Sedition bears a heavy price

A modest proposal for one- and- all self-proclaimed “innocent, peaceful” participants such as Harbor resident Phillip Pine and all of his fellow seditious insurrectionists at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, between the Reflecting Pool and the West Front of the Capitol building and within the Capitol building. To do:

1. In order to avoid spending tax dollars on the FBI search for all participants in the day’s events, give yourself up to the FBI via our local state police thus avoiding an automatic 10-year prison sentence in a federal penitentiary and a $50,000, fine. You will be turning yourself in for acts that, in previous years in the USA would result in capital punishment (pun noted). You now only serve a prison sentence proportional to the illegality of the sum of your actions on Jan.6 and pay your share of the following:

A. All current and future medical expenses of all law enforcement personnel injured while resisting your insurrection.

B. All expenses related to raising the families of those killed on Capitol grounds, including all college expenses for children of the deceased.

C. All expenses related to expanded inauguration security for Washington D.C. and for the Capitol grounds in response to Jan. 6 activity. This includes all expense related to the presence of 10.000 National Guard troops up to and including inauguration day.

D. All expenses related to improvements to Capitol building security in the future in response to your breach.

E. All expenses related to identifying and prosecuting those convicted of burgeoning volume of death threats to Senators and Representatives who opposed and continue to battle your sedition.

F. All expenses related to the prosecution and incarceration of those men and women found guilty of crimes directly committed against people and property at the Capitol on Jan. 6

2. If you choose to force the FBI to track you down you are automatically sentenced to 20 years in federal prison and fined $100,000. — no exceptions — Your presence on Capitol grounds at the West Front on Jan. 6 is your fundamental crime against the U.S. Constitution

Note: In a flood, that last drop of rain is as much a participant as the drops that drown you. As for Phillip Pine’s protestations of the overarching innocence of the day’s proceedings — unadulterated ignorant claptrap from a man with zero sense of the processes and responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy. trumpers (I refuse to capitalize his name) have been watching their man abuse every known Enlightenment principle (for details see: United States Constitution) during the past four years. To support trump’s seditious lies in relation to his election loss is to make one’s self a party to weakening our democracy.

Note to the Phillip Pine of Jan. 6: Think of your fines as the cost of your education in the principles of our Democracy. As any student at Grays Harbor College will tell you — education is expensive.

Jim Blake