snake has been the subject of study and the focus of attention since he came to live at the library at the beginning of the year.

“There’s probably been 40 to 50 kids just standing around watching him do nothing,” says Joe Tyndell, the fifth-grade science teacher responsible for the snake.

Librarian Ruth Hundtofte often uses Dewey, a mild-mannered snake believed to have been raised in captivity, to get students interested in reading and learning about reptiles. He’s been effective.

“Definitely, as far as making the library a fun place to come,” Hundtofte says. “There have been so many more snake books checked out this year.”

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom