Walsh’s ignorant grandstanding unwarranted

Walsh’s ignorant grandstanding unwarranted

The Seattle Times published an article on June 30 with the headline “Washington lawmaker wears yellow Star of David, evoking Nazi persecutions, to protest COVID vaccine mandates.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t too surprised to find that the lawmaker was Aberdeen’s own Jim Walsh.

The nicest thing I can say about Representative Walsh’s action is that he is ignorant of what the Star of David has meant throughout history. I would suggest that Walsh would be better off adopting a Scarlet Letter the next time he feels persecuted for not wanting to wear a mask or get the COVID-19 vaccine, they could have pins with “AM” or “AV” on them.

But to equate his situation with that of the Jews in Europe during World War II is despicable. Nobody is forcing COVID deniers or anti-vaxxers into ghettos, they are not being shipped to detainment camps in cattle cars, they are not being shipped to labor camps to be worked to death, and they most certainly are not being shipped to camps for immediate extermination.

I would remind Representative Walsh that he represents the people of the city of Aberdeen. He needs to keep that in mind the next time he feels the need for ignorant grandstanding.

Marilyn Henson


Walsh becoming legislative ‘court jester’

State Representative Jim Walsh’s latest theatrics of wearing a yellow Star of David to protest vaccinations show how out of touch he is with the real concerns of the people in his district (not to mention his insensitivity to the victims of the world’s greatest tragedy, the Holocaust).

Walsh is rapidly becoming a legislative court jester more suited to a career with Barnum and Bailey than the Washington Legislature.

As we saw in the four years of the Trump administration, it is easier to play the fool than do the hard work of government. We face serious issues in this state that are solvable with caring, forward thinking, citizens and elected representatives.

Put away the clown suit Jim, and get to work.

Matt Nixon