Fear lingers after lunchtime walker is attacked by dog

For health reasons, I had been walking during my lunch break at work.

Dear Abby: For health reasons, I had been walking during my lunch break at work. That ended last summer when someone unleashed his dog between his house and his car. The dog saw me on the sidewalk, charged, jumped on me and bit me. Thankfully, I put my arm up, so it only got my arm, but now I’m terrified to walk outside for fear of being attacked again.

The bite was nothing compared to the trauma. I’m afraid the fear will be with me for the rest of my life. No one thinks their dog would hurt someone, but I learned the hard way it’s not always true. I wish dog owners would be more responsible, not only for their sake, but also for their dog’s and other people’s. Do you have any thoughts?


In Michigan

Dear Shell-shocked: When the attack happened, you should have reported it to animal control and given them the address of the homeowner. If the dog’s owner didn’t volunteer to see you got help for your injury — and that includes your emotional trauma — you should discuss it with a lawyer. If that dog had been a large one, you could have been seriously injured.

Go online to the Humane Society’s helpful section on this topic, www.nodogbites.org. As for my thoughts, I think you should resume your exercise routine whenever the weather permits.

Dear Abby: My 62-year-old mother is living in a small town with little to offer her. She says the only reason she stays is because her job provides benefits and she’s currently going through physical therapy.

Mom is single, has no potential prospects and no social life outside of church. Her friends are all married or have moved away. I feel like she’s not living her life fully, and I wish she could find the courage to leave. How can I convince her to be OK with the unknown and move to the big city?

City Gal

In San Francisco

Dear City Gal: Does your mother plan to be receiving physical therapy in perpetuity? If not, be patient. Wait until it is finished and find out whether her job offers vacation time. If it does, invite her to visit and show her what the big city has to offer.

If she can’t get away, you may have to “entice” her by sending her videos of all the fun things she could be doing if she lived closer. I can’t guarantee it will work because it’s possible she’s happy with her life the way it is. However, if she’s not, it might be an effective way to whet her appetite.

Dear Abby: At what age do you believe it is appropriate for a girl to start wearing makeup? I don’t mean lipstick and huge amounts of eye shadow, but a bit of mascara and lip gloss?


In the Suburbs

Dear Wondering: A touch of lip gloss when a girl is in the seventh grade is fine, but she should hold off on the mascara for another year or two.

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