In 1993, local Odyssey of the Mind team headed to World Finals

From the archives of The Daily World

75 years ago

April 28, 1943

Vacation driving cannot be permitted during 1943, according to word received by the war price and rationing board today from the OPA. This includes touring and also driving to and from summer homes.

The OPA explained that this ruling will mean considerable hardship to many people with permanently owned summer homes, and that it will seriously affect summer resorts. The results, they said, are unavoidable.

April 29, 1943

Public utility district No. 1 will open its new office in the Becker building to the people of Grays Harbor at an open house from 7 to 9 o’clock Friday night. The space was formerly occupied by the Bank of Aberdeen. The move combines the former P.U.D. offices at Electric park and the Finch building.

50 years ago

April 28, 1968

Sunday, no newspaper published

April 29, 1968

A six-component X-ray diagnostic unit which will decrease the amount of X-ray radiation to both patient and doctor has been installed at St. Joseph Hospital, according to Sister Jerome Mary, administrator.

Costing $32,000, the equipment produces an X-ray picture so bright a radiologist can view his fluoroscope under ordinary room illumination. The image is a thousand times brighter than those on old-fashioned fluoroscopic screens.

The X-ray tube is mounted on the ceiling and can be swung into position on any place in the room. Patients can be X-rayed standing, lying on a stretcher, seated or even tilted on a table with a title range of 115 degrees.

25 years ago

April 28, 1993

Oakhurst Convalescent Center failed a second state health inspection and faces severe sanctions from the federal government, state officials said Tuesday.

After last month’s damaging report a follow-up inspection last week found the Elma center has not made enough progress.

Continuing to prohibit Oakhurst from accepting additional patients, as well as levying fines and cutting off Medicaid and Medicare funding could be part of a package of sanctions.

Unclean floors, dirty doors, a generally run-down exterior and interior portions of the nursing home as well as inadequate care for some residents were again found at the facility.

April 29, 1993

The Ocean City Elementary School’s Odyssey of the Mind” Balsa Force” crew is headed for the World Finals in Baltimore.

Odyssey of the Mind is a program for kids from kindergarten through college. Teams from each age group are given one long-tern problem to work on. The problem for the seven students on the North Beach was to create a balsa wood tower that met very strict dimension regulations and held as much weight as possible.

For the team’s coach, Mac McCutcheon, manager of engineering at Lamb-Grays Harbor Co. in Hoquiam, the problem was how to show the kids how to solve their problem without solving it for them.

“I mean, they’re fourth and fifth graders,” he said. “There’s no way I’m going to teach them engineering.”

Finally, he decided to drive the team around to look at some of the bridges in Ocean Shores, hoping they would get the idea of how to build a structure that can support weight. The plan worked and the team went out and captured first place in both the regional and state competitions.

Team members included Todd Messing, Caleb Maki, Garrett Johnson, Aaron Wallin, Brenna Lopex, Sean Pence and Linnea McCutcheon.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom