In 1966, Jim Merrill takes first place at Loggers Playday

A crowd estimated at 3,000 turned out Saturday afternoon at Emerson Field

75 years ago

Sept. 12, 1941

In blunt, uncompromising language, President Roosevelt barred vast reaches of the seas today to “rattlesnake raiders” wearing the flag of the Rome-Berlin axis, and backed up the no trespass order with the guns of the United States navy.

Foes of the adminstration’s policies immediately chorused that this constututed “an unauthroized declaration of war,” “an engraved invitation to trouble.”

But there was no disagreement as to what the president meant. His instructions to the fleet, effective at once, were specific — strike first without waiting whenever axis raiders are encountered hereafter in the “defensive waters” of the United States. He said ships of any flag would be protected from raiders in those seas.

50 years ago

Sept. 12, 1966

A crowd estimated at 3,000 turned out Saturday afternoon at Emerson Field to watch rain-soaked contestant Jim Merrill, a professional climber for Rayonier, Inc., clip off a spar tree top in the first place-winning time, and place second in two other events to win the all-around logger trophy and $100 in price money at the second annual Hoquiam Loggers Playday show.

25 years ago

Sept. 12, 1991

• Four months into construction, the new Highway 101 bridge over the North Fork of the Willapa River still looks like a confusing mass of steel pipes and piles of gravel.

It’s a big mass dominating the north entrance to Raymond. The final result is expected to be wider and stronger than the rickety 54-year-old bridge still in use next to it.

Construction will continue through the winter and the bridge should be ready for travel by November or December, 1992. The cost estimate for the project is $6.69 million compared to $175,000 for the bridge built in 1933.

• Multiple suspension of players have forced Ocosta High School to cancel its 1991 football season.

The decision, made by Supt. Jerry Jenkins Tuesday after consultations with Principal Doug Asbjornsen, Athletic Director Dale Bowen and members of the Wildcat football staff, was made Tuesday and announced at Wednesday’s Ocosta School Board meeting.

The suspensions were apparently due to violations of the school’s athletic code. While Jenkins would not specify numbers, he said roughly half the football team was involved. The Wildcats had a 28-man roster as of last week.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom