Trump should never hold office again

Trump should never hold office again

I want to take you on a trip down memory lane. Back in 2016, shortly after Donald Trump received the Republican nomination, he started saying the only way he would lose is if the Democrats cheated. He kept that up until he won the Electoral College. The problem was he lost the popular vote by three million plus votes. Even though this didn’t stop him from being president, he couldn’t stand to lose, so he started up again on voter fraud as being the only reason he didn’t win the popular vote. It bothered him so much, he appointed a committee to identify the fraud.

These Trump supporters spent several months traveling around the country looking for incidents of voter fraud. Not being able to find any, they quietly disbanded and rode off into the sunset.

Fast forward to this summer and again Trump started with “The only way I could lose is if the other side cheated.” But he did lose and even his best supporter, Attorney General Bill Barr, said there was no fraud that would effect the outcome of the election. Also, Republican officials around the country said there wasn’t any fraud. Still Trump wouldn’t concede and even went so far as to try to destroy our Democracy to retain his position. He kept saying he won in a landslide and many followers believed him. Also, many Trumplicans in Congress kept telling his supporters he won.

When these sheep ransacked the Capitol, the Trumplicans said many voters felt that fraud was the reason for Trump’s loss. The only one saying this was Donald Trump.

They went to court 62 times and lost all but one, as they refused to say in court what they were saying in right wing media. Many of these cases were heard in courts where the judge was appointed by Trump.

I hope that even if the Trumplicans refuse to convict him on his second impeachment, we never allow this mad man to run for any office again.

Richard Kivi


Thanks for the vaccine!

Friday I received my Covid vaccine in Hoquiam, and I want to thank the city, the Health Department and the Port of Grays Harbor and all the great and friendly staff and volunteers for a job well done!

Anneka van Doorninck

Copalis Beach