We must take positive action

So, it happens again! Another school shooting! Another 10 people senselessly killed in Santa Fe, Texas. Another outrage perpetrated against innocent children and teachers. Another example of the gutless, ignorant, shameful non-action by the federal government to propose, enact and enforce meaningful gun control legislation to help alleviate this national problem.

Just how much longer can citizens of this country stand by while these shootings continue to take lives and traumatize hundreds more by their brutality? How long before the citizenry stands up and tells their elected congressional representatives that now is the time to act? How many more people must die before this country wakes up to the act that these killings will continue unchecked and then just be forgotten, until the next one happens, and the next and the next?

You may think that it can’t happen here, but who would ever have thought that Weatherwax High School would be burned down? That couldn’t happen here, but it did. Your local schools are just as likely to be the target for someone who has a gripe against mankind and has a need to kill as any other town or city in this country.

It can’t happen here? Yeah, it can.

Get involved, get active, do something to change the attitude of our elected lawmakers to one of positive action toward gun control laws that have real substance, and penalties and enforcement that actually mean something — waiting periods of two weeks or more; expanded background checks that must be completed before any weapon can be purchased; bans on assault weapons, large magazines, armor-piercing ammo and silencers; age limitations for buying or owning any firearm. While we are at it, make sure that all gun dealers are licensed by the many states.

Please, before it becomes too late for your community, do something positive to end this national disgrace. If that is not possible with your own present congressional representatives, then perhaps it is time to replace that individual with someone who actually cares about the safety and lives of our children and not worry about those who are unable to buy, or otherwise obtain, their own weapon of mass destruction.

Larry Wakefield