And another thing: We all need dandelion breaks these days

  • Mon May 13th, 2019 7:30pm
  • Life

Making Tracks

By Kat Bryant

I’ve received hundreds of Facebook comments and private messages — and even a very sweet handwritten note marked “personal attention”! — in the wake of my public response to the Writer of Anonymous Hate-mail.

First: Thank you! Your massive wave of support was quite a boost, and I truly appreciate it.

Second: I’d like to take some time to address some of your feedback.

Several folks said that while they wouldn’t use WAH’s angry tone or hide behind anonymity, they had in fact wondered why I didn’t write about “other things” in my column — for example, my opinions on current events.

It’s a valid question. The simple answer is that different people choose to write columns for different reasons. Some like to give advice or share specific expertise. Some like to share their thoughts on local matters. Some just like to stir things up.

As for me, I like to tell stories. It’s what I’m best at, probably because it’s what I most enjoy. When I write feature articles, I tell my neighbors’ stories. In this column, I tell mine. It started out as a way to introduce myself to the community when I moved here a couple of years ago, and it just sort of grew from there.

Sure, I have some opinions based on my 50-plus years of life experience. People who know me well can tell you I have some pretty darned strong opinions, in fact. And if you’re a regular reader of my column, you’ve certainly gleaned a few subtle hints as to my feelings about family, civil rights, animals and more. But I don’t feel the need to beat folks over the head with my opinions here. (That’s what Facebook is for, right?)

The thing is, I have absolutely no desire to push my politics or analyze local news in this space; I try to keep things mostly neutral here. Instead, I try to connect with my neighbors on a deeper level by sharing personal stories that may or may not resonate with some of you. If they do, so much the better.

In short, I seek to give readers a “dandelion break,” as “Bloom County” cartoonist Berkeley Breathed likes to call it — time to take a deep breath and disconnect from the pressures of the world, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Once again, I’d like to thank those who’ve taken the time to share your notes, insights and suggestions with me. Please keep ’em coming.

And I’ll keep my stories coming as often as I can.

Kat Bryant is lifestyle editor of The Daily World and editor of Washington Coast Magazine. Reach her at or on Facebook at Kat Bryant-DailyWorld. This dandelion break is officially over. Get back to work!