In 1992, Sheriff Morrisette speaks to Footprinters about Bigfoot

  • Tue Jun 27th, 2017 1:30am
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75 years ago

June 27, 1942

“A small neighbor of mine has just given me a demonstration of patriotism that brought tears to my eyes,” writes Carolyn Wager in a letter to the editor.

“Little Jersey Hashbrouck is eight years old. He has been scouting the neighborhood every day for rubber; he has given up a favorite pair of boots; he has spurred everyone around him on this rubber drive.

“But the thing that brought a lump to my throat is that he is giving up his very heart in the form of an army of rubber soldiers which he loves only as a small boy can love. ‘I’m too little to go to war but I can send my rubber soldiers,’ he said. ‘Only I guess I’ll wait till the last day (of the rubber drive). There are only six days left and today is one of them.’”

50 years ago

June 27, 1967

With hopes for sunny skies realized, more than 5,000 spectators thrilled Saturday to the 83-unit Montesano Farm Festival parade which swung through Montesano streets.

The grand sweepstakes trophy, as well as first in the commercial division, were taken by Crestview Dairy, which entered a covered wagon drawn by real oxe3n and followed by lean and hungry Dr. Donald Mustard in frontiersman attire and toting a rifle.

25 years ago

June 27, 1992

During his talk at the Footprinters Association convention in Ocean Shores Thursday, Sheriff Dennis Morrisette showed off a composite Bigfoot skull made from bone fragments found around the world.

Morrisette and the Sheriff’s Office have been keeping an eye out for the mysterious celebrity ever since reports of Bigfoot sightings began reaching the department in the early 1980s.

According to Morrisette, there are more than 2,100 reported sightings of the famed missing link on record. That along with other evidence leads Morrisette to believe that Bigfoot may be more than an Indian myth or popular folk story.

Morrisette concluded his presentation with the promise that if the Sheriff’s department is able to track Bigfoot down and capture him, “you will see my bald head and shining face on Arsenio Hall next to Bigfoot.”

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom