Ben Jerry’s launches new frozen desserts for dogs

By Susan Selasky

Detroit Free Press

Does your dog stare you down as you enjoy a bowl of ice cream? Or maybe your canine companion gives you those sad eyes and drools while your are enjoying a cone?

Your pup is now in luck, thanks to Ben & Jerry’s brand of ice cream. The Vermont-based premium ice cream brand on Monday announced the launch of Doggie Desserts frozen treats for dogs.

The new ice cream line kicks off with two flavors: Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch named after employees’ dogs. Pontch is a French bulldog and Rosie is a rescue dog of mixed heritage. Ben & Jerry’s Vermont headquarters is a dog-friendly workplace where there are often up to 40 dogs in the office at any given time.

Ben & Jerry’s was started in 1978 by Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen. The ice cream brand is known for its high-quality ice cream with mix-ins as well as its catchy and clever ice cream flavor names such as Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and the Americone Dream.

For the dogs, Pontch’s Mix flavor is a blend of peanut butter and pretzel swirls. Creamy pumpkin and mini cookies make up Rosie’s Batch. You can buy them individually or in multipacks.

Retail prices for individual treats start at $2.99 for 4-ounce cups. Multipacks with four, 4-ounce cups range from $4.99 to $7.99. You can order them now at or look for them at some grocery stores, big box retailers, and pet stores nationwide.

Ben & Jerry’s says all the ingredients in its Doggie Desserts are ones found in its current ice cream recipes. But instead of using dairy for the dog treats theirs are tsunflower butter-based because dogs are lactose intolerant and can only tolerate small amounts of dairy, according to the American Kennel Club. The sunflower butter is easy on your pup’s tummy, they said.

And just in case people are wondering whether they can have a lick, Ben & Jerry’s says they are not “labeled for human enjoyment.”