So many problems with the president

In response to Denny Martin’s April 25 letter to the editor, “The 2 Donald Trumps.”

Oh, Denny, Denny, Denny! I read your letter at least four times, trying my best to see what your point was. So many innuendos, so few facts.

This habitant of our imperiled planet, is quite sure that your vision of the future does not include any requirements for cleaning up our air pollution problems; our industrial and atomic waste storage sites, our polluted lakes and rivers; the growing, and real, incidents of increasing and more powerful storm activities; our expanding and destructive fire seasons which are now destroying whole towns, and many other disasters which will be facing this nation in the future.

So many problems; so little time to correct them.

No, you want to concentrate on not focusing on what a person, in particular, Donald Trump, has done to this nation, not for it.

Bringing Frankenstein’s monster into this discussion was really a low blow, because he had more compassion than The Donald could ever muster.

The thinking voters will be quite able to make up their own minds about Donald Trump, and any rational, discerning voter has already come to the conclusion that any president who has, as of this date, been the instigator of at least 282 (and still counting) resignations, retirements, forced out and fired employees has no business being in the highest office in this country. This number only counts the executive employees, not the rank and file employees who have, probably, been the most adversely affected by the petty, punitive actions of this president.

At the rate he is going, he will have caused the departure of more than 500 executive level employees.

How’s that for equal employment opportunity? “Acting” department heads are becoming the norm for this administration, and many of those are leaving government service before the Trump stigma rubs off on them.

Speaking of mud-slinging, how many people have had a “cute” nickname given to them by this president? How many immigrants, seeking refuge in this country, have been branded as criminals, druggies or rapists, etc? What does this president have to say, or do, to prove what a demented, selfish, lying and just plain awful person he really is?

Maybe it’s time for him to look back to his inauguration and recall the oath he took at that time. Thirty five words he repeated, with his hand on a Bible. “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of The United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Thirty-five words that should be the example for this person to follow. Or was that just the first lie he told?

’Nuff said?

Larry Wakefield