Thanks to Port officials

Recently, we began to sift through my late mother’s belongings and came upon a watercolor painted by Grays Harbor artist Frances Lew. Having nothing more to go on than the name of the artist, the city of Westport, and the location of the building depicted, we sent a hopeful email to the Port of Westport offices on Lamb Street seeking further information.

We were thrilled to receive a quick and thoughtful response from Westport Business Manager Molly Bold, and later Port Commissioner Tom Quigg, sharing both a brief history of the artist and the former Lamb Construction Company Mrs. Lew painted.

While we learned that the monetary value of the painting is small, the assistance they offered was priceless. My mother, Lillian Moeller, spent her childhood in Aberdeen and held a lifelong love for the area, visiting Aberdeen, Westport and Tokeland whenever she got the chance. Clearly, the beauty of the region is matched completely by the warmth of the people who call it home.

Molly Bold and Tom Quigg are amazing ambassadors for your community, and we wanted to publicly thank them for sharing their time and valuable connections with our grateful family.

Mark and Kim Newland