In 1992, Ridout is new football coach at Hoquiam High School

75 years ago

May 6, 1942

• Digging of clams and the sale of all fresh, frozen, canned or otherwise processed clams were prohibited today by the state department of health after five deaths were reported in the Northwest from eating fresh clams and mussels.

All Washington beaches were closed, and digging and sale of clams at Grays Harbor beaches were stopped this afternoon by state fisheries department inspectors on orders from the department director.

No deaths or illnesses of persons from eating clams have occurred on the Harbor, where the first deaths of cats and chickens after eating the bivalves were disclosed.

• A small, poisonous plant, so common in Japan it is called the “Red Tide,” probably caused the death of three Northern Olympic peninsula persons after eating clams or mussels, Trevor Kincaid, professor of zoology at the University of Washington, said today.

He said the plant, a small microscopic organism, red in color, multiplies in the water. It is common in California where it kills fish and shellfish.

May 7, 1942

Travel rationing, curtailment of the use of private cars, Sunday trips, vacation journeys, acquisition of extra tires over five per car by the government and possible seizure of private cars, appear in the offing today, as Robert P. Patterson, under-secretary of war, declared the rubber situation “acute,” although adding that the country still has a substantial rubber stockpile.

50 years ago

May 6, 1967

A bear rarely gets a second chance after he lands in the sights of Mrs. Wesley Wage’s 30-30 rifle.

The wife of a retired sawmill worker living in the Newskah Valley, Mrs. Wage has killed more than 100 bears since she brought down her first bruin in 1946. In those times she had three young daughters. The bears “were frightening our girls,” she said, “ripping our berry vines and stripping cascara trees of their valuable bark.”

Mrs. Wage said she killed about 30 bears before she realized that the hunt had a sporting appeal to her.

May 7, 1967

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

May 6, 1992

The opinions were strong and varied but the Aberdeen High School students packed into the Phillip’s Lecture Hall stayed calm Monday as they talked about the Rodney King beating, verdict and resulting violence in Los Angeles.

Many were incredulous that a jury viewing that famous 81-second videotape could end up acquitting the L.A. police officers.

The school-sanctioned discussion, led by Principal Mike Brophy was planned Friday after several students tried to organize a walkout that afternoon protesting the verdict and the ensuing violence.

May 7, 1992

Kevin Ridout, who guided Quinault to the state B-8 play-offs the last three years, has been named the new head football coach at Hoquiam High School, HHS Principal Pete Hegg announced Wednesday.

Ridout succeeds Dave Tobin, who resigned in January.

“We’re excited,” said Hegg. “We think we have a good young man.”

Ridout in undaunted by the Grizzlies’ recent grid history — 11 consecutive losing football seasons.

“I’m an optimist by nature,” he said. “When I took over Quinault, they were in the same category and we kind of worked through it.”

He said his main objective is for the Grizzlies to “hit hard and get pride back in the program.”

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom