World Gone By 9.10

In 1941, price of burgers at lunch counter jump 5 cents

75 years ago

Sept. 10, 1941

• Martin Audett, employed as a rigging slinger by the M and B Logging company, was killed at about 8 o’clock this morning at the company’s camp near Markham when he was crushed by a falling tree.

• Shoulders of quick lunch cafe addicts slumped to the counter today with the terse announcement that hamburgers had advanced five cents in price.

Although all lunch rooms had not yet taken the drastic step, hamburger connoisseurs up and down Wishkah street glumly shook their heads and agreed it was a matter of time.

Meat and bread prices have risen to such levels that owners hardly break even on the 10 cent burger.

That was scant comfort to hamburger lovers however. They moodily stirred their coffee and reflected on “the good old days.”

Sept. 11, 1941

Mired near the Westport highway, five miles from Aberdeen, apparently after swimming across the Harbor early today, a big buck deer won his way to dry land after a terrific struggle across some 200 yards of soft, tidal mud. It was said to be a three-pointer in the prime, its weight estimated at more than 200 pounds.

R.A. Markham, oil truck driver for A.A. Star Transfer, first saw the animal this morning attempting to free itself from the deep mud near the low water line. Markham, called Jack Handron, state game protector, who was preparing to help the animal to land when it finally won through the last few yards of tideflat.

“It churned the mud like a crazy, clam digger,” Johnson said. “We saw it fall several times in soft places. But it would just rest a minute, and then get up and start throwing globs around again. It fell the last time a few yards from dry land, laboriously struggled to its feet and finally, after walking eastward on the railroad tracks, disappeared into the woods.”

50 years ago

Sept. 10, 1966

Plans of the Raymond City Commission to discontinue operation of an ambulance service for the northern half of the county after Dec. 31 were make public by City Commissioner Merle Smith in a personal appearance at this week’s meeting of the Pacific County commissioners.

Smith said the city expects to reach a firm decision on the matter by Oct. 1 to give ample notice of the termination of the service which is under the supervision of the city fire department.

Commissioner Smith suggested that the service be taken over by the Pacific County Hospital District.

Sept. 11, 1966

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

Sept. 10, 1991

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office recently hired two new deputies.

Brian K. Rydman, 24, lives in Hoquiam where he graduated from high school in 1985. He formerly was a reserve police officer with the City of Montesano, and he has also worked for ITT Rayonier pulp mill.

Jeffrey K. Myers, 22, is an Oakville resident and he worked for 15 months for the Oakville police before being hired by the sheriff’s office. He grew up in the Issaquah area, graduated from Liberty High School there in 1987 and attended the University of Washington for 2 1/2 years.

Sept. 11, 1991

From the end of September to about Oct. 10th, the Port of Grays Harbor may have more top staff members in Asia than here. They are going on a $35,000 shopping trip.

“It’s very aggressive fourth-quarter marketing,” Port Executive Director Cliff Muller said Tuesday.

“We’re looking for cargoes,” says Mike Barkstrom, the Port’s director of marketing. “We’ve been very aggressively marketing in Asia for two to 2 1/2 years. We’ve been successful for the last year. We’re using one success to leap into another success.”

On this trip, four staff members are “going with pen in hand to quote cargo rates,” Barkstrom said.

During the 10-day period, Barkstrom will travel to such places as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Mike McKinney, the Port’s regional marketing director, will hit Moscow and St. Petersburg and then jet on to Europe.

Muller will stop in Vladivostok, then go to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Tami Garrow, the Port’s public relations director, will meet Muller in Hong Kong and the two of them will meet up with Barkstrom in Singapore.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom