Thank you, Gov. Inslee

Thank you, Gov. Inslee

What’s wrong with all these people running our Governor Inslee down? He is the one of the best governors we have ever had.

He is only trying to protect everyone in our wonderful state of Washington.

Wake up and defend our governor.

Thank you, Governor Inslee. Keep up the good work.

Rosalie Teague, Aberdeen

What is going on here?

My wife and I came to Aberdeen last week andpulled into the parking area next to Wiitamaki’s. The first thing I saw was an old junker car with two flat tires on the front with garbage piled in front of the car on the ground. The next thing I observed were pallets stacked two high with tents on them.

Now what is going on in Aberdeen? It looks like a slum and I am not likely to come anymore.

Carl Hagen, Elma