What Trump voters value

Lately, people that voted for the president are castigated by Democrats and others on the political left as being an impediment, or blight on their already tarnished view of our great land. In my opinion, their assessment is not only wrong, but disingenuous.

Most Grays Harbor voters voted for our current president for two reasons. First, Mr. Trump was certainly the least undesirable of the two offerings we had; and, more importantly (and to the point of the left’s spurious anger at the “Trump voters”) is the political correction that seemed inevitable after eight long years of “Hope and Change.”

The left’s sales pitch to its devotees and the proselytized, is a picture of the USA as an evil, world-dominating, self-seeking force that travels the globe in search of Third World countries to exploit, driven by a class of bourgeoisie — who, by the way, are the equivalent of anyone that prospers, regardless of how, or by what means they became wealthy. To the left, wealth is also a co-conspirator, along with “American exceptionalism,” which they equate as a code word for world domination.

History reveals the recipe that brought America to the top of the heap is not at all a flawed one. It was put in place by people desperately seeking to escape the kind of tyranny the modern left would like to transform our country into as a means of escaping the straw-man they are so conveniently building by indoctrination in our schools of higher learning, and propaganda in our media.

Our system isn’t broken; the actors in it are corrupt, and have perverted our once great recipe for success here in this land. We are at a crossroads today where some Americans are willing to give up their birthrights to seek an ideology that has a track record as a nation and society killer, rather than buckle down and do the same hard work our founders did to stay free from tyranny.

The “Trump voter” wasn’t voting for a person. We voted to oppose the self-admitted revolutionary change the now extreme leftist-controlled Democrat party has in store for America.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “I did not leave the Democrat party, the Democrat party left me.” He was exactly right. Many blue dogs from the mid- and late 1960s know what I speak of, as they don’t recognize their party. I encourage them to be patriots, and not party members, as we move forward.

Truth is on our side.

Denny Martin