In 1992, Happy 100th Birthday to ‘Our Miss Birks’

75 years ago

May 15, 1942

Charles “Chub” Middleton, Aberdeen millman and short wave radio expert, has been granted a captain’s commission in the army and will leave Sunday for San Francisco to report for duty with the commanding officer of the 4th army.

Before the ban on private short wave radio communications, Middleton operated one of the finest and most powerful sets on the coast. He chatted daily with radio acquaintances in Australia and other parts of the world.

50 years ago

May 15, 1967

Dormant through much of the long afternoon, Hoquiam’s bats erupted for five runs in the sixth inning of the nightcap in Longview Saturday to gain the Grizzlies a split of their non-conference twin bill with Mark Morris.

George Asan’s nine copped the second tilt, 6-3, after the Monarchs had applied a 2-0 whitewash in the opener.

Junior right-hander Keith Reynvaan struck out 12 and was instrumental in both of Hoquiam’s scoring innings in gaining the second-game pitching decision.

Jerry Linnenkohl, who drilled a tremendous triple in the opener, and Tom LaForest led the Grizzly hitters for the afternoon, both going 3 for 7.

25 years ago

May 15, 1992

To Hoquiam, she is Our Miss Birks.

Anyone who went to grade school in Hoquiam between 1920 and 1959 is likely to have childhood memories come alive at the very mention of her name.

For some, it’s a feeling of being back in the classroom, reciting phonics and memorizing the presidents of the United States. For others, the memories are more tangible. They have kept the decades-old post cards she sent them during summer vacation.

There will be many wishing her a Happy 100th birthday today.

For nearly 60 years, Miss Birks and her longtime friend and fellow teacher, Frances Rosenberg, who is only 89, have shared a house on Emerson Avenue in Hoquiam.

Friends and former students are invited to help Miss Birks celebrate her birthday Sunday afternoon at Channel Point Village.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom