In 1941, Grays Harbor Olympians hike with the Trexians

75 years ago

Dec. 5, 1941

With the Trexians as hosts, Grays Harbor Olympians are looking forward to making their 600th hiking event the most outstanding in club history this weekend at the Trexian lodge on the north shore of Lake Quinault.

Only six members belong to the Trexians and only five are active at this time. Charter members are Oiva Knute, Stanley and Helge Erickson, James Haines, Urho Riippa and Albert Lindgren, who now lives in Port Townsend.

The men started construction of a five-room house on the shore of Lake Quinault in July, 1936. It took them about two years to complete it in their spare time.

50 years ago

Dec. 5, 1966

Lawrence Welk’s Saturday night television show on ABC is still going strong and the well-known conductor is a little surprised. He didn’t expect to be blowing his bubbles on television this year.

“It’s true,” he admitted in the Alsacre-Lorraine accent he inherited from his immigrant parents. “I realize the public was partly fickle and I thought our eleventh season last year might be our last. I wanted to go off in a blaze of glory … I felt strongly we could do better in color.”

Welk can be persuasive in his own quiet way, and ABC was convinced to spend $1.5 million to convert a studio for color telecasting of the Lawrence Welk show. And now they are back in the rating race.

After 42 of his 62 years as a band leader, he retains the old bounce. The Welk band travels five or six week a year and they only do the weekly TV hour but play weekends at the Paladium through most of the year.

25 years ago

Dec. 5, 1991

If you are in the festive mood to see a highly-charged, wildly enthusiastic, romantic musical comedy, performed by effervescent teenagers, then by all means don’t miss Aberdeen High School’s Choir Department presentation of “Anything Goes,” tonight tomorrow and Saturday in the auditorium.

Each year music director Pat Wilhelms challenges the Music Booster parents to create sets for the play. This year they have produced a sparkling replica of the deck of the luxury liner that even opens up for inside cabin scenes. Some who worked on the scenery, which took more than two months to build, didn’t even have children in the production.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom