Artist Mestrovich unveils portrait at Raymond show

Artist Terry Mestrovich unveiled his tribute portrait “Zero Dacus Mucho Cracus, Hallabaluza Bub; a Portrait of Hazel,” on Saturday during an art showing at Aunt Isabel’s Cottage in Raymond on Saturday.

The portrait was commissioned by Leslie Eichner of her mother Hazel. The artwork is a portrait of Hazel with Nomo the Basset Hound (from the old-time Northwest television The Stan Boreson Show), from an event at the Raymond Elks Lodge. Hazel, born in 1927, lived at Aunt Isabel’s Cottage the last 25 years of her life, passing away in 2020.

Mestrovich first became interested in art in high school, where he experimented with collage techniques. After graduation he developed skills as a makeup artist and stylist. His first job was at Hair Unlimited in Aberdeen.

He eventually opened up studios in Seattle, Olympia and Bremerton, where he specializes in permanent makeup and microblading.

“In the early 90s I spotted some art at a show, that reminded me of my work in high school,” Mestrovich said. “I always knew I would get back to art when I was older, but at that moment I asked myself, ‘Why wait,’ and have been immersed in it ever since.”

What started out as a hobby for Mestrovich evolved into a business. He now combines collage, mosaic, painting and illustration.

“My latest passion is collecting and using vintage frames, which inspire the work, rather than just finishing it,” he said. “It is so satisfying to know there is the perfect frame waiting to take the piece to the next level.”