There’s only one answer

Excuse me, Mr. President, but there are vicious rumors floating around that our Constitution, our government, and our very way of life are under imminent danger of being overthrown by those who would see our country come crashing down around us.

Supposedly, a horde of “deadly invading illegal immigrants” are approaching our Southern border with every intent of carrying out all kinds of devastation on our populace. These “invaders” of which approximately 50 percent are comprised of “blood thirsty children” are a definite threat to our freedoms and must be stopped at all costs, before they can overrun our country.

I thank the Lord that you have recognized this severe threat and have taken steps to thwart this attack by separating those vicious children from the bad influences of their legal parents, and having them jailed in holding pens until their parents can be thrown out of the country without them. Kudos on that brilliant plan.

Unfortunately you seem to have forgotten a few items that may come to bear on these matters.

First: Except for what is left of the native American Indian Tribes, these United States are fully populated by the offspring of (you guessed it) immigrants! We are all descended from people who came to this country to pursue a new way of life, and to share in the freedom and liberty for which we are famous. This even includes you. Had it not been for said immigrants, our country would not exist, and none of us would be here.

Second: This so-called “Unruly Mob” presents no immediate danger for a national takeover because they have not been allowed to enter this country.

Third: Now we come to the most desperate act, decreed by you, our esteemed leader. If a member of this unruly mob were to pick up a rock and throw it in the direction of our border patrol agents, or the federal troops that were sent to the border to back up the border patrol, it is to be considered the same as an attack by someone with a firearm, and dealt with accordingly.

These are people seeking asylum in this country and should be treated as such.

Mr. President, how you ever got elected (a lie?) I will never understand, especially since you lost the popular vote by more than three million votes. The Electoral College, which ignored the popular vote, as it always seems to, needs to be done away with. It does not take into account the wishes of the average voter. It reflects an outmoded, archaic and obsolete election strategy that has been foisted on the American voters for far too long. It’s time for the people, the average voter to demand that the Electoral College be abolished.

It’s time that every single citizen, of these United States and of voting age, be free to cast a ballot without any restrictions as to their rights. It’s time that the President of these United States be elected by a majority of the people, not some faceless, un-elected, stooge that may, or may not follow the wishes of the people.

In summary, Mr. President, the only answer I can come up with to truly “Make America Great Again” is very simple: Dump Trump. Sorry about that.

Larry Wakefield