In 1992, first full day of classes at new Montesano High School

75 years ago

April 4, 1942

Wearing a “polar bear” shoulder insignia that shows he was with the first American forces sent to Iceland, Sergeant Edward “Eddie” Antich, Aberdeen marine, returned this week after nearly a year and a half on the North Atlantic island.

Several other Aberdeen marines are expected to arrive this weekend from Iceland. Among them are Mario Percini, Emil Yakovich, Don Seaman and Dale Henz.

After his 15-day furlough, Antich will return to active duty. Like all marines, he’s ready to go anywhere.

His identical twin brother, Marine Corporal Stanley Antich, was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked, and now is somewhere in the Pacific.

April 5, 1942

Sunday, no newspaper published

50 years ago

April 4, 1967

Attention Grays Harbor area teenagers — we’ve got some groovy news for you. Westport is where it’s going to be happening this summer, baby!

“Pat O’Day’s Dunes,” a $50,000 teenage dance pavilion that will feature some of the top rock ‘n roll bands in the country, is now under construction on a seven-acre site just south of the Twin Harbors State Park at Westport and should be open about the second weekend in May.

April 5, 1967

• Mrs. Mae Drosd, a third grade teacher at the Cosmopolis Elementary School, has been awarded a Weyerhaeuser scholarship to attend the Conservation and Outdoor Education Workshop.

The 12-day workshop is sponsored by Central Washington State College at Hidden Valley Guest Ranch, 23 miles north of Ellensburg.

• Dan Melinkovich, director of health, P.E. and athletics for Aberdeen schools, was presented the Golden Acorn Award at a meeting last week at Charles McDermoth School. He was presented the award in recognition of his many years of service to children throughout the community.

25 years ago

April 4, 1992

A walkout by about 60 Hoquiam Middle School students ended peacefully Friday afternoon when school officials backed down on a classroom ban of oversized sports team jackets.

The protest started Thursday when school administrators told kids the popular jackets should stay in lockers, not in classrooms. The trouble wasn’t the coats, it was what the kids were carrying in the pockets — radios and hand-held computer games.

The students agreed to police themselves and keep their electronic toys out of class.

“All the kids said ‘yeah, those don’t belong in the classroom,’” Principal Jim Northcutt said.

April 5, 1992

• It’s a whole new era in Montesano education.

After years of waiting and months of construction, the day finally arrived — the first full day of classes in the new Montesano High School.

The Montesano VFW hoisted a brand new flag as the Montesano High School band played the national anthem during opening ceremonies Monday.

“That (old) school was falling apart,” said senior Rachel Knott.

And the new school “won’t go up in flames so fast,” sophomore Jason Mykra said, alluding to the old Wheeler Building that was ruled a fire trap.

“This is the culmination of the 14 years I have been on the school board,” Anne Berg told the crowd. “This has been a dream and a goal, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Board chairman Mike Sweeney asked the students to take good care of the new school and “hopefully we can get it to last as long as the other one.”

• They came for their first glimpse ever of a California grey whale, but about two dozen German exchange students saw a little more than they expected on their first charter boat trip Saturday.

Three barnacle-backed whales performed a lengthy, sometimes explicit mating ritual. (It takes three for whales.)

Spectators from four charter boats watched with interest and sometimes giggled as the barnacle-backed mammals, seemingly oblivious, glided together, just breaking the surface of the water.

About 60 students and teachers from South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard — 28 of them German exchange students and their teachers — braved hail and high water while whale watching with Coho Charters.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom