Vote yes on Aberdeen streets

Recently, Aberdeen voters received a ballot regarding a sales tax levy for transportation projects. This is a levy to extend an existing levy passed by voters six years ago. From that levy, sales tax has been collected at the rate of 13 cents on every $100 purchase of taxable goods purchased by residents or non-residents and has totaled $2,861,950.01.

What has resulted? Streets and sidewalks all around town have been improved. Think of Market Street from Park to F Street, Oak Street to the hospital, Evans Street leading to Miller Junior High, and, soon, Boone getting curbs and sidewalks leading to the entrance to the college.

In all areas of the city, streets, alleys, and sidewalks have been paved if only for a block or two. In all of the projects, the funds can only be used for materials, not engineering or labor.

There are many projects yet to be done, hence, the proposed February levy. Voters are being asked to approved a levy of 18 cents on every $100 purchase of taxable goods for a 10-year duration.

Ballots are due Feb. 12. If you have further questions, call the Public Works Department at City Hall.

Margo Shortt