In 1968, high school students plan to canvas for Dollars for Scholars

  • Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 1:30am
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75 years ago

April 2, 1943

Jumping from fourth to second place in two days, Weatherwax high school students raised their per capita rating to $12.61 in their war bond and stamp buying contest with six other high schools in various parts of the nation.

To encourage students to buy bonds and stamps a “jeep sale” has been planned. Leaders of the bond contest will try to sell enough bonds in one day to pay for one of the well known vehicles. They hope to have a jeep on display in front of the school entrance to encourage buyers.

50 years ago

April 2, 1968

More than 200 students from Weatherwax and Hoquiam high schools will be out between 6 and 9 o’clock tomorrow night making a door-to-door canvas on behalf of the annual Dollars for Scholars campaign.

As an added incentive to spur the students to their most enthusiastic efforts, the Islander Charter Service of Westport is donating a salmon fishing charter trip to the top 10 students from each school who are the most successful in tomorrow night’s campaign.

25 years ago

April 2, 1993

Jeremy Fox was recently found guilty of criminal mistreatment in the second degree and was handcuffed by Ocean Shores Police Chief Mike Wilson while attending his child development class at North Beach High School.

Thankfully for the “children” and Jeremy it was all part of a class lesson and not real life.

It all began when teacher Carol Ashley assigned each student the task of taking care of an egg as if it were a baby. By luck of the draw, Jeremy received two eggs to watch over.

When he couldn’t figure out how to get the “babies” home while riding his motorcycle, he left them in his locker overnight.

He was arrested, then the law enforcement class at North Beach got involved and there was a trial. Tyler Messing was the prosecutor and Junior John Parnel was assigned to be Jeremy’s attorney. Students investigators included Adam Brooks, Scott Wells and Travis Davis.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom