In 1941, crack of rifle shots herald beginning of AHS rifle squad practice

75 years ago

Nov. 29, 1941

• Dr. Martin Hall, refugee newspaperman from Germany, will address the Ocosta high school student body Thursday afternoon, Superintendent Paul Hitchcock said today.

Dr. Hall was forced to leave Germany because he opposed Adolph Hitler. He fled to Paris and then to London. In his address Thursday he will relate Hitler’s rise to power and of his conferences with nazi leaders. He will also describe the life of boys and girls under regimental rule and will draw a comparison between youth of nazi Germany and the United States.

• The sharp crack of rifle shots echoing across the Aberdeen high school gymnasium these fall nights is a comforting sound to those who believe we need more sharpshooters in our national defense program.

It heralds the start of another big season for the Aberdeen high school rifle squad, unofficial state champions and possessors of a large collection of plaques, trophies and honors. Prospects are excellent for the coming season, Charles Allburty, coach asserts.

Rifle matches are a grim business. No cheering crowds yell for the star competitor, no band blares forth with a victory song. Instead 10 of the best shots on the squad line up coolly in the gym, carefully cradle their rifles in their arms and aim for the small bulls-eye in the target.

Four shooting positions may be used. Sprawling out on a tumbling mat, the sharpshooters may aim from a prone position. Or they may shoot sitting down or kneeling. A standing stance is also employed in some matches.

Nov. 30, 1941

Sunday, no newspaper published

50 years ago

Nov. 29, 1966

The General Assembly of the United Nations voted by a substantial majority today to bar Red China from the United Nations for the 16th time. It also rejected an Italian proposal for a high-level study of the China representation problem.

Nov. 30, 1966

Runner-up Wishkah placed five, champion Oakville four on the 13-man SWW 8-man League all-conference team chosen on an all-opponents basis by league coaches.

Named to both offensive and defensive units were the Loggers’ Bob Eager and Mike Gunter and Toby Miller of the Acorns.

Oakville quarterback Dugan Biechschmidt and Wishkah back Bruce Marbut are sophomores on an otherwise all-senior squad.

Others named to the team are ends Larry Haugh, Oakville and Dennis Darrin, Wishkah; halfback Jeff Thoms, Oakville; lineman Curt Nations, Quinault; and backs Dan Marbut, Wishkah and Dave Yunker, Quinault.

25 years ago

Nov. 29, 1991

Four-year-old Michael Buckman doesn’t understand why doctors are so astonished to see him walk and talk. But for Michael, born with half his brain missing, such simple accomplishments defy explanation.

“The doctor said, ‘It’s not possible!” when tests revealed the missing portions of Michael’s brain last April, according to his mother, Tobi Buckman.

Michael is one of five children from around the world adopted by the Aberdeen councilwoman and her husband, Gary. They first adopted a daughter, Tiana, from Columbia, in 1981 because they wanted a playmate for their third and youngest “homemade child.”

Tiana was followed by Korean-born Mark, Brianne, also from Korea, Michael from the Philippines and most recently Stella from India.

The Buckman’s three biological children are Ty, 24, who is away at college in Virginia, Joelle, 22, and Michelle, 14.

Nov. 30, 1991

Hundreds of Harborites hustled Thursday’s turkey off Friday by hitting holiday specials at the malls.

By 4 p.m. Ernst Home Center at the Wishkah Mall had grossed $10,000 more than it did the entire day after Thanksgiving last year, manager Judy Petrina said. Ernst still had five hours before closing.

Just over 1,100 people had visited the store, with the biggest crowd hitting during the two-hour early bird special that started at 7 a.m.

Compiled from the archives of The Daily World by Karen Barkstrom