In 1942, Sgt. Stankus is carving out airfields ‘somewhere in the Pacific’

  • Tue Dec 5th, 2017 1:30am
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75 years ago

December 5, 1942

“Somewhere in the Pacific,” on one of Uncle Sam’s “unsinkable carriers,” Frank Stankus, veteran Aberdeen soldier, is doing “a fine job of keeping ‘em flying,” as a member of the 804th engineer battalion, according to word received from Lieut. Buese, special services officer with the battalion.

Stankus, first sergeant of Company B, was one of a group of handpicked men selected to form the nucleus of the army’s newest mechanized branch, the aviation engineers.

In describing Stankus’ duties, Buese said: “The aviation engineers form an integral part of the air force and are just as necessary in the task of ‘keeping ‘em flying’ as those who fly the planes and service them on the ground. Carving out airfields from the volcanic soil of our island possessions is no sissy job and only those who can ‘really take it’ are chosen for the work. When our fields are attacked … these intrepid men are back on the field with their motorized machinery repairing any damage that may have been inflicted.”

50 years ago

December 5, 1967

Water plagued Grays Harbor County in all directions over the weekend, as the year’s highest tides combined with nearly five inches of rain in a 48-hour period to flood highways along the beaches and river valleys.

The airstrip at Westport was reported to be a big pond, while three feet of water flooded Highway 109 between Copalis and Pacific Beach while logs tossed by high tides at Moclips damaged underpinnings of two beach homes.

In Aberdeen, the Wishkah River spilled over its banks and flooded Heron and Wishkah streets. South West Boulevard was also flooded.

The high water Saturday inundated First Street in Raymond with Lunsford’s Trading Post, The Raymond Tavern, Smoke Shop, Spike’s Club and the Raymond city shops all having up to a foot of water above floor level.

25 years ago

December 5, 1992

Three new police officers were sworn in this week at the Aberdeen Police Department.

Kevin Darst, Gregory Patrick and Brian Hanson will fill positions vacated by retirements over the past three months, according to Capt. Bob Maxfield.

From Police Chief Bill Ellis on down the line, the city has 36 commissioned officers.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom