Still supporting Gordon

We’ve known Frank Gordon for some years now, seen him at many meetings and events, and been generally amazed at his energy and stamina as a county commissioner. He is forthright in his opinions, notably in opposition to oil terminals on the Harbor and ways to preserve county services in tight budget times.

You could say that Frank leads with his chin, and few would disagree. His style is pretty uncommon these days in any political arena where “I’m still studying the issue” is the play-it-safe posture.

The pictures recently published purporting to show Frank removing a Ross sign were disturbing because we were also told what we were supposed to see. It was foolish for Frank to even touch another candidate’s sign in this era of gotcha politics, but not out of character for a man who just steps up to do what he thinks needs to be done. He wasn’t sneaking around at night, but plainly visible to all and sundry right there on the highway.

We’ll vote for Frank because we know he’s community minded and willing to be a full-time commissioner. And we still like “what you see is what you get” in local politics.

Bill and Claudia Rice