In 1992, two Elma middle schoolers expelled for handgun at school

75 years ago

April 1, 1942

Aberdeen faces a long delay before the manufacturer’s can send a $20,000 ladder truck ordered last fall.

“We are in the embarrassing position of being unable to give you definite information regarding delivery of your new service aerial truck,” the company wrote.

Even the city’s A-10 preference rating has not “permitted us to schedule this machine for production,” it added.

April 2, 1942

• Low bidder on $200,000 worth of big government barges, the newly organized firm of R.J. Ultican Senior and Junior announced today it has acquired a shipyard site in Cosmopolis and will start work at once.

The site was acquired last night by agreement with the Cosmopolis city council and Mayor C.J. Carlson. It lies along the Chehalis river, from F street at city hall, downstream to I street. On it is the small boat yard of Ed Spender and Son which the Ulticans also acquired.

• Preparing to lay the keel of the first ship to be turned out by the Grays Harbor Shipbuilding company’s yard, company officials said today 100 or more men will be added to the payroll within two weeks.

Keel blocks were being installed today, and the first keel will be laid by the end of the week.

Ed Lundgren, company vice president, said the machine whip is ready to go, the paint shop is nearing completion and construction of a lumber storage was started today.

The yard has been a veritable beehive of activity since March 2, when the company announced it had accepted the first of two contracts totaling $1,000,000 worth of wooden vessels for the government.

50 years ago

April 1, 1967

Two representatives of the Star Kist Foods Inc., of Los Angeles flew in to inspect the Pacific Protein hake plant facilities and consider the possibilities of establishing a pet food plant on the Harbor, Mayor Walt Failor revealed today.

Steig Osman, a former South Bend native and personal friend of Aberdeen fisherman Marme Raubala, and Anthony Nizetich, spent two days with Failor and Henry Soike, Port of Grays Harbor Industrial Development manager, inspecting the hake plant and other possible plant sites.

April 2, 1967

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

April 1, 1992

Two seventh graders at Elma Middle School were expelled Tuesday after one of the boys brought a .22-caliber revolver to school and the other agreed to store it in his school bag, according to police and school officials.

Police believe the boys and another classmate may have brought as many as three guns to school over the past three weeks, according to Chief Les Bonfield.

The boys told police the guns were loaded.

“No one has come forward and said that they pointed the guns at anyone,” the chief said. “Mostly they were carrying them around and showing them off and bragging to their friends.”

April 2, 1992

• The Aberdeen City Council has been called in to settle a dispute over which tenant at the Community Center will be asked to make way for a new elevator.

Someone in the crowded building is going to get the shaft — literally — when the elevator is installed as part of a $500,000 remodeling project made possible through a Community Development Block Grant.

The Aberdeen Museum of History uses about half the space on the first floor. Volunteers from Friends of the Museum are adamant that the elevator not encroach on their exhibit space.

The alternate proposal would cost the Coastal Community Action Program, a social service agency, three offices — one on each floor —to make way for the elevator shaft.

• Aberdeen High School graduate Guy Bingham, left unprotected by the Atlanta Falcons, signed as a free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles. Bingham has spent 12 years in the NFL, with the New York Jets and Falcons, as a reserve offensive lineman and deep snapper on punts and placekicks.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom