Supporting Richter for the bench

Letter to the editor:

At a recent candidate forum, Superior Court Judge Donald Richter stated that he wears a black robe, not a crown. How refreshing and quite a contrast with his challenger Mike Turner, who has enough ego for three judges.

During that candidate forum and in every newspaper interview since, Turner has emphasized that he was born here in Raymond and quickly adds, “I’ve lived most of my life here.” The Chinook Observer quotes Turner, “Judicial discretion should be exercised to be compatible with community values and expectations.” Hmmm. So will his focus be on interpreting the law to satisfy his good ol’ buddy network? Wouldn’t we all be better served with a judge who applies an objective, enlightened loyalty to the law without regard to popular whims of friends and neighbors?

And speaking of ego, Albert Camus once wrote, “It is good that from time to time we know doubt, for it provides us with the seriousness we need. We despise judges who never doubt and heroes who never trembled.” We will not be well served by a Superior Court Judge who wears a crown, even if born and raised in Raymond.

Dave Gauger