Supporting McClain

My family and I relocated to Pacific County so that I could join the prosecutor’s office.

We had many, many other options, but chose to come work with Mark McClain and Don Richter because it was clear from my experience with both of these individuals that they are exceptionally qualified attorneys who tirelessly work to protect the citizens of Pacific County.

On my first day in the office Mark sat me down and explained to me that his office has two guiding principles. First, protect the community. Second, change defendants’ behavior.

These principles guide every decision we make in the prosecutor’s office. When I come to work, I see each person in our office demonstrating this philosophy in their actions and working as a team to keep the citizens of Pacific County safe.

I have been troubled by suggestions that this office has conflict. It is simply inaccurate. I am in the office every day working hard with individuals who are passionate about their community and work as a team to make Pacific County a better and safer place.

There is a reason that every police agency leader is supporting Mark.

Please return Mark McClain for another four years as your prosecutor.

Joe Faurholt